3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce | George Blair-West

3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce | George Blair-West

Choosing to marry and share your life with someone is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. But with divorce rates approaching fifty percent in some parts of the world, it’s clear we could use some help picking a partner. In an actionable, eye-opening talk, psychiatrist George Blair-West shares three keys to preventing divorce — and spotting potential problems while you’re still dating.

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  1. 2 Corinthians 9:6
    But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

  2. Indian Hindu Khumbars like myself do not ever marry cousins or nieces and nephews as it is against Hindu holy law. 🤴🏽🕉🔺➕

  3. Also, remember that there is no shame in being single. Single people have just as meaningful and fulfilling lives as married ones. Where does this stigma come from when a person is single their lives are hopeless and they’re lonely?

  4. for a man that has “made it” to only have a women walk rather than admit her faults, I would say beware. 45 years old, 16 years of marriage, and my wife is leaving without trying to fix anything. You will experience it, all of you. Enjoy your eventual divorces. Don’t bother with marriage!!! It’s only for the wives advantage!

  5. Romans 13:8: Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

  6. A lot ppl think marriage is like the happily ever after and will
    Make them happy , but the reality is, it’s the beginning of true and real love

  7. *Marriage is like a rollercoaster, strap yourself in & hang on for the ride of a lifetime. You’ll experience lots of twists & turns… ups & downs & @ times you’ll swear your life was just turned upside down. Once things settle down & your feet are back on the ground, you’ll say "wow what a thrill"…let’s do that again!*

  8. I like this but I think this is almost a step removed from the real issue. Marriages last when both partners are prepared to delay gratification and invest in the partnership, and in the other person. If you have a sizable investment in something, you don’t abandon it. You have too much to lose.

    You have to trust the other person to repay or honor whatever you put into the relationship, so that you get a return on your investment. So yes, you need to be able to influence the other person, and yes you have to trust the other person, but that is merely because you have to be confident that you can invest in the relationship, and when the profits are realized, you wont end up unrewarded.

    My feeling is a lot of partners get to a point where the rewards are starting to be handed out, and they realize that having made the major investment, and delayed gratification for so many years, their partner who had it the easiest (in their opinion) over the same period, is now reaping the lion’s share of the rewards, and expecting the same contribution share going forward. And they can’t seem to influence that, and even if they do get the other one to promise some future reward, they don’t deliver.

  9. I had high expections, his advices were very weak! Patience, commitment, etc are a lot more important that all he said.

  10. Did you know when loves, good treatment, and hugs ends in a relationship?

    When you already have the “kids”

    “Your partner doesn’t matter no more and now is just another obstacle”

    So why did you marriage him ?

    The kids

    What’s the most important part in a relationship?

    The kids

    What’s was the point on insisting for a marriage, the compromise, and obsession with ideas of fidelity?

    the kids

    Do you consider people behaviors by their own intentions or nothing else matters when we the only purpose in life is preventing someone steals me the opportunity of transcend my genetics ?

    Second one

    Do you have more aspirations or plans in the future that does not have to do with“raising up kids” ?

    Interesting question

    what have you personally achieve with the kids ?

    To learn how to teach the kids how to diplomatically have their own kids

    Im the winner here

  11. 30 plus years and you realized things are not the same. Divorce sucks, but so does a disappointing marriage. 😞 fml

  12. Unfortunately I have trust issues very strong. I grew up like that and no one helped me for so many years. Until I got in a relationship I noticed how how mess I was. It’s never been easy, probably I would never learn to trust a man in my life.

  13. ☝️☝️☝️(Dr Stanley the great spell caster)… making marriage work/relationships parmanently???

  14. Hi, this is real testimony of a *saka the great doctor* on FBwho helped me bring back my fiancé who left me and 3 kids for 2 years. I had lost all hope about my fiancée coming back home again.

  15. A perfect marriage isn’t a textbook ideal that all couples should strive for. Instead, your idea of a perfect marriage depends on your own needs, ideals, and relationship. I believe, there are a few elements that help a marriage to be harmonious and stand a better chance at being as near to perfect as possible:

    – Great Communicators
    – Slow to Anger, Quick to Forgive
    – Don’t Go to Bed Angry

  16. Amazing and soo true every word 😍👏
    I’m happy 1 year married and we expecting our baby 🙏😇

  17. No one does it better than Dr Solution Spell caster in any love cases and in binging ex lovers back.

  18. No. If you get married later, you can still get divorced as quickly. The older you are, the less you want to waste your years.

  19. From many generations passed, the common practice has happened to be the suppression of wife in all aspects of wedding life and behave like a lifeless property.
    Now the women are vexed of annoying submitting approach of these husband category and rejecting them. So most of women are unmarried.
    Men though knowing that even women are lively beings and have the same mind, soul, energies etc his ego, arrogance, ignorance , animal mindset is not letting to accept the truth. So mamy men are unmarried or divorced. Even Now, men need wives who submit themselves to the feet of in laws.Funny.

  20. Marriages should not be entered into because the people around you have acted stupidly! Marriages are not a community situation because of how personal in nature they are! Marriage can be a beautiful thing!

  21. Marriage is like a Tornado: "In the beginning there’s a lot of blowing and sucking, then you lose your house".

  22. ☝️☝️☝️(Dr Stanley the great spell caster)… making marriage work/relationships parmanently???

  23. 1) Leave the West and go Asian. 2) Get to know their culture and adapt to their habits. 3) Marry an Asian woman who values family and doesn’t know feminism. 4) Make your Asian country your new place to abode, do not bring her back. 5) Give up your "western" life and adopt a responsible "eastern" life. You are after all responsible for your new family aka wife and kids. 6) If you are a US citizen, there is a tax implication. You will have to file your taxes regardless of where you live. Many banks in foreign nations don’t want to deal with US customers exactly of this reason: FATCA. That includes getting a loan, opening a brokerage account etc. You can always renounce your US citizenship but you need to double think and see if that’s worth it for what you are getting back. As far as family life is concerned, the US is dead. Half the families are broken and divorce is a big industry. You, as a man, don’t want to be part of that

  24. The knowing that if a wife was abused by her husband… would she be afraid to report him to the police for fear of retaliation or him going to jail, and she might end up homeless as he could no longer work and pay mortage…

    When you’re dependent on someone, you have few options. Abusers knows this is why they continue to abuse.

  25. This hysteria about being single is absurd. If someone isn’t happy or in love, she/he has the right to end it. Human beings are not to be owned.

  26. God is the reason why I’m still married. My wife and I struggled a lot in our first 3 years of marriage. We hated each other and weren’t happy. However, every time I thought about divorce, I feared breaking God’s heart and his commandment. I was willing to be unhappy in marriage yet pleased to obey God. Fast forward to today, my wife and I are still married at 14 years and host marriage classes at our church. Our marriage is a blessing and we truly are happy now…it all started with God though.

  27. Hi, this is real testimony of a *saka the great doctor* on FBwho helped me bring back my fiancé who left me and 3 kids for 2 years. I had lost all hope about my fiancée coming back home again.

  28. Thank you for this encouraging word. I feel much better now. I’m 45 and preparing myself to the best wife ever

  29. I am big on Identifying your enemy. The only entity supporting divorce, Federal. Think about it, tell Christians to date as much as you want. (Effectively teaching them to keep moving away from dedication in a relationship.) You teach women to leave their men by supporting their finances. So they don’t need the one thing their kids don’t know they need. You publicly discount males and have multi-generational feminist. You pushed jobs on farmers to separate man from home. I mean it’s funny how we blame culture and tell ourselves it’s our fault.

  30. No one does it better than Dr Solution Spell caster in any love cases and in binginG ex lovers back.

  31. “As a pastor for over 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that most marriage problems are not really marriage problems. They are God problems. They can trace back to one or both people having a poor relationship with God or a faulty understanding of Him. An accurate picture of God is vital to a healthy marriage. It’s vital to everything.” – Francis Chan

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