5 Steps to Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

5 Steps to Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

In this video, attorney Bobby Buchanan breaks down the 5 keys to getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois. Lawyering up is not always necessary.


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  1. Going through divorce. It’s been pretty smooth.
    My first court date Friday wondering what we should prepare and what’s needed to make this as smooth as possible

  2. Is there a process to change "ENTRY OF APPEARANCE" to "ENTRY OF APPEARANCE-WAIVER AND CONSENT" after the ""ENTRY OF APPEARANCE"" was filed in Cook County?

  3. We have a 17 year old together, will we be required to take parenting classes in LaSalle County?

  4. So basically after filling out the paperwork, you need to send it to the spouse right? To sign it? You can serve them? Or email them? Or the other services has to do it? (Like sheriff) then after they sign it, you need to submit those papers to court? Lmk if I’m correct.

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