1. Fun Fact: These goats are risking their lives to lick a salty concrete dam because they would die anyway if they stayed on the ground.

    💕 🐐

  2. What was the point in this video won a lot of the stuff is believable cuz you see it on TV all the time this thing probably made me dumber just by watching it

  3. Five stars: Really slow service. I’ve only order a basket bread balls and ended up waiting 42 min for them… terrible!

  4. Only the dolphin was cool. I can see some military espionage situations where that would come in handy.

  5. Poetry seller Award winning Iranian short film
    Afghan refugee boy sells poetry in a park, bringing joy and love to others and the woman protests against the forced headscarf …..
    پسر پناهنده افغان در پارکی شعر میفروشد و برای دیگران شادی و عشق می آوردو اعتراض زن به روسری اجباری

  6. I need you to know that I downvoted this dreadful video and that I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same.

  7. Stick with goats; most spectacular indeed. Otherwise, an utterly fraudulent asinine video; an insidious waste of the viewers’ time and energy. It may be considered a crime to post such disturbingly deceptive videos as this. Please stop doing it.

  8. The South Korean Propaganda for the Multi Trillion Dollar Global Covid industry was a bit much. Had to stop watching

  9. the 300 drones flying in patterns was impressive. it makes it clear that all those UFO sightings in recent years is BS. just kids with drones. i even saw one for sale for £20. attach a childs light toy and hey presto, alien light in the night sky.

  10. Well you know the old saying you first you don’t succeed try try again but please don’t try again

  11. Dude, and overwhelming majority of these soccer players come from third world failed toilet countries.

    what the hell did you guys expect?

  12. There was no reason for Ellen to be filming the "freebies" buffet unless her intention was to catch someone taking a couple extra. You can see the ill intentions in that woman’s eyes.

  13. I would never have believed someone would have difficulty walking on ice if it wasn’t filmed.

  14. A baseball player that hits the ball so "perfectly" that it gets stuck in the roof!

    A mountain goat that can climb up a mountain.

    A skilled pilot landing on an aircraft carrier – I think that literally is the point of aircraft carriers.

    Ice is apparently slippery.

    I would never had know these things had happened if they weren’t captured on film.

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