5 Underrated Rudiments To Level Up Your Drum Fills

5 Underrated Rudiments To Level Up Your Drum Fills

Have you been writing the same drum parts over and over again? Are you looking for some new patterns to add to your arsenal?

You’re in luck: the answer to your problem was right under your nose this entire time.

In this quick video lesson, Dorothea Taylor shares five less-popular rudiments that you can use to build into your drum parts.

0:00 – Intro
Dorothea has decades of experience teaching and playing marching snare. These rudiments deserve more love, and they may be just what you need to upgrade your drum fills (and beats and solos), whether you keep them on the snare drum or move them down the toms:

0:33 – 1. Single Ratamacue
The single ratamacue pattern sounds like ‘ra-ta-ma-CUE’, with an accent at the end. Make sure you get a nice clean drag on those grace notes.

2:08 – 2. Swiss Army Triplets
Flam-right-left. That’s the Swiss Army Triplet!

3:35 – 3. Double Drag Tap
It’s in the name: two drags and a tap. Double Drag Tap.

4:37 – 4. Drag Paradiddle #1
Drag Paradiddle #1 starts with a single stroke. Then a drag takes you into the paradiddle.

6:08 – 5. Grandma’s
This hybrid rudiment (meaning it’s not found on the list of 40 standard rudiments) consists of a paradiddle with an accent on the second note, followed by an accented tap.

Remember to practice all of these slowly and regularly until you have them clean and tight.

Dorothea has a ton of rudiment-focused lessons (and more) in the Drumeo members area. Get a free trial here: https://drumeo.com/7-day-trial/

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  1. So good that YouTube brings out the ladies who are great musicians with no need to label them as "female musicians".

  2. Many thanks Dorothea, you are a great inspiration!!!!
    Drag Paradiddle #1 was the best for my ears! It’s surprisingly wants to have some odd time musical arrangement above it when applied to the kit. Some smooth progressive melodic rocky thing 😀

  3. I feel pretty sure I’ve heard at least the last three or four of them used as main beats in songs already. If I think of which ones, I will come back and add them here. Always neat seeing rudiments and how easily they can be applied, even to dif. time signatures with quite different sounds!

  4. Dorothea is as good a teacher as she is a drummer – awesome on both accounts. Really enjoyed watching this, thank you 🙂

  5. Ima just sample this. I could start practicing now and wouldn’t have her timing by the time I was her age 😅

  6. This is a much better video showcasing Dorothea’s skills than the previous ones. Really hammers how useful rudiments are

  7. As a former marching band player, I love applying rudiments to the kit. In both grove and fills contexts.

  8. Great video, Dorothea and Drumeo!! A quick question..what is Dorothea playing at the very beginning on the Toms, in the intro..very Tribal-ish? Looking forward to more! 🙂

  9. Gosh. She makes it look so easy. So much discipline. I would just sit there and go nuts like Animal from The Muppet Show. 😁

  10. I’m looking forward to trying these rudiments on double-kick. [edit]: (Particularly the double-drag tap, which would sound super heavy!)
    That beat after the single ratamacue was really funky. I’d like to see some funk-orientated stuff from Dorothea.

  11. Thanks for reminding me of these cool rudiments! They can spice up one’s drumming with tasty fills and grooves. Can’t wait to practice once I get my drums out of the pawn shop.

  12. Honestly don’t know if Dorothea is a better drummer or a better instructor. I’m a musician, but not a drummer and the way she explains techniques and how to apply them is top notch!

  13. Dorothea you rock! One of the basic rudiments I find a lot of people don’t play correctly is a flam..more often than not it’s played more like simultaneous notes played with both sticks rather than the grace note and primary note combination. I was taught long ago to hold the grace note stick about an inch or inch and a half above the head, the primary note stick almost straight up, and simply let them drop at the same time. The law of physics (the grace note stick will strike the head just before the primary note) guarantees a proper flam. I play snare drum in two pipe bands and proper flam execution is one of the first rudiments I teach my students. Excellent video I’ll bookmark it.

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