7 Signs You Hired A Bad Lawyer (and What You Can Do About It) | Attorney at Law

7 Signs You Hired A Bad Lawyer (and What You Can Do About It) | Attorney at Law

A good relationship with your attorney is vital to having a successful outcome in your legal matter. A bad relationship with your lawyer can lead to feelings of mistrust and resentment and negatively affect your case. In this video, we discuss the seven signs your lawyer is not a good fit for you.

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  1. I’m working with an attorney now who is working on our employment case. They already reviewed half our documents and I gave them another maybe 6 documents. Most are one pages, but a contract that is 3 pages. Now they want an evaluation fee to review the additional docs. They are estimating 5-10 hours to do this. Sounds like a lot. What do you think?

  2. I’ve been dealing with this sorry insurance company Gary Martin hays for about three years and they won’t call me back they want they didn’t do what I said they made deals without me I pressured me into taking the other didn’t want what can I do about it who can I report them to

  3. 🤔 thank you for your insight and video. Question what about double dipping on reimbursements fees that they also claim on taxes ?

  4. Is 4 months and 3 weeks long enough for an attorney to get back to me on the progress of my case. Yes it has been almost 5 months since I have last heard from him and my qrc has been in contact with me more than him and he sent me some paperwork that needed to be signed and mailed priority that day so I had to go out waste my gas and money to have it priority shipped while I had no money because I had lost out on my lost wages and was trying to fight it.

  5. I just won permanent total disability and I go up too see my lawyer and he tells me he didn’t get all my back pay yet. And that he is charging me 15,000. I’m still stunned when I signed up 6 years ago they said when I won they got a third of everything I get I didn’t get but 1200$ in back pay do they charge me 15k? Pretty shitty any advice for me please

  6. Currently experiencing some of the things you named. My attorney sent me a settlement agreement and I read it and said I agreed. He still has not not sent me the copy to sign and he has had this agreement since January 18,2022. He takes weeks to respond to emails and barely returns calls. He has called me back about three times in total. I don’t understand why he is holding on to the agreement when all I have to do is sign and wait for my check to come.

  7. My son is going through a divorce so he hired an attorney who promptly took his $5,000 and then proceeded to tell him why he was going to lose. He told my son that he had no chance at split custody or full custody, and he told my son because he was self-employed that a judge would automatically assume that he made twice as much as he claimed on his income taxes. My son had videos of his wife exhibiting violent behavior toward him in his attorney said he did not want to see them. He took a few phone calls from his wife’s attorney and exchanged a few emails and came to court with him for about an hour one time then he claimed he needed more money. He was absolutely worthless and made me feel as if my son’s wife had two attorneys and my son had zero. And the thing is it shouldn’t be a complicated divorce because they really didn’t have that much in the way of marital property. I feel as if this attorney stole my son’s $5,000.

  8. My child support lawyer just hit me for a bill of $1.6k talking about after the case there was emails.. they are gonna have to take me to court I’m not paying for that the case is OVER and I already paid them $3.2k

  9. Seasoned family law attorney here. If you have a family law matter, interview at least two attorneys, especially if your case is contentious. You will be working very closely with your family law attorney, so you must have a great working relationship to give you the greatest chance for the best possible result. Great video! Keep up the great work!

  10. Ur all crooks an Theifs like a 10 min phone call they bill u an hour for or hand write u paid em 11k an then they try an steal 5k , ya hes being sued for theft an allowing the opposition to lie !
    Bro u sound shady asf to !

  11. Would it be egregious if your attorney refuses to set an appointment with you and you end up knowing not what’s going on with your case and you try to tell your attorney that you’re not happy with the communication and he turns hostile like Marc Halata

  12. To me a bad lawyer it the one who have no confident in the case. even who the information is more in their flavor. Confident is the key.

  13. My attorney has not met with me yet I’ve had to deal with paralegal the whole time he did not talk to me about the settlement he accepted it then had paralegal call me an the paralegal had me sign a blank piece of paper for Dr lien an the Dr charged me excessive high amount like 300* higher than regular Dr visit. I have not received copy of contract or demand letter I have no idea what’s in my contract I have not received any help from him I don’t understand why he took my case.i didn’t get but twenty five thousand my medical bills was $136000 after my attorney charges and medical I got nothing coming I had to do the property part on my own I couldn’t get a rental car for did weeks and it was for only a week and I had to rely fight for that so how can I even be able to get a car or back on my feet

  14. Very important any accepted yourself as a client and have you sign multiple forms the hired attorney gives you a copy of what you had signed. Plus if you have a case that has been filed to receive a copy of all documents, I had to ask for the latter that seemed a bit concerning

  15. My family is at a loss. We hired a lawyer over 5 years ago and we haven’t seen ANYTHING out of it. They have set on my dad’s case for YEARS and a few months back, the lawyer that we paid in the beginning got sick, and we are now informed that his wife will be taking over the case. (She just graduated) this is my dad’s last chance to get home and now we find out that there are a lot of his other clients coming with the same problems. As a family member I was told I could call anytime with questions and they would get back to me. I called and called and no one ever replied. I finally sent a message and it was replied with a "what do you want" and then they called the jail to tell my dad that we aren’t allowed to contact them anymore. We don’t know what to do. We have paid him almost $30k and have nothing to show for it. I am on my first journey to righting this wrong but I’m at a complete loss on where to even start. Do you have any advice?

  16. I am a widow mother of 4 about to go to jail over driving cuz my court failing me…CAN ANYONE TALK TO ME????? just some advice even?? Hired lawyers took all cash I had and won’t help

  17. Ive had 4 lawyers during the last 7 years of the custody bs i been threw , i have custody, 2 lawyers were paid off by my X an her deug dealer bf the other 2 i fired because im not paying 350$ an hour for u to not do ur job an let the opposing side lie while u hold a transcript in ur hand that would prove the lies , the other 1 stole 5k outa the 20k he was paid , what have i learned f*ck lawyers their corrupt asf !

  18. Hah! The whole system is rigged for the benefit of the Sharks and the main sharks (The Judge) and its underlings in the country club system known as the court system. You the gullible fish are their daily meal unless you are a multi-billionaire who can operate the system to your own advantage with "smoother" sharks". So if you even get a jury summons-treat it as yesterday’s toilet paper..IN MY OPINION!

  19. Man, I was very furtunate to find a lawyer who made me feel at ease and took charge while I recover. But I spoke to about 5 from the dozens I researched online extensively before I picked up the phone to make an appointment for a face to face. Good Luck to everyone

  20. Is it ethical for a lawyer to make an appointment without getting my opinion on it and can my lawyer file a indigent claim without informing me to pay for the specialist he had hired and made behind my back

  21. Help pls guys. My attorney since 2017 wont return my calls/ email for last 1 month and half and it happens pretty often. She charged us around 13k in 2017 and now it is pretty hard to reach our attorney.

  22. How about laqywe muting and leaving a deposition zoom laat half hour or so. Juat dissappeared. I thought I hired representation. Saw him conducting other business last hour etc. We verbally agreed he would be present

  23. i am having a hard time with my gifted equity for my fha loan being put towards the sales price of the home instead of the closing cost…. my 3.5 percent is inflated as hell now and i just don’t understand why this is set up like this. like i would rather have to pay off 220,000 versus 225,000.. it is all gonna have interest anyways and now they expect me to have more cash then i expected to need at closing. it is ridiculous. the escrow amount is pretty much the price of the gifted equity and i rather have it used for that so i can have more in my bank at the start of my mortgage ya know????

  24. My lawyer said a deposition is needed to see if we can dismiss the case but is refusing to do the deposition. My lawyer hates answering any in depth questions that provide clarity.

  25. Hi. I was wondering if you may be able to help. Can a lawyer be reported for bringing their profession into disrepute by their personal life? I was recently in a deeply narcissistic relationship with a lawyer who was terribly abusive, making threats on the grounds that she was a lawyer, and belittling others because of it. She even tried to coerce me into breaking the law for her, to which I declined. I have a WhatsApp audio recording of her throwing a fit of rage at me as she is attempting to bully me into submission. Is there anywhere that I may be able to report this please? I am in the UK. Many thanks.

  26. I am trying to figure out why my PI attorney has not given me an amount he thinks we should settle for. We are coming down to the end of things. Figured I would hear some numbers by now. Also have a work comp case open. Don’t know if he’s hiding it from me. Are lawyers know to settle without you knowing, then making up a number and take more than they are entitled to?

  27. I hire a lawyer for a custody case.
    1. I all ready had been granted temporary custody a year ago.
    2. Children both lived with me for 7 years basically they entire life.
    3. Hired lawyer during Thanksgiving and Chrismas………..
    4.I filed my own paper work and delivered the paper work myself.
    Lawyer spent 90% of $ before my first court date. Than asked for 1k more in order to continue
    I feel like I was taken advantage of

  28. What if a convicted felon commits a murder on accident but the person with him gets arrested for it and change up the story to make the convicted felon to look like a savage to save himself and he’s offer a life sentence. Is it the right thing so go with self defense or manslaughter

  29. He charged us 20,000 for a 32 day lawsuit. No depositions. Just a voluntary dismissal with prejudice. That we had no knowledge.

  30. I can’t get another attorney,he told me in the beginning that it was Aslam dunk case and that my grandchildren would be home before çhristmas ,that was last year,then he demands that I pay him or he’s going to drop my case (my case was time sinsitive),my time was already up and I didn’t have money to get another attorney he knew this because I was straight up about everything when I hired him,I also knew nothing about the law,so I didn’t know that what he was doing was against the law (demanding full payment, after we had agreed on a payment plan),then I found out that he had been talking to the other side, example)we had a court date and he told me that it was by video, which was a lie it was in the court room after waiting 3hrs he calls and tell me that he had it moved to another day 2more months waiting,but then I received paperwork explaining that the other sides lawyer had stopped representing their client,my lawyer knew and that’s why he told me it was by video instead of in the court room,this was in September when the other lawyer goes before the judge,but we had to wait 20days for her to get representation,she never has, so I call him he said he’s getting right on it ,I get a letter in the mail in October and the court date is 37more day’s yes 37more days,then he calls me on Thanksgiving day and ask me if I’ve seen my grandchildren that I raised,but then I hear his voicemail that says he hadn’t talked to me In a substantial amount of time and that he had heard that I was getting my grandchildren back,how was I supposed to be getting my grandchildren back if he hadn’t done his job,we hadn’t seen the judge,can you tell me what this sounds like, because I smell something that stinks,I think it has something to do with the fact that the person behind all this mess a narssacist in my opinion worked for my lawyers number 1client that he spoke of several times on my appointments at the office.he knows that this person has me blocked from my grandchildren and has once again blocked them from everything and everyone that they knew.,Are they allowed to still get another attorney after the judge gives them a amount of time and they fail to get another attorney,if he’s not buying them more time then he’s making sure that they yet again get the holidays with them,I don’t know anything about the law but I know my gut and it’s screaming, there’s other things I know he did,that just not right,but I was stuck as and he had been paid.

  31. Immigration send me the letter for more evidence for my marriage . I got a lawyer month ago .she said $2000 will be the fee I paid her in October. And immigration give the date 6 December. I’m calling her from 1 week everyday the lady ask for the phone number everyday and not call me back no response for anything. She have my paperwork. I said when you can give me the appointment she said the latest I can do is 13 December. And my paperwork have to be there before 6 December. She’s really giving me hard time for o responding. I don’t know what to do ? I really frustrated

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