1. Thank you Lisa for sharing your trauma. I pray that you never have to go through this again. No one should have to, but Satan will stop at nothing to try to destroy us. See you in Heaven!

  2. I love your videos so much. I’m still very fresh out of divorce but your videos always gives me perspective and so much to think about. Sometimes the hurt really overwhelms but this helps me so much. Love how you see your own positionality in it all. Really working hard on the victim mentality and moving on

  3. As always, you are an inspiration Lisa! Thank you for sharing your vulnerable side, it takes courage to admit our faults in a difficult situation. Much love. 💕

  4. 4 months now and i still haven’t got my feet planted on the ground again. Divorce, when it takes you by surprise, is like a landfall that washes away the village of your life. I have barely been able to hold on to the riverbank, but I still don’t know where I am. With two kids, i need to take care of them, but now I am doubting everything even my capacities as a dad. I need a vacation! Get some perspective. But thank you for your videos, you are an inspiration and a beautiful person.

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