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  1. Merely attach the property of the lawyer under provision of law and make him a party in your challenge petition may curtail free flow destruction of marriages.

  2. Such interesting comments i must say!

    In brief these are the poeple/things to be blamed in this chronological order .

    First laws themselves (and i must say, The Hindu Marriage Act provides the worst process for procuring a divorce , too too lengthy , those who’ve read it will know )

    Second , the lawyers (They fall so low in the entire process, whatever the reason may be and now legitimate it might seem)

    Third , the wife/wife side(because of the reason that why do they even have to listen to such a lawyer who is asking to register a false fir or complaint ,no conscience)

    The easiest solution

    Law– With regards to law, change the entire concept, provisions relating to Maintenance , alimony.( Like Muslim law, is a good example here, whatever gifts/money needs to be given , give it to the wife as token of love , and at divorce , no life time Maintenance…unlike hindu law)
    It is different issue that now through amendments muslim women also has that right u/s 125 crpc.

    Lawyers – they will automatically stop giving such filthy advices.

    Wife/wife people- will automatically go towards conciliation or obtain divorce complaining of the actual grievance and not any fabricated one(if it is small, show it small, and not a bigissue)

  3. Very well said bro but in the end what most lawyers and officers dont somehow get is the fact that one day they will have to give an account to a higher being. Ive also seen lawyers dying terrible violent deaths.

  4. Any type of relationship required some adjustments even siblings fight with each other when living together
    Children fights with their parents
    It’s just some patience what people need but nowadays it’s not possible every wants quick results no one is willing to give necessary time for understanding and talk
    Just one fight n then this is what happening

  5. There are no best intentions here. If you are lying to make your case stronger…there cannot be best intentions on the matter of principle.

  6. What you are saying, i have seen in person. But in that case both parties were not that financially strong to pay the alimony or to finalize the divorce and remarry. So, they later came to a compromise but the relationship of husband-wife is already ruined. They fight daily, but due to not having a choice financially they have to live together. And the be clear, in that case both parties were partly wrong, and are even to this day.

  7. I love this video…he wonderfully explained how it’s not completely anybody’s fault. Imagine going to the police explaining how your husband doesn’t beat you rather he uses narscistic ways to harass you, mentally torture, what you’ll gonna do about it. He will has his way even with the minor beating or some other form of assault and mind you there are numerous ways he can literally assault you and you won’t be able to tell anyone or do anything. I understand why lawyers feel the need to exaggerate (excluding the bogus ones). At the same time i also know for sure some women’s ability to amplify issues for there personal gain, i mean we are all aware of amber heards of this world by now. The thing with law system is, as i understand, it takes on issues at a point of time ‘oh he did that, but it was so minor why did you react that way’ all the while completely ignoring the actions over the course of time. If somebody does something minor but everyday, it going to be amplified for the person at the receiving end of it. I think the system needs to change so that women can get resort even for minor issues as well, like counseling or something before full blown complaint. Also its not just in marriage dispute but in almost every issue, a person might feel the need to sugarcoat in fear that people might not believe them. This world is definitely no fairytale!

  8. Yes divorce happened by a couple.Yes frustratns involved both in divorce… frustratn happened by grl at early age marriage .Bcas they loose their individual hppiness

  9. youre being too nice and making excuses for lawyers. id seen in films that lawyers called evil blood sucking leeches..now we can see why…lawyers do all this entrapment knowing fully well everything bound to happen…just for business n dirty income…such people will never live well no matter how much money they make..

  10. Man you have emotion, so you making people aware. The problem is with people don’t want to address issues early OR not prepared to go smoothly in life.
    When we copy WEST it is bound to happen.

  11. First of all government or judiciary is being unfair here, for not allowing a lawyer in the CAW hearing with the husband. In any other country, lawyers are needed to be present during any hearing or interogation etc.. inorder to protect his rights. There is no justice for men in this InJustice system.

  12. In today’s time people have bag full of egos carrying with them all the time . No body want to compromise . I am not saying to compromise in crimes or violence but in small issues or anything like that . Do some compromise. Keep your truck full of egos a little bit aside. Please come out of your ego and money world .

  13. Also talk about how lawyers use children , force a fatherless life onto them to harass the husband for alimony. #ParentalAlienation

  14. Innocent husband be like – Kill her, Kill children (if paternity is doubtful), then lawyer and other perpetrators, then kill himself and attain peace….Its better to die once with full content like old days…Lol

  15. Both of you are corrupt, and you both are primarily responsible for Destruction of Society and killing of innocent families, Do Karma will destroy you people later.

  16. They keep saying that marriage is holy..love is lovely.. but being bf-gf for million yrs and then break-up happens.. then woman goes around singing muh par make-up karlia maine sayyain ji aaj break-up kar lia.. but somehow in marriage which ppl claim miya-biwi raazi toh kya karega qazi has to then be taken to court & men & their family will be send to jail!

  17. This is why lawyers are hated. They feast on destruction. In this case they want the marriage to be destroyed to get the best paychecks.

  18. Sir we r in big prob..plz save is from bhabhi She filed wrong cases on usdomestic dowry harass ment and maintainence..bhabhi n her mother playing woman card and torturing us to give my parents hard owned money..using abusive words
    Plz help my bhaiya and parents

  19. Man
    I was already scared of marriage
    Now really i don’t even want to marry
    Atleast in arrange marriage if there is a problem the family intervene and do the necessary talk
    Now i know why arrange marriage has less divorce rates

  20. Law is one thing , lawyers is one thing .. all the issues atleast that I know off – starts because of control freak thinking of women .
    First the wife -and in some cases Mother of the groom or sister of the groom .. it’s crazy ..

    To change this – first change the society which is almost impossible .. no older religious texts ask the DIL to stay with her in-laws , and she should not also be selfish or stop her husband from serving the in-laws .. but problems start when people start pushing boundaries and trigger the working women of this generation to be 1970s bahus .. that’s not going to help !!

    Women need to change , and let men be – both MIL and Wife , or his sister… and parents of the girl should not influence her .., in that case , both boy and girl can take their life as they want – not as their parents want based on ego !!

    Oh – and there are manipulative wives as well as manipulative mothers .. just because you know your mom from childhood does not mean you are aware of every aspect of her character

  21. People should get into some sort of agreement before getting married. If things go south no party gets to suffer and things end happily. But the thing is we Indians think of marriage as some sort of divine idea. It was divine for boomers but for millennials marriage is more of a curse. Couples start to hate each other within 2-3 years, then they have kids and don’t have any option but to tolerate each other.

  22. Mountain out of a "molehill" not "mole"..
    Mole – is a tiny animal..
    molehill – a tiny mud mount made by moles as it digs a borrow underground..

  23. my city man are kidnapped and forcefully married to stranger girl what can a men do at this situation please make a informative video in this

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