10 Habits Couples Therapists Say Always End a Marriage | Marriage Counseling

10 Habits Couples Therapists Say Always End a Marriage | Marriage Counseling

10 Habits Couples Therapists Say Always End a Marriage | Marriage Counseling
And no, having an affair isn’t on this list.

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  1. Some people just don’t get it they undermind how you feel and think what ever happen will go away ….they don’t know how to say I know this hurt you how can I fix it…

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  4. A few things:
    1. The first tip was understandable, trying to be sure you’re saving for your future or making sure you’re not spending all of the money you’ve either earned or your partner has earned can definitely put a strain on your relationship, however,
    2. Compliments don’t get the work loads done. Shared responsibility does. If someone in the relationship is doing all of the housework it’s easy to grow resentful even if you get thrown a few thanks. There have been countless threads talking about THIS ISSUE being the CORE ISSUE in many relationships. Compliments should absolutely happen! But if you genuinely mean it, then show it by helping your household.
    3.You shouldn’t *focus* on what your partner doesn’t do well, but honesty its important to talk and have an honest relationship with your partner, including the things your partner doesn’t do well. Ignoring issues you find in your partner can also lead to resentment and a lack of understanding. Lay everything out on the table in a calm and poised way. Be ready to de-escalate with a calm empathetic voice. No one can be perfect, and it’s ok to talk about it. If there are insecurities about flaws and abilities they should also be addressed. You should NOT be *afraid* to talk to your partner, if your partner snaps easily, becomes evasive, lies, stonewalls, these are all red flags and should not be ignored whether he is your ‘hubby’ or not.
    4. I have seen studies showing women to be more empathetic that rely on culture more than neuroscience, in fact I haven’t seen any. We’ve also found studies proving men are as easily susceptible when taught it.
    Honestly a lot is changing and we’re seeing a lot of gender roles being dismantled and many traits once considered solely female or male has been found to be social constructs rather than biological/neurological.
    5. Oof. I know this video was made 3 years ago, but this is absolutely laughably false. Though it may happen on both sides, and male abuse victims are less likely to stand up, there is a staggering amount of cases of physical domestic violence towards women vs men. You can’t tell me that violence towards your partner isn’t emotional and I’m using the extreme. There’s an astounding amount of cases of men becoming abusive not women. I say this because this video is making very bold, (sexist) claims and I have not seen any research stating "men are usually able to quickly calm down and quickly analyze a situation" but the exact opposite of men. They’ve murdered their wives, beaten their wives, threatened, abused, raped ect. Here, "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft. I can’t watch anymore of this video, these are not all facts, or helpful advice. These are subjective views. If I could make a suggestion to the person who put this video together: Next time just give the advice.
    TL;DR Don’t just watch youtube videos for information like this, speak to marriage counselors, therapists, take some psychology and sociology courses.

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