A Divorce Lawyer On Prenups, Ugly Money Arguments, & What People Don't Know About Divorce

A Divorce Lawyer On Prenups, Ugly Money Arguments, & What People Don't Know About Divorce

Should you get a pre-nup? A post-nup? Just wing it? The finances of divorce are convoluted, to say the least. This week we chat with divorce lawyer James Sexton about splitting up, staying together, and loving each other either way.

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  1. "Marriage is like a lottery, you’re not going to win" well said, stay single gents. It’s cheaper to rent call girls then paying legal fees

  2. Going through divorce is emotionally draining. I would want to work with a lawyer who shows some empathy and not think about money every second of our convo

  3. I would sign a prenup, no sweat. But my own preservation tactic was to not take anything when I go. Then I won’t have any ties to a situation that I left. And no fears of malignant revenge. If you get mauled by a bear, you’re going to want to put a lot of gone between you and the bear.

  4. My advice if you didn’t get a pre-nup is get a divorce before you start earning the big bucks. This is best executed if you already resent your spouse and you’re sure you’ll out-earn them.

  5. Let’s all be honest, marriage as a legal contract is antiquated. Let’s abolish the entire system. These lawyers can transition to civil court or criminal court to deal with the issues that arise from a break up.

  6. Thank goodness for the spouses elective share! My grandpa left the house my grandma lives in to one of my uncles and he tried to kick her out. My grandpa never thought his son was a total jerk.

  7. Of all the questions, the one question not asked, arguably most significant, is why I get married in the first place? i.e. why is legalizing your relationship necessary

  8. With all due respect, as someone whose parents divorced at the age of 7, it’s very obvious that Chelsea has no experience with divorce given the way she seems to catastrophize it! So many people in my family have gotten divorced that I’m basically immune to it, so it’s interesting to see the perspective of someone from a more traditional family. Love the show, just a friendly observation 🙂

  9. TurboTax, and the few companies like them, is the primary reason we are required to file our own taxes. Please do not advertise company that makes life harder for your audience. You and your team have a good channel here and I am certain a better advertiser will come along.

  10. If Capitalism was gotten rid off, 95% of marriages would probably live up to the ’till death do us part’

    No offense to those currently married…or divorced.

  11. I love that he said marriage is not hard work! A successful relationship might take your effort to look after the other person, but it is NEVER hard work. If you are with the right person and you are both showing up, a healthy relationship just flows.

  12. Just a minor suggestion for the host, if you’re looking for feedback. You may not want to touch your glasses so much during the conversation. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I felt distracted from your amazing content, like the feeling I get when someone is constantly sniffling and I just want to tell them to go blow their nose. Again, amazing content and good convo.

  13. A very profound statement he makes nonchalantly and offhand is "what makes a happy marriage is an absence of unhappiness".

    As a wife who has been on the cusp, I wonder if we focus too intently or just spend literally too much time focused on negative aspects of a marriage, instead of spending that time creating or observing positivity.

    The notes suggestion is awesome. Even if we’re stuck in some struggles, we can have fun being stuck with them together.

    We can enjoy the suck if we fight it together.

  14. stop being immature idiots and actually think about the meaning of marriage. If both people know the meaning of it, there is no reason for a divorce. Stop putting bandaids onto bleeding scars because the core of the problem is your mindset towards marriage and what it takes for a marriage to work.

  15. YAAAAS QUEEN!!!!! I love this guy! I’ve been saying this stuff for years, Marriage is not hard! We NEED to get together for my marriage book!

  16. Can we get like an annual update on divorce law from this guy? Or just have him be here once a year for more questions?

  17. Marriage is a horrible business contract which no intelligent business person should ever sign. Marriage decreases your number of rights both legal and civil. While at the same time increasing your number of liabilities, some of which may last a lifetime. Marriage allows the State to be the arbitor of your civil and financial disposition including your investments. Without question or recourse. Sounds like freedom to me. 💪🏻💗✌

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  19. Family court takes the house, children, money, retirement and transfers all of it to the women.
    What man would get married today knowing how easy he can lose everything in one day in court.

  20. Thank You for your positive out look on marriage and divorce. I wish everyone getting married or divorced would take time to watch this. I look forward to Pre-Nup Signing Parties being as frequent as gender reveal parties. Lawyers promoting positive conversation makes this Social Worker very happy!!!

  21. Haven’t able to get into this page but he on the other was very engaging, such sound advice. Does he have a social page?

  22. Very insightful, although I am not looking at a divorce. The lawyer and the host – both are intelligent and knowledgeable.

  23. People should think about all of this not only before getting divorced, but before getting married as well.

  24. You can get same service for $300 per hour. There are guidelines for income & child support, it won’t make much of a difference. Both attorney’s typically try to drag it out as long as possible to run up the bill and then come to a settlement when you catch on and won’t pay them anymore. The good attorney, is the one that enables quick resolution and not run up the bill.

  25. How do you convince your fiancée that a pre-nup is a good idea?
    Often if you ever ask, it’s seen as a lack of trust or love.

  26. I”ve heard that a pre-nup is useless if the one party claims that it was they weren’t sufficiently made aware what they were agreeing to, so a prenup won’t hold up in court.

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