5 Things Amish Women Don’t Want You To Know

5 Things Amish Women Don’t Want You To Know

5 Things Amish Women Don’t Want You To Know

For many, the Amish are a window to a forgotten era. They shun technology and the hustle and bustle of our modern workaday world in favor of a simpler life, one that is devoted to prayer, family, and infamously free of electricity. At least, that’s what they want you to think.

In reality, the Amish are not as welcoming and as kind-hearted as they may seem. Their church is held together by a centuries-old set of rules collectively referred to as the Ordnung. The Ordnung dictates every aspect of Amish life from how followers of the church should dress to how its female members should be treated. The latter of those two examples can get pretty dark, although the Amish have done their best to cover it up in order to maintain the inoffensive mainstream image they have cultivated over the past couple of decades. In this video, we’re going to be revealing some dark truths about how women are treated within the Amish church.

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  1. There are many statements in this video that are untrue or, at least, partially untrue. A huge mistake is generalizing the entire Amish communities. If complete research had been done, the author would have found there are many different sectors of the Amish with very different “rules”. I have many Amish friends (women and their families) who would disagree with the way this was presented.

  2. @3:19 who said Muslim women are forced to cover their faces please do your research before hand that would make everything much easier.

  3. Basically this is anti religious propaganda, while a lot of these values are upheld women aren’t treated that bad, most of them love their lives and they all know they can leave. I know it’s the ideal oppression to say “they own me” but in reality that’s not what’s happening here, majority of them don’t feel that way. Maybe go to a real Amish town instead of website to get your info. I’ve always noticed how people get offended for them🤔even though they’re completely content.

  4. Wrong in Islam women aren’t FORCED to cover their faces. Only in certain countries its a cultural thing, not a religious one

  5. I’ automatically thumb down any video that asks you to subscribe, asks you to like, plays music esp dumb music in background

  6. This video was disgusting. Women in Islam are not “forced” to cover their face. Its their personal choice. And I’m sure the Amish also have their own choices. Get your facts right before putting up trash like this.

  7. Just wish when they drove their horses on the highways they carried pooper scoopers with them. But we know how they feel about us English.

  8. Wow this channel is the worse thank God i unsubscribed a long time ago .
    FYI Islamic shariia does not force women to cover their faces get your facts right idiots

  9. I absolutely think the deal about the time of the month period for Amish women is absolutely damn disgusting!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  10. I would love to be an Amish woman. The only problem I see with Amish is that none of them are people of color. Jewelry tampons makeup birth control pills all of these things will worsen your health in the long run. You’re just a slave to these things so that someone else can fatten their pockets. Women need to get a self-esteem clothing jewelry and makeup Is Not What Makes You Beautiful. God had it right when he made you and left you naked, that goes for male and female

  11. Take your grievances somewhere else…is that all you can do is criticize others? You need to take a long hard look at yourself.

  12. Sometimes we forget that Amish people are human too. As someone who has some extended Amish family (who don’t shun our non Amish family, btw)
    I have had many good times and positive interactions and conversations with them, and would even consider some of my cousins to be close friends. We respect each other, along with our differences, but we worship and pray to the same God, and that is what connects us, in addition to being family.
    People often erroneously suppose that Amish are the same everywhere. Not so!
    It depends a lot on the particular order, just like with other faiths, including Catholic, Muslim, etc.
    For example, my family’s order of Amish do not practice the "Rum Springa" tradition where they remove all rules when their kids turn 16 and let them run wild in the world. They are appalled by it, and can’t believe good parents would do that. It’s dangerous, especially nowadays.
    True, they are very traditional in their roles, but my cousins who mostly have large families and all work hard, are some of the happiest people I know and their kids have loads of fun. Sure, perhaps the women are sheltered and somewhat naive, they are happy in their traditional roles and their families love and respect them, including their husband’s. I’ve also observed a few who don’t seem happy and could definitely use some relationship help.
    It doesn’t seem a whole lot different from anyone else. There are healthy, good people and sad, dysfunctional people everywhere.

  13. The video was well informed but lack perspective from the Amish women. Similar to how Chinese women were forced to scrunch their feet from outside perspectives, they actually believed this empowered them from their own perspective.

  14. For the husband is unto the wife as God is unto the husband. Expectation is divine and equal upon both as individuals.
    Tell the full story.

  15. If you are stupid enough to follow "ANY" Religion? You thereby; have proven you are a Brainwashed SHEEPLE! That’s known as… A FACT!!!

  16. Some of these photos aren’t even of Amish. Some are Mennonite and German Baptist.
    Also, the claim about tampons is ridiculous. Many of my Amish female relatives use them. It isn’t an issue, at least not in their order.

  17. One of my least favorite things about this modern era is how people say things are offensive in absolute terms. As if there is truly an absolute set of morals, and they themselves are it’s priests, able to say with one hundred percent certainty what is offensive and what is not.

  18. Weird Al was satirizing Coolio. But,! They both paid Stevie Wonder who wrote and released Pastime Paradise on Songs in the Key of Life.

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