10 Steps of Divorce Part 1: Timelines and the Process

10 Steps of Divorce Part 1: Timelines and the Process

The Divorce can be a straightforward process or it could take a long time and that depends on a lot of factors such as areas of dispute, whether there are shared assets or not, if you have children, if there are circumstances beyond either parties control that delays the process, and a multitude of other reasons. In this video, we will discuss the expectations of the timeline of a divorce in North Carolina step by step by taking an optimistic approach to being able to tackle every part of the process in the most efficient and timely manner that the state will allow. The following timeline examples are estimates based on our experiences but in no way guarantees that the process will follow this same timeline, every divorce is different so there is no clear cut answer to satisfy a specific timeline but what we hope to do is ease some of your expectations by breaking down the process.

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