💍 New Top 10 Pre Marital Counseling Questions (Pt. 2) 👰🏾🤵🏽

💍 New Top 10 Pre Marital Counseling Questions (Pt. 2) 👰🏾🤵🏽

💍 New Top 10 Pre Marital Counseling Questions (Pt. 2) 👰🏾🤵🏽

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By popular demand! Jamilah and Marcel bring you part 2 in their pre-marital counseling questions. In this sit down we talk about family, children, religion and finances. We are willing to share a part of our journey of our engagement season as we learn to communicate better, as well as understanding each others beliefs better. We appreciate all that asked for a part two, and here you have it!

Top 10 Pre-Marital Counseling Questions 👰🏾🤵🏽 Questions to ask before getting married!

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Part 1 breakdown:

In this video Jamilah and Marcel sit down and discuss some pre-marital counseling questions in order to prepare for a successful marriage. In order to assure a healthy marriage we decide to participate in pre-marriage counseling questions before we get married. Topics we chose to focus on in this video: background, marriage goals, responsibilities, finances, faith/religion and children. These topics we chose to talk about first as these are the foundational areas of not only marriage but relationships period.

In these pre-marital counseling questions Jamilah and Marcel discuss their ideas and their feeling towards certain topics in order to fully understand one another. Counseling is very important for establishing communication and understanding of one another on topics taken for granted. Do you want to have kids? Who is responsible for the finances of the house? How important is religion in your life?

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  1. Marcel would definitely be the disciplinarian parent because we used to work together at a summer camp and he made the kids run laps when they lost kickball games lol

  2. This was funny and showed more of your personalities, loved! I would love to see a part 3 now that you’re married if any of your answers have changed, what questions did you get through your church counseling, pre-marital sex questions, you all chose to live together before marriage are you all happy you made that choice now that you’re married? Some of the juicy stuff.

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