2 HOURS Of Expert DIVORCE ATTORNEYS Giving Advice! Watch This Before MARRIAGE | The Coffee Pod

2 HOURS Of Expert DIVORCE ATTORNEYS Giving Advice! Watch This Before MARRIAGE | The Coffee Pod

Featured Attorney Isaacs: https://Divorce-Lawyer-BocaRaton.com
Featured Attorney Richter: https://www.rivercitylaw.com/
Featured Attorney Katie: https://www.tiktok.com/@attykatieleonard

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  1. The 13 yr lawyer brunette definitely has skills and talent in her profession. Lets not act like her keeping the Girls on display 24/7 definitely puts her over the Top.

  2. Man three of my high school friends are nurses and always brought his co-workers, and they always got ran through

  3. at this point people need to look in the mirror and ask themselves "why am I getting married" before they even get into a relationship with anyone because if you’re going into a marriage with all these perceived notions "top professions in a spouse you should avoid" you shouldn’t be getting married nor thinking about it. There are no perfect people and no profession is perfect, doctors cheat just like the man who mows the lawn does it’s not about a profession but it’s about the person’s character and this goes for men and women. Marriage isn’t about you nor the other person but it’s about the Love of God. When you seek the Lord with all thine heart then he will show you your spouse. But when you go off lusting after the flesh then you tend to pick up 304s, cheaters, womanizers, gold diggers, narcissist, etc. we cannot put everything down to a science all the time because cheating etc. first begins in the heart before a person actually steps out.

  4. I like how you take what they say then give half the story in your commentary.
    When she spoke about women who make more money becoming resentful, she said the resentment was from having to do it all – studies show even women who are breadwinners do more of the domestic duties. She also said men married to stay at home moms start to feel like ATMs…sounds like resentment, right?
    Men are givers, women are takers? Women give their bodies and their lives for their children. Men give resources. Women also decrease in health and happiness in marriage. The problem is men don’t value what women give and give up in marriage. You focus only on what you could lose in divorce.
    If you dont like the laws, change it. I dont see men doing that, I only see them online complaining that women are the reason for all their problems.

    I’m in agreement, men should leave women alone and be with other men.

  5. 30:30 I kinda did this. I didn’t take myself to child support court, but i sock away $100/week for my daughter just incase her mom ever decides to take me for Child support.

  6. This is one of the most informative videos I’ve seen on why you don’t get married or have kids with a modern woman. Much I knew already from here and there, but to listen to lawyers simply laying out the truth of actual cases is mindblowing. My brother, stay safe and stay MGTOW. Don’t look for a wife in America, ’cause it’s like looking for a live grenade in a box of live grenades.

  7. See the ploblem is divorced lawyers don’t u. Is that anything u acquired before the marriage is urs. It’s no such of thing his money is her money n also never share bills with ur spouse or do enjoy accounts.

  8. This is 100x better than ANYTHING. TLA has ever done… Straight facts, straight to the point, no long stroking.

  9. My husband owned his own house when we got married and he offered to put my name on the title of the house and I wouldn’t let him, I love him for him and he only thought that cause his ex (who he wasn’t married to) wanted him to put her name on the house and he thought I’d want the same lol no it would be best for our children if our divorce didn’t get nasty if it were to ever come to that and they have stability and a home at all times

  10. As a man who plans to get married and will provide a two parent household for my future family. Here are some videos that helped educate me. Protect yourself gentlemen at all costs. Wheather that’s not getting married legally, signing a prenup or you deciding to not get married at all. The choice is yours. Protect & educate yourself 💯🙏🏾

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  11. So it just won’t work. Are women just evil? Are women the enemy? How can women want to hurt men this bad for?

  12. They don’t want beta males in their relationships and don’t want to controlled or whatever by alpha males. Women literally don’t know their role is to literally let the man lead the house and you male his lofe easier not harder.

  13. So many things that I wish I had known before I had gotten married. Many of these lessons I learned the hard way upon my divorce.

    Edit : the person that you marry is not the same person who you divorced

  14. Great advice but had to stop watching was getting way to angry. The laws in this country are crazy.

  15. Putting myself on child support from the start SAVED me so much time & money! The mom was pissed & even more pissed when I took her to court for contempt of court & got 50/50 legal/physical custody all within the 1st year.

  16. Listening to these stories was like watching a gruesome horror movie with your eyelids glued open so you cannot blink or look away. Why should any man want to get married and risk having any of these horrific, disturbing, alarming or shocking experiences

  17. I can see why royalty only married other royalty: Marrying a poor girl could cost a king half his crown, estates, and family fortune in the U.S. 😂

  18. I will never ever get married again they are not worth my time or money .RUHL2 1:43

  19. Having known several single Mom’s I believe in Child support. Don’t dip the wick of you can’t burn the candle. However! I believe Child Support should be based on a fixed amount for a average child. Not a percentage of income. Alimony should be the same way. A woman should not be able to divorce a man and retire on his income but take so much he can’t live. In this day if the child is over 5 yrs. I don’t believe Alimony should be required period. Also the custodial parent should HAVE TO SHOW how the Child Support was spent on the Child. This could include a college fund. But if the Child doesn’t go to college the money should go to either the child or in case of death spilt between the parents.

  20. A lot of these cases, in my opinion, is that the state makes money when someone pays child support.

  21. The EDUCATION is the BIGGEST thing to learn, I can’t stress that enough!!
    The law well tell you ignorants is not enough or option, learn about it BEFORE!!
    It is funny…( but it not )
    How this is 🚫 NOT 🚫 in our educational curriculum programming.
    Now your stuck in this!!
    ♀️Women 👠= 👸 + (Positive) Men = 🐴🤡🐴🤡 – (Negative)
    Who wants to win( x2 ) BIG 💰 money 🤑 & BIG prizes 🏆
    Ladies & " FUÇK OVERs "
    🎉 " Who wants to get Married!! " 🎉

  22. Based on watching numerous cheating story videos on youtube, the pattern is clear to me. If the woman finds her man to be weak (strong means he does not tolerate her BS and he is not a simp), she loses respect for him. If she finds he is not "better" than her at least in the provider/protector role, she loses respect for him. If she finds his status is low (low status means other men don’t respect him and other women don’t desire him), then she loses respect for him. When she loses respect, she mistreats him, cheats on him, and sabotages the marriage.
    This means a good husband who works hard, earns good money, devoted to family, loving, loyal, kind-hearted, caring, treats his wife like a queen, humble and introverted could be perceived by his wife as boring, weak, respect-unworthy, unexciting man and she loses respect for him. She then starts to treat him poorly with verbal criticism for everything he does, she denies him bedroom fun, and she starts to look outside marriage for excitement and soon she starts cheating on him behind his back. He turns into a provider and house-slave. If he is lucky enough to find out about her cheating (women are much better at hiding their cheating), he feels devastated by the betrayal. When he confronts she initially denies it all. If he has solid proof, then she admits a bit but she puts all the blame on him (all the things that are "wrong" with him). He accepts the blame and simps even harder to please her. That always fails. She loses respect for him even more and finally she files for divorce. He loses everything in the divorce: house, children, money, spouse, retirement. Assuming he does not delete himself, he builds a new life after divorce.

  23. I’m so glad bluepill me is dead, and rp me now knows better than to ever sign a marriage contract

  24. This is changing my life. I told my GF if we got married I would put everything in my moms name. She got pissed:) oh well, next!

  25. I downloaded this video to save more Asian brothers in the states from the foolishness. I also urge the ones who’s not married in the west yet to get your passport/get married in your home country. Protect yourself at all time !!!!

  26. Had a friend go thru the child support scam, he wound up committing suicide. RIP Kyle

  27. Men DO NOT marry female Attorneys, Life Coaches, IG Models, 304’s, Strippers and Thirst Traps.

  28. Reoccurring: regardless of what the involved parties want, the state’s gonna get it’s 60% of child support award match from the Feds..
    Plan accordingly..

  29. It doesn’t matter what lawyers 90% of divorces benefit women. When men does get a judgment for that child support and Alimony and she doesn’t pay. There are no consequences for her, the court won’t take any actions against her.

  30. One of your best and most important videos. I’ve already seen most of these videos. But you giving access to your subscribers this information… Priceless.

  31. So to sum it up: MEN, STOP SIMPING !!!!!!!!!
    How much prohooooooooof do you need!!?

  32. That 2nd attorney got it wrong:
    Men are the hunters, women are the gatherers. Men aren’t hunter/gatherers.

  33. I normally don’t watch videos that long, however, listening to the attorneys make some glad I’m done with the court system. ☕️

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