1. well what i do is this – i’m a pro hunter for skill along the roadsides don’t ever pull off a area cause people watch then tell others what they saw right – there’s always people in the woods remember carry whatever or mace here me out you just don’t know what people do to others remember this -please im a tracker at heart i do look at the missing case files its something i like to do

  2. What about a west virginia missing persons video, the hills people need some exposure

  3. well i think these people in the 1970’s to 1980’s there gone – its sad its on the sex trade to organ donor – its big money well its any of the two that i said

  4. im starting my searching skills i am a tracker i do walk the woods i never see nothing in the woods – but i still walk daily in the woods

  5. had heard philly is the place of most missing persons being taken i might be wrong about this but philly always comes up somewhere in the line up with location –

  6. you women never ever walk down a road your self regardless of what you wanna do theres bad people out on the roads just waiting to nab you understand – please !

  7. Edward Fonder was murdered by his daughter Mary. She confessed to the murder after murdering a woman at her local church.

  8. give people a rope if going to jail for what they do to victims its wrong its evil stuff out here guys listen to these stories – you fight like hell – i will do anything to get away just grab anything heavy –

  9. Thank you for bringing these to light! So many you realize are dead, but apparently they have to still be listed as missing, as no body has ever been recovered.

  10. Hi! I enjoy your videos. I love mysteries. Could you maybe do some by decade? I will look to see if unidentified remains on doe network match some of these cases on this channel. Justice is so satisfying, and also these people should not be forgotten <3 also thanks for bringing these to light!

  11. Oh come on Mary killed her father. She’s a murderer even killed the dog. When I saw her pic i knew she did it.

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