"A Journey of Art and Heritage" – Adeptal Tales: New Year Woodblock Prints | Genshin Impact

"A Journey of Art and Heritage" – Adeptal Tales: New Year Woodblock Prints | Genshin Impact

The silhouettes that once vanquished evil spirits alongside Rex Lapis, as recorded in Liyue’s chronicles, are now reborn thanks to the carving knife, paper, and ink.

Download FREE: https://hoyo.link/d0vPBBAd

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  1. Seria Muito Bom Perga Personaguens Com 5 Estrelas Apenas Dando 1 Tiro no Jogo Pra Continua Sendo Penas Jogo Melhor que os Outros Jogos Pra Ser o Jogo Foda Mano

  2. Dear genshin i would like you to take my idea end maybe added into the game i think you should add Arabic voice acting please read this comment

  3. shout out to hoyoverse for teaching me in 7 minutes more about the actual practice of woodblock printmaking than my tenured college professor. Naidong laoshi deserves all this honor and more, his prints are beautiful

  4. That’s super cool! The only thing I can say I wish I saw was him sanding his cuts, I always have a difficult time with mine.

  5. My grandmother was Chinese. Videos like these help me to reconnect with the culture and art in a fun way. ☺️

  6. Que hermoso! tan detallado, y definido, cuanta precisión tiene que tener para poder formar los trazos en la madera, verdaderamente honorable el arte de este señor <3

  7. Well that was such a lovely breath of fresh air~ Even though I’d never be able to afford them, I do hope Hoyo puts some of his prints up for sale. They’re simply gorgeous

  8. Que hermosos vídeo, y hermosa la técnica de dibujo, así si dan ganas de meterle plata al juego jajaja

  9. Esse personagem de quatro braços, tem que chegar no jogo como um personagem jogável

  10. Genshin Impact is probably the only game where I feel that my money is beyond well spent. I am not a big spender, but I feel happy knowing my small contributions are being used to support traditional artists with centuries-old crafting styles.

  11. The level of detail on that print is amazing. I still remember this one art project of print making how difficult it was to get a good print of a mono-colour image. So to have to make 22 carvings that are all perfectly aligned with each other by hand and then perfectly line everything up with very exact amount of pigment on every pass to get the finished print is nothing short of astonishing. Man, I would actually love to buy one of those print of the yakshas if it goes on sale.

  12. It’s so pretty! The amount of patience this man has is incredible. The wood carving has so many intricate art and the painting is amazing! 😉

  13. genshin impact could be a surprisingly good way of teaching about global culture if they decide to establish a base of communications in each region that’s represented in the game. do the same thing they do for chinese stuff for japanese, european, swana/middle eastern, etc. culture

  14. Это прекрасно!
    И спасибо большое что показываете и рассказываете о другой культуре! И связываете игру с настоящим миром!

  15. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. i’ve made a print before but with a rubber block and it was so hard… can’t imagine the amount of skill needed for the tiny details

  17. What a great Art you have to make those drawings like this on wood..
    And all the beauty that stays, when you have to paint it..

  18. The history and culture behind his studio are amazing, and the artwork is breathtaking. It’s amazing HoYoVerse decided to let us take a look behind one of the oldest cultural businesses owned in China, truly impressive.

  19. That woodpiece will survive another hundreds of years, if preserved. I wonder what people from the future will think of it

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