A Day in the Life | Marriage Counseling App 📱

A Day in the Life | Marriage Counseling App 📱

Hey everyone! Welcome to a day in the life of Jamilah and Marcel…..kind of. Thanks for watching and please make sure to subscribe and like our video if you enjoyed.

It is the day after President’s Day and it is time to go back to work. Jamilah has students so Marcel takes you to school on a professional development day. Marcel shows you all how he is planning to take on the new week and gives a brief break to show you all the marriage app he and Jamilah uses.

After a day at work Jamilah and Marcel end the night off at the movies. Remember – $5 Tuesdays at AMC. Thanks for watching and see you all next time!

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  1. You move to fast. squirrel, snake, spider. Great App, I wish it was available when I first got married. Hey Blu. The Target you went to Chicago Downtown location has one just like that one. They took over Carson’s store.

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