🚨 INEXPERIENCE DEBATE?! 🚨 Swagu, Stephen A. & Mad Dog get HEATED! 🤯 | First Take

🚨 INEXPERIENCE DEBATE?! 🚨 Swagu, Stephen A. & Mad Dog get HEATED! 🤯 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Swagu and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo preview Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.
0:00 Age ain’t “nothing but a number”
1:20 Swagu’s take on the Eagles inexperience and what it means
3:00 Stephen A.’s take
6:00 Swagu and Mad Dog get into it!
8:14 Mad Dog gets animated!
10:00 Stephen A. talks pre-game ceremonies
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  1. It is about experience because they have the better roster. So if they lose y’all will most definitely say it’s inexperience

  2. Experience matters. Every Superbowl people say it doesn’t matter. It’s more than just the game. We’ve seen too many Superbowls that say otherwise.

  3. The Chiefs are going to be the toughest team the eagles have faced all season. The toughest team and in the biggest game of the year. Jalen looked kinda suspect last game against a fully depleted 49ers team that couldn’t move the ball at all. The Chiefs just came off beating the team that beat the superbowl favorites all year in the Bills then on one leg beat the second most favored team to win the Bowl in the Bengals.

    Makes no sense how the Eagles are the favorites.

  4. Didn’t the chiefs lose to the colts but the eagles beat them by 1 & that’s a problem??? I’m confused

  5. Hey.. where’s ol Playmaker? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I Heard he’s on the phone with BLM complaining about he’s illegal touching charge last night 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. SAS talking about Eagles only beat IND by 1 point….didn’t KC lose against IND because of Mahomes throwing a game sealing INT? Come on SAS…smh

  7. It’s a F…. Football 🏈 take! For the love of God! Y is espn now All blk and NBA Nothing But Africans?!?!

  8. Doggie was so wrong. Doug pederson beat the legendary Bill and Tom at in his first time coaching so Doggie needs to stop. Keep hating on the eagles I just want this same energy if we win. This show loves to gives flowers just to kill them with acid in the same breath. We will all see what happens Sunday so just please keep hating on us 🙏🏾. Hurts last few games were recovery games. The bottom line is people only respect Jalen and his leadership and his running abilities and that’s a fact. We’re supposed to be lucky, we’re supposed to be playing with house money, we’re supposed to be this and that and no one has said that we earned this appearance. It’s all good 💯💯💯💯 see y’all Monday

  9. People continually looking for reasons why eagles will lose will be one of the reasons they will win u can’t measure or count motivation & desire .

  10. This game comes down to who’s gonna be more physical team than the other point blank period and I believe it’s the Eagles who more the physical team if the eagles can establish their run game it’s gonna be a long Superbowl game

  11. Sorry, Swagu. Kareem is still above the rim as far as I’m concerned. We watched him play at UCLA then the Bucks, and finally the Lakers. The Black athletes of that era faced obstacles LeBron has never faced. They stood up as men and women, not boys or mammies.

  12. Swagu speaking from inexperience of playing in the Super Bowl as if him playing the game allows him the ability to discount experience though has says otherwise lol. But he does it so good tho!

  13. How about we talk about the significance of Andy Reid facing his former team in the super bowl 🙏🏾💯

  14. Get him, Steven A. He just can’t get over that NY/Philly thing. He picks against Philly every game. We wouldn’t have it any other way

  15. There’s something to what mad dog is saying. Think about when they turned off the lights in the super bowl. He might know the fix is in.

  16. When it come to players i dont think it matters that much, but coaching is very important, look at how Sean McVay looked cluless against Belichick in super bowl 53, compared to him in last year Super Bowl !!!

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