15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay!

15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay!

Some celebrities are proud and open when discussing their private lives. Others chose to keep their life away from the public eye, rarely discussing anything other than work. So, for every celebrity like Sir Ian McKellen, whoproudly discusses his homosexuality, there is another whose romantic preferences you would know nothing about without digging a little deeper.These are 15 celebrities you didn’t know were gay!

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  1. Elites families they been making fake pictures before Lee Harvey rifle pictures so if John wanted to live or left Syentology supposed to be church trust me they can fake a pictures like this about John Travolta oh plus they Goin to ruin his career too so you won’t be see John on TV LIKE I SAID IF HE LEFT THE SUPPOSED TO BE CHURCH

  2. God/Christ absolutely HATE homosexuality as much as they HATE liars, thievery, murder and all immorality and all corruption. IANY form of homosecuality is purely DISGUSTING

  3. You used Iam McKellan as an example of an out gay character and then begin with Iam McKellan . Why not mention Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin who have been in an intense relationship since 2014

  4. We’ve been told that Travolta is bi, but not 100% open about it. The Church of Scientology has historically had a problem with homosexuality, thus members were encouraged to get married etc. They may be changing more recently.

  5. Travolta always Struck me as being gay. Why tf anyone tried to hide such things in this day and age is beyond me its more acceptable to be gay now than straight. Funny times.

  6. I have known or suspected these and many others were gay or bi. I’m 78 gay male. Gay all my life. And my. "gaydar" is very good…

  7. Love the sinner hate the sin, I am a Christian and don’t believe in the life style, but I’m not the Judge. That is between the Lord and the individual.

  8. Why does it matter who they bang? Its their soul that is going to burn in hell with Ellen Degenerate…..not you 🙄

  9. At about 2 mins you show Ian McKellan with Derek Jacobi as if they were a couple. While they played a gay couple in a sitcom they are not a couple IRL

  10. Well since 2019 I came to realize the whole entertainment INDUSTRY is gay or owned ruled controlled by the rainbow coalition aka LGBTQ. it’s no longer news.

  11. Some there are TRANS TOO BUT THE VIDEO MAKER IS 1 teyin to hide it or 2 dont fuckin know men and women body

  12. I pressed the dislike button at the first celebrity.

    Literally everyone who knows anything about pop culture knows that Ian McKellen is gay! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Disgusting and sad.
    The goal is the legalization of pedophilia, and it is already underway.
    It is part of the agenda to destroy the family and children.

  14. This is so Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve also heard that Liberace was gay as well, but i’m still waiting for undeniable evidence to the contray????

  15. This world is getting more disgusting by the day, read the Bible and you will know what God say, its disgusting that gay as men like New Zealand All black, brag he is gay, many sleep with their wives for years living a filthy lie. gay men tell you wife or girlfriend, from the beginning, so she doesn’t have to go through all the infections she picks up by her man sleeping with men meanwhile, i also find men like Cameron distasteful, thank goodness i don’t have any man in my bed anymore, if you gay stop hiding in. closet and lust for woman also, God has forgiveness for gays also, if they repent from sin, what sin? burning lust of the world

  16. Tim: Proud of being gay…a gift from God? Reaaalllyy?
    Pride Cones before the Fall Tim— that’s what God would say to you, sir🙏

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