7 Reasons You Will LOSE Your Court Case (and how to avoid them)

7 Reasons You Will LOSE Your Court Case (and how to avoid them)

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  1. I have a ccj from a overdales debt from 4 years ago.. it was something made with klana , passed onto Lowell , now onto overdales .. my ex used to take my bankcard and pay for things constantly and got me in debt with all sorts when I was unwell and in hospital..

  2. The worst thing in criminal court processes is plea bargaining this is nothing short of blackmail and many especially those who have never been in trouble or in a court plead guilty even if they are not because they are afraid. To those who would say I would never plead guilty to something I didn’t do but if the offer is a slap on the wrist and go home or risk getting a 2 year jail sentence .. plenty of innocent people in jail

  3. Found your video in researching for when I go to give evidence as trial next year. In a case against my assaulter as he not guiltied. He is looking at gbh with intent for leaving me with 2nd degree burns, he’s alleging he did it in self defence… bs. I’m terrified going to court.

  4. Can a bailiff without a wet ink signature from a judge on a said warrant from a bulk centre enter homes and take control of goods without consent ?

  5. The most likely reasons for losing a case being 1) Not being informed of ten hearings 2) being given totally wrong legal advice by a solicitor who then tries to blackmail/threaten you carefully when you complain (in writing) 3) The judge putting you in a situation where if you told the truth about your malicious ex you may never see your children again, because social workers adopt children away by deliberately circumventing the legal process (proven by Enquiry) 4) a judge is so inept he puts your ex and child in mortal danger so you just have to walk away to protect them 5) Your ex lies her tits off so blatantly, so obviously and constructively in court that you can’t get a word in and the judge will not allow you to speak nor make any representation 6) the police won’t even give a report number for women committing perjury, even when their own officers have seen them lying and blatant child abuse right in front of them 7) You’re banned from the town the civil court hearing is in on pain of arrest for a criminal breach – even when your ex is coming round daily, phoning, texting, visiting, leaving your child with you, then running off to court crying… so you can’t speak. 8) social services destroy core evidence by sheer stupidity, and lie in court reports. The UK courts are in absolute disarray, they don’t even bother to follow the law, let alone obtain justice or care for children or fathers – with absolutely stupid and inept judges. When all this is provable, yet EVERY attempt at complaint is ignored or stonewalled, and the police withhold vital evidence proving your innocence, then you know it’s bad. (and I could go on… much, much further with examples of ineptitude and corruption…) Thanks for your video and attempts to help people through this minefield of vileness and lies.

  6. Here in Scotland I reported the presence of bogus police officers at my door, members of a local gang. Police Scotland then started legal proceedings against me, eight separate bogus charges. The duty solicitor told me that it would go one of two ways, plead guilty and pay a fine of £450. Plead not guilty and pay a fine of £750. I told him he was no longer required. I went to The Mitchell Library and studied all the law I needed throughout the year and made a full and open declaration of all my evidence to the Procurator Fiscals Office. The bogus charges continued as I had them thrown out. Justice in Scotland is a complete joke. Team Reid: played eight, won seven, drew none lost one. Team PF: played eight, won one, drew none and lost seven. I was eventually fined £150 for swearing at police officer!!! Which I did not and is not a criminal action. Sheriff Reid at Glasgow Sheriff Court, has shown himself to be as criminally driven to protect officers who perjure themselves and is simply a money making exercise for all concerned.

  7. Solicitors, barristers, Judges all "officers of the Court" and Barristers and Judges are from the Brotherhood of the Four Inns of Court. This club is controlled or operated by the real power group who are called the barristers clerks of chambers and in Scotland barristers chambers are called stables? Feudalism well maintained in UK. Blair and Cameron have removed the public access to courts and justice. Courts and its officers are agents of Banks who openly declare the Judge has no discretion in mortgage repossessions cases as the mortgage was due before the ink was dry on the contract!!!!. Anyone else come across this type of oppression in UK? Do you know your mortgage is sold on several times without your Knowledge?

  8. *Excellent educational ensemble. Very useful information. Thank you for your video contributions and support.*

  9. 4:22 is the reason why you are, in uk law, guilty until proven innocent. This should be abolished. Never talk to cops without legal advise.

  10. I love the trial of the Flanders pigeon murderer where the case was apparently so open n shut that the defence was found £50 for turning up

  11. This new years eve, my car was impounded. I wasn’t even in it. Got a call from the sheriff’s dept directly to my phone. Asking were I was. I responded it’s none of there business. They then tell me well we are at your residence and are impounding your vehicle. I finally show up and the officers are coming out of my back yard. I asked what they were doing and they proceed to ask who I was and they detain me. Hand cuff me and proceed to search my car. Staying I was shooting a gun and they know I have amo and weapons. After four or five search the car they find nothing. I asked for proof they only showed a picture of my car with a beer sitting on top of it over on the passenger side with no one standing around the car. They then release me after finding nothing. Tow truck driver asks me if I could move my car so he can easily put it on the truck l. I said that’s fine until I hear an officer say, let him get in his car and I’ll get him for a DUI on the spot. I heard him he denied it so I told him you can move it. He gets inside and yells out to the other officers I found the gun so they hand cuff me again. Once again finding nothing. I will admit I did get mouthy out of anger but was still realeased and they still took my car stating I was blocking the side walk u have pictures that prove different. What should I do or what can I do.

  12. I was assaulted and they went to prison but no solicitors seem to reply to me ? Iv lost tens of thousands!

  13. I filed a 20 page motion with 15 supporting Exhibits to overturn my divorce decree.
    My ex-wife’s attorney simply denied all allegations in her response and requested a 4 month delay on the hearing. Her request was granted.
    I filed a motion for summary judgment with attached documentation of my ex admitting to all of the allegations.
    Her attorney filed a response, again just denying the allegations. They have yet to put forth ANY counter-factual evidence to the court.
    The judge has continued to grant her motions to delay the hearing and refuses to address my motion for summary judgment or my request for a TRO.

  14. First reason you’ll lose is because you’ll hire a lawyer! They all work for the system! Secondly and most important, you will lose in a court because your going in there as an artificial person! Don’t you play games in/on a court??… And most don’t know that there a man! Free and independent!

  15. Hi BlackBeltBarrister, I’m going through some issues with a family court for a simple money claim. One months work that I never was paid for as a self employed person.
    Basically, After my Statutory Demand was ignored by defendant, & he also didn’t make himself available for telephone mediation (even though he requested it), then he didn’t meet the court order deadline to submit his defence (& still hasn’t).
    The courts forwarding letter states if the court order instructions aren’t adhered to by the deadline, your claim or defence will be cancelled.
    They didn’t cancel the defence (even though he breached the court order) & didn’t respond to my ‘Request for Judgement’, instead have given me a trial date for a year later.

  16. I’ve just been burgled by my local council, plus I have been a victim of a crime digitally they manipulate documents committed fraud on them and no one wants to listen. Where do I go I’ve been to the police they’ve told me to fuck off really their words not mine I’ve asked them for awhile. I’ve asked them to sit round the table and negotiate a settlement where I can get out of their area but it was okay for them to pay off their head of housing She needs to be convicted of fraud like the rest of them complicit as a company.

  17. don’t make the mistake of saying anything you should have said at the outset, WITHOUT A LAWYER. If you are arrested you are always better off keeping your mouth shut entirely, and get a lawyer FIRST. THEN you say anything at the ‘outset’. But first discuss it with your LAWYER, and in the meantime, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Without a lawyer present, it can be very dangerous to say ANYTHING, and it will be used against you later. I know in this video a CIVIL case situation, is being discussed, not a CRIMINAL court case. Yet many people don’t know the difference. Just look at what happened to people like Amanda Knox, and many others, they even made a series on Netflix, and pay attention to the misfortunes of others: you could end up the same. These people incriminated themselves by trying to be helpful. Obviously I am not a lawyer (as the owner of this excellent channel is), but I have done my own research, all things other lawyers said. Not random Tok Tok or Twatter people. Lawyers.

  18. what happens when a judge is not abiding by the law he is meant to uphold? where can you go to?…..a lot of power for one person to wield over others whom he deems ignorant and a miner/minor or infant and especially lost at sea in their eyes…… What happens when the judge clearly is in the corner of the prosecution to pre-trail, looking down on us all as if we are all guilty without being permitted to have our right to defend ourselves by due course of the law…..what happens when you try and explain and defend yourself only for the judge to interrupt you constantly ( a barristers tactic)….It is a case that affects all of us and therefore I cannot be permitted to be right, not permitted to even talk, where is the law in court?…..the judge has taken a dislike for me defending myself and not having someone talk for me…for the lawyer first has a duty to the court, then his firm, then the client……I would welcome anyone insight as I am back in court for trial on March 30th……..food for thought…..who has signed a contract in exchange for council service for money?…you know the council tax, the one if you do not pay they can arrest you and send you to jail……wheres is the injury?….


    why right in Capitals by the court, for you are already dead and have been claimed…this is why gravestones can only be caps for the name……we live in a system that is hidden, not taught to the rest of us at school, we are not permitted to be in on the system that binds us….Parse syntax grammar……how they fool you by the "wording" that’s is interpretable and therefore ambiguous but the number is a fact…. Thank you.

  19. Just remember, barristers swear allegiance with the bar and not the person/contract. Also they are fraudulently working under the jurisdiction of maritime law and not natural law.
    They’re losing control control now.

  20. I went to the Loughborogh court it was pathetic at the end I said so much for Uk justice The word Kangaroo comes in to my mind.

  21. I think you forgot to mention the CPS being absolute bollocks useless ineffective debateably archaic system. The cops even hate them, saying they have a set way of doing things and if things aren’t just the right way they do things they don’t accept/process them. Real justice and processing would be to give feedback regardless of their workload (get more staff?) And do what they can, perhaps change their system if applicable I don’t know. But the CPS has ignored plenty of issues not least a cerial rapist in Redcar, they’re a joke

  22. I came up against a lying barrister in court who suddenly developed amnesia when i stated true facts about an earlier part of a case, her sudden memory lapse ended up costing me 15k and saved her client the 15k.

  23. A friend of mine told the person he was representing in court to go over before the trial started and have a go verbally at the opposition’s legal representative which he did. This resulted in the oppositions barrister being really aggressive in court which didn’t go down well with the judge and worked in their favour as they played the innocent clam and level headed card

  24. Connections win EVERY time

    Boycot Corts
    Pray pray pray for the truth , democracy etc

  25. Seems like everyone in the comments is in some legal problem… and here I am smoking weed watching hoping to never apply this info in my life

  26. Being inocent or guilty was not mentioned . But I guess that do’s not count in a court . it’s the party that can afford the best legal team that wins .

  27. Number 8: Trusting a duty solicitor to not share information with the arresting officers, Listen to the plead guilty for a reduced sentence because it makes life easier for them.

  28. not sure where to post this question, so apologies if here is inappropriate or out-of-place.

    why is 1st class posting of a document deemed good service for some types of document.
    Royal Mail notoriously fails to meet many of the promised delivery time windows. It also loses post. Yet if an authority says it posted a document service is deemed good at the appropriate time window, without proof that it was actually sent or, moreover, received.

    Although, as an aside, ive known of dodgy landlords posting empty envelopes via either postal syatem or by hand, to begin a Section 21 notice period. Of course the tennant is not aware because the envelope is empty. The landlord then proceeds to court citing a lack of any appeal. (and ive heard of a handful of dodgy process servers doing similar).

    notwithstanding that, the inside of a front door doesnt always provide a secure system of ensuring a particular addressed person actually receives that document. It can be moved and forgotten about. A child or pet might get ahold of it.etc.

    I fail to understand why courts still accept this arrangement?


  29. You are representing a illegal government your advice is nonsense government arnt regal do your homework

  30. Yeah always remain calm in your trial, better yet have a solicitor, i learnt this the hard way.
    I had a no Tax on my car when i was 17, forgot about it as i moved city. A few yrs later it caught up to me, the Judge was fine, gave me 30 hrs community service and to pay the costs. So i did my CS, had the print out saying i had completed it. Went on with my life.
    A few months later i get a letter in the post, saying i owed 1hr CS, i went to court, showed my print out, the defence said the print out was in error.
    I went a little unhinged at their defiance of the error as they claimed, stating it was hearsay, no proof and as i got heated with the defence, i blurted out well you can shove your 1HR up your a$$. I got 3 days inside for contempt of court, but didnt have to do the 1hr as they had no proof of error.
    Always get a solicitor…. lesson learnt the hard way lol

  31. I had a motorbike accident back in 2005 . During my claim for damages, the other side accepted 100% fault and I was awarded £192,000. Loss of future earnings etc. Then several weeks later, they changed their minds, and offered 50% saying that the person in their legal team that had accepted responsibility did not have the authority to do so! Enter my barrister. He refused to fight the claim saying that there was no guarantee I would win etc etc etc and I should accept the 50%. I was told that if I wished to continue and I only got 50% then I would be responsible for his and all other costs. Utter coward! Had I been able to get it to court I could have won it myself, (I have won several cases that I have been told by solicitors were unwinnable), I just didn’t know how to get it to court and of course I had to consider my family, the accident had already cost us our family home. So, admission of guilt isn’t always the end of the argument, certainly not in my case, it cost me £96,000!

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