145 Incredible Things Caught On Camera. Best of August

145 Incredible Things Caught On Camera. Best of August

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Over the past month, we showed you tons of amazing videos, but some of them were especially good – and we have brought them all together in this video! So sit back and get ready to hang out with us for a while – in the end, you will definitely be sure you haven’t missed anything important in August.

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  1. I hate the knobs that use thier pets to make a video, your dogs and cats are smarter than you and dont want to jump out of planes or sit in your shoulders while being towed by a boat, your abusing your pets they are scared you flogs.

  2. The guy with the ladder incident putting up christmas lights had a looky loo in the next house lol You can see them peeking thru the blinds. Hopefully they saw the other guys coming and that’s why they weren’t budging 🤪🤣

  3. Good videos but the one of the car getting crushed gave me the willies! Yikes, I wouldn’t want to get stuck in that thing!

  4. This 👍is for your videos. This 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎is for your damn torturing idiotic music!!!

  5. I wonder if there was a body in the boot of that car, (sorry, trunk, for you wanks, oops sorry again yanks), @ 11:58

  6. 44:05 is why you have your chimney checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Creosote builds up and burns viciously, burning down your house. Imagine this inside of your walls. if your chimney sounds like a rocket motor, Uh Ohhhhhh!

  7. 145 – Really – I’ve got better things to do than burn time with this sort of stuffl. 5 or 10 fine but 145 – get real.

  8. PLEASE STOP SHOWING PORTRAIT VIDEOS. Someone has to put their foot down until the phone companies finally fix that bug.

  9. 28:46 is where I stopped, that’s wrong. That’s not safe, the dog isn’t wearing a lifejacket. He could be hurt or worse. Not cool.

  10. 32:19 классный способ ловить в море завтрок.

  11. Hit == to the face with a fish???? What do you call the ass then. Sure in the hell wasn’t his face. So pull your head out

  12. 12:11
    This car windshield: sitting in the crusher for ages, doesn’t bother

    My car windshield: oh no, a small stone hit me! Now I’m shattered into a hundred pieces 😭

  13. Watching that car get eaten was both fascinating and deeply disturbing. Great footage as usual!

  14. 2:45 I saved a guy on a ladder. Though he had co-workers, he un-wisely decided to come down from a 12′ roof edge carrying gear in both hands. The ladder started slipping sideways and he didn’t have a hand free to grab on. Luckily, being the safety manager keeping track of these contractors, I was watching this guy for just such dangerous moves, and rushed over to steady the ladder before it reached a point of no return.

  15. Why do some people hide most of the screen!
    That is very irritating!
    Do they do block out most of the windshield when they drive their car!
    It makes no sense in their car and it makes no sense on here!!!!!
    Lots of people do not want to watch videos in tunnel vision!!!!!!!!

    A -10 on this video!!!
    How is a -10 (minus 10)

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