96 Hours with The Iraqw Tribe in Tanzania (Overwhelming)

96 Hours with The Iraqw Tribe in Tanzania (Overwhelming)

I’m in a town called Karatu which is known as the gateway to northern Tanzania’s biggest parks including the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. Is it any wonder Karatu has earned itself the nickname ‘safari junction’?

But this colourful town is so much more than a place to rest before your safari. Within this sprawling town is a tribe rich in culture and tradtions: the Iraqw tribe. The Iraqw tribe make up 80% of Karatu’s residents.

In this video I aim to tell you more about Iraqw culture. For the duration of today’s story I am basing myself in Foresight Eco-Lodge, a gorgeous lodge with a fantastic charitable programme. The lodge is involved in helping to fund the local primary school as well as helping those most in need in the village.

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  1. Wow beautiful content!👌👍. Thoroughly enjoyed. Amazed at people’s hospitality and courtesy. I just love those children ❤️ and you 💕as well for exploring such a wonderful video.
    A quality content👌👍.
    Keep going Ella 💪 ✨️

  2. Amazing to learn about Iraqw tribe in Tanzania. I hadn’t heard of them before. Was so nice to see the school and village. Keep up the good work

  3. Looks like you’re having such an amazing time and Tanzania. Do the schoolchildren looks so cute I thought all Europeans knew how to drive a manual transmission. Hahaha

  4. Really interesting to see the village. It was very sad that the women’s husband ran away and she was left with the kids in a house which was falling down with no bed. Very eye opening

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