3 Therapy Techniques to Stop Couples Arguing

3 Therapy Techniques to Stop Couples Arguing

How can we help couples in therapy who have become trapped in what could be described as little more than ‘Pavlovian’ relationships?

In this video I’ll talk about why couples can find themselves in this kind of relationship, and I give 3 pattern interrupting therapy techniques you can use to change negative behaviour and help stop couples arguing.

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  1. My wife likes and needs to argue. For me it’s easy to understand things. But her it’s pulling teeth. She does not respond to love joy peace kindness goodness faith mildness self control. That’s the fruits of the spirit.
    She responds to threats anger silence being cussed at.
    I have to even fake that I am mad at her. She doesn’t know I am faking it. She’s like dumb.
    It’s like she’s a lion and I am a lion tamer. I use chair whip water blanks in a gun.
    If I play the sincere caring understanding husband she runs a mock.

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  3. Is it good for a husband to share in the secret that concerns another person to the person after argument or fight claiming he’s trying to be honest

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  5. Why should the husband give in and be a mouse to keep the peace. Woman want to change their husband to what they want. After they get what they want they then claim you changed not realizing that she caused in the first place

  6. Doesnt help when one person thinks they never do anything wrong and will not attempt to make any changes because they blame all of their feelings on what the other one is doing not trying to see from both sides. Or when you even try to reason with them and start a conversation they either shut down right away, immediately jump to an attitude or wont speak at all because "its not the right time"…seems like its never the right time. Always busy doing something but never actually that busy but uses that as the excuse why they couldnt talk, text, or call. I work 9hrs a day and busy all the time but can still find time for it but they cant? What am I missing here? Starting to assume someone else is getting the attention and they are just trying to make things so bad that I give up so they dont have to be the one to say it. If they wont put in the effort why do I keep doing it?

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  9. What do you do with a partner who LOVES to disagree just for an "argument" just so they have a chance to debate the issue even though they both agree on the same outcome of the problem?

  10. This was beautiful! But what happen when men never admit to do wrong and argue with authority and increased tone to win the argument. Any lil talk can tirn into him feeling attacked and anger comes out🥺.. I always end up crying feeling so impotent to have a simple conversation.

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  15. Loved this direct, practical approach, delivered so well and compassionately. My small quibble is use of the term Hypnosis. A remark or provoking question to reawaken feelings or awareness for client is just that. Hypnosis is an induced, deep sleep like state long some time, in which the client is highly suggestible and the therapist then gives positive thoughts to address the problems discussed in the session.

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