$600/Hour Q&A for FREE! Ask Your Divorce, Marriage, Custody Questions to 20 Year Divorce Attorney!

$600/Hour Q&A for FREE! Ask Your Divorce, Marriage, Custody Questions to 20 Year Divorce Attorney!

I’m back! This is a warm-up stream lol! Come ask all your divorce, relationship, and marriage questions to a 20-year divorce attorney! Problems with your wife? I’ve heard them all. Child support, prenups–should you even get married? Ask away. Come get this $600/hour game for FREE!

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  1. The “interaction” interaction convinces me that our gynocentric ways is one of the greatest fuels for mens issues in this realm.

  2. However, in my case, the mother will hire a child psychologist that gives permission for them to be in contempt. Now, there’s another $5000 retainer- and then there’s a new order". And then, she decides that "my child is too upset when he comes back from visitation", and now the judge amends the order to only supervised visitation when the father has NO history of abuse, neglect, or addictions. And then you receive a letter from the mom "I told you- your new lady will NEVER be a step mom to my son"! And then, there’s nothing I can do about it, even though it’s in writing, that this was always the plan…I’m just sick..

  3. My dad was a firefighter when my parents divorced he had to quit. And we work for 8 sleep for 8 hrs so yeah everybody only gets half time for the year.

  4. *Welcome back! Glad all is well! Nothing wrong with taking some me time . Happy belated Birthday* 🎉!

  5. I definitely like the pre-nup break down idea. If TLA does this stream, we’ve got to get it to 1M views

  6. What a lot of people don’t understand these Custody disputes that Modern women have created in synergy have affected perspectives and every facet of normal life and it is so destructive. You hear these stories and I shake my head and wonder if is this really happening in our North American society the manipulation and deceit ( keeping that man’s child from him and then lying to the kid saying your Dad doesn’t want to see you. OMG despicable.!!! When I hear you say ‘ the term go along to get along" I nod in agreement because they hope it can change. Guys, it won’t ever be better once that card is pulled ……do not feed into this toxicity, logic, reason and even empathy are not existent … I watch this show only to pass all this priceless info to my siblings ( 5 brothers) and my son.

  7. Single father raised kids do as well as those from 2 parent homes. Family court sweeps that under the carpet

  8. You tube is messing with your channel. I have not seen you in my feed for weeks. The notifications taken off. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. The world needs The Lead Attorney. I remember when you did that father’s day stream last year🔥

  10. Glad to see you back TLA!!! @unclestew dropping BASED takes, and you ALWAYS have the REAL info!!!

  11. Welcome back Lead…I really missed you. I hope you had a wonderful time away. I missed your live.

  12. Emilio Rivas said it best. "The world needs the Lead Attorney…" That’s it. We need you Lead.

  13. As someone who has 50/50 custody and thanks God I have a very good relationship with my Baby Mom. This was still a great informative Q and A. More ppl need to listen thanks a lot

  14. I missed this stream when next time your doing this lead I need to come up and expose all my personal business lol I’m serious tho 😅

  15. What’s your focal length and f-stop? Things could look even sexier with the depth of field going. Unless you want to your law books clear.

  16. Munchhousens (?) is a disease where the woman kills her children to create sympathetic attention to herself

  17. He broke his promise and did not come back the following day. I subscribe to his locals and he is a no show there too.

  18. Dr T Hassan Johnson just did a show on the same topic. It would be great to see the two of you collaborate

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