4 Reasons Why You Should Give Up the House in Divorce

4 Reasons Why You Should Give Up the House in Divorce

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This episode of the Divorce and Your Money Show discusses the reasons to consider selling your house when getting divorced. Many people come into the divorce process with strong preferences on this issue because they have an emotional attachment to their house. This episode will help you consider all sides of the issue. It’s a good idea to think about the financial side, because your house is one of your biggest assets. Here are four reasons to consider not keeping the house. The house is a burden. Refinancing is complicated. Homes are expensive to maintain. You may end up worse off than you would have if you sold the house. After divorce, your income as a single person will be lower than it was as a couple, but your expenses will be similar. Given this reality, can you really afford to keep the house? A larger percentage of your income will be going towards your home payment. If your home payment is very low or you live very frugally, it may be possible, but for the vast majority of people, it is not a good situation to be in. It may not be financially feasible for you to stay.     If you have two names on the mortgage, it is difficult to take one person’s name off. From the lender’s perspective, they will want both people to be liable to make sure that payments continue to be made. Since your income will now be lower, it will be hard to obtain refinancing.   A home is more than just a mortgage. There are property taxes, utilities, maintenance, general upkeep, repairs, etc. Are you able to afford all of the expenses?   Sometimes, people want to keep the house to give their kids stability. However, if you are struggling to make payments, will your kids really be better off? Selling the house and downgrading can afford you more financial stability and flexibility. If your home is taking away from your income, it can put you in a tough position. It may do more harm than good.   Before you go, visit divorceandyourmoney.com: 1) Sign up for the email list to get exclusive tips you won’t find anywhere else. 2) To get access to the best divorce resources in the United States, check out the store here. 3) Get personalized help. Learn about coaching services here.   Thank you for listening!


  1. I let the ex husband live in the house but if he sales the house I want my half and I did Grant him have it because I know he was going to lose the house because he fraud the IRS claimed me and my son for tax purposes and I am the custodial parent and he is the non-custodial parent which my son lives with me 100 percentage of time

  2. I have a question!! I bought my house in my name. But it closed escrow a few weeks after we got married. The house is still in my name. With us splitting I cant afford the upkeep but the mortgage itself is fine. In California is it considered community property if it’s only in my name. And would it be better to downsize to a condi or rent to rebuild my credit and process the divorce, etc??

  3. Absolutely love your book, Divorce And Your Monday. I’m on page 77 and learning so much as a Real Estate Divorce Specialist. Blessings to you and yours!

  4. I hear what you’re saying. The housing market is so horrible right now for buying! My mortgage is less than a 2 bedroom rental! Rock and a hard place.

  5. Or you give up your house and prices have gone up do much you can’t get back in to the market abs you’re renting the rest of your life.

    Coming from Toronto area market

  6. Hi my husband and I are separated, and I live in his house cause he never wanted to put my name on the deeds and I’m paying the mortgage with the alimony that he provides me every month, so I’m wondering it’s ok that I’m paying for a house that it’s not on my name and it’s ok that’s the judge said that I pay the mortgage with the alimony ? Cause frankly his not paying for anything in the house . I’m a disabled person and I have his two children and it’s so hard paying the house and the bills .thank you liz from ny

  7. If your a married man with children, you will always lose your house to her. No judge removes the female. The man will be living in his car. Don’t let these lawyers make it sound like you have a choice, you don’t if your the man.

  8. my home is paid off so the real cost is taxes and utilities so selling in the Austin Area is crazy. Selling would mean I might not be able to afford to live near my friends and family

  9. Marriage is like a Tornado: "In the beginning there’s a lot of blowing and sucking, then you lose your house".

  10. My house is cheaper than any apartment rental and keeping it is the best choice because each year the value of if is going up.

  11. Every case is individual. There is a somewhat most common type of case, but I highly recommend take your case to someone else to give you a view from out of the eye of the hurricane 🌀 where they can see better from the helicopter 🚁 to tell you there is clear 🌅skies ahead.

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