13 ways how divorce affects families

13 ways how divorce affects families

How divorce affects families?

A family is like all living things; it develops, creates and always advances over time and the family structure changes. Sometimes changes to the family structure happen as a result of new individuals joining the family, through marriage and the birth of children. Today, for many couples, divorce is the inevitable choice and also the easiest solution when the marriage comes to a dead-end. This is the reason why the divorce rate has been increasing in recent years.

This video looks into the affect divorce is having on families.

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0:00 Introduction
2:22 Emotional impact
3:12 Stress
3:46 Moving
4:23 Mental health issues
5:00 Behavioral issues
5:17 Trust issues
5:52 Parent-Child relationship
6:28 Depression
7:50 Eating disorder
8:27 Engaging in Risky activities
8:59 Trouble adjusting to change
9:19 Loss of interest
9:41 Anger/irritability

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  1. Our culture of divorce first and ask questions last is just wrong, especially with kids. We’ve normalized divorce to the point people where encouraged and rewarded socially for “empowering themself” and “doing what’s best for them”, and triggering the affects of divorce even without significant enough cause other than their own internalized. The spouse nor the kids asked for the divorce but the one spouse who struggles to effectively solve conflict heads for the exit and the family has to deal with that fall out as a result.

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