5 Things to Know About Divorce in Florida

5 Things to Know About Divorce in Florida

Lead Counsel Marck Joseph, Esq answers common Family Law questions. For assistance with your legal matter, visit http://thejosephfirmpa.com, email: thejosephfirmpa@gmail.com or call (305) 501-0992.

Attorney Marck Joseph is a member of the Dade County Bar Association, The Broward County Bar Association, the Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association, and the Haitian Lawyers Association and acts as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Marck Joseph knows how important family matters are, as well as the sometimes devastating consequences that can come from an ugly legal battle. Attorney Joseph handles each case with sensitivity and care, putting your best interests first.

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  1. ive been in florida 1 year now i wana divorce my husband who doesnt treat me good .. the problem is i dnt hve work and nor to drive… i want to come back to philippines and my passport alreadt expired and the sad part i cant renew my passport becoz embacy closed coz of pandemic.. plz i need help to back to phils but first i need to divorce my husband he dnt treat me good i have ulcer and im not eat on time so my ulcer getting worse.. he dnt buy me foods

  2. Hi I just came across your video, i do have some more questions regarding divorce and almony I’m seeking a divorce out of a marriage since Dec 1998 to now only have 1 child in marriage but my son is now 21yrs of age, can I go back for back child support.? How can I file a divorce to my husband when hes job sends him off to other states to work in ship yards and he stays in motels due to his job is out of our state here, how can he get surrvied with divorce papers like this..??

  3. I thought my husband loved me like he claimed since he lost he’s job i have taken up the position of the bread winner providing for my family any possible way i can which got me very busy . Each time i got home tired after long day he would insist on sex but i refused and this has been going on for a while but he stopped i thought he understood until i started getting calls from my kids school that he doesn’t show up on time to get the children from school , i got pissed and decided to secretly monitor his movements but it wasn’t possible due to my crazy work schedule then i contacted a private investigator and a reliable hacker.He got me complete access to him without his knowledge . To my surpise , I saw his messages with his so – called mistress who he chooses over our kids and noticed the affair has been going on a while and under my nose i was heartbroken and disappointed . My story was long but i wanna appreciate Donald ( FEEDDONALD1 on telegram ) got it all sorted without stress by texting / whatsapp +14695632325.

  4. The lesson to learn here is to not get married. What’s the purpose of getting married, if you can get divorced?

  5. If my wife and i have been married 20 years. We we both worked and continue to work , contributed to 401k, bought properties, made investments, built up savings. The kids are in their mid 20s and living at home, but currently on my health benefits. She’s a reasonable person, but the kids will stay with her. If I lose my job and health care, we will end up on her health care. Some of the properties are only in my name, but purchased after we got married. We have a mess. say we agree on how to split things up, but we don’t want to pay for attorneys. How does the process work and what can we (each) expect to pay for attorneys? what if she gets an attorney at some point and I don’t?
    I am okay with some form of half where she keeps the house BTW, but she will say she needs to continue to support adult children, which I know some will say is her problem..

  6. I find it really sad that government ruined marriage. It’s just a business now. Lawyers, judges, alimony, court fees, ect… it’s not even worth getting married anymore. It’s best to keep government out of your business. Government is notorious for picking winners and losers and stealing from hard working people to give to those that don’t deserve it. I’m sorry i would rather not get married.

  7. Ok me and my wife been separated over 6plus years and she been incarcerated for the past 2 years we have no kids no property nothing together where do I start

  8. Hello! I have a question
    I am interested in petitioning for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage HOWEVER I no longer live in the US. (My spouse still resides in Florida, though)

    two of the seven requirements state:
    *You and your spouse are both willing to go into the clerk’s office to sign the petition (not

    necessarily together).

    *You and your spouse are both willing to go to the final hearing (at the same time).

    BUT I heard that I wouldn’t need to be present because they’re doing hearings over Zoom or video conferencing.
    Is this accurate?

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