Advice // How to Survive Your Parents Divorce

Advice // How to Survive Your Parents Divorce

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  1. My mom and dad is getting divorce☹️ and I am 13 year old with my younger brother who is 9 years old. And I have to live with my dad because for our good education because he earns. And I don’t want to live with my dad because he is very 👿bad but likely kind with us. And because my mom will be not with me I have to take care of my younger brother along with my studies📙 and other works.I really love❤️ my mom she really take care for us very nicely🤗 and I don’t really have taken so much responsibilities and I have to do so many works.I am worried. May be my life is started to taking my tests. Well I am happy also because my mom will free from my demon dad. But also not happy because I will separated with my mom. My mom have faced too much difficulties from last 4 years because of my dad he had accusated my mom that she is cheating him but it was not true and even my dad also knows that he was just accusated my mom because of her property and for many reasons along with her we are also facing.My all maternal family members also don’t support my mom because they supposed that if society will know then they will not be respected.

  2. I was 10 when my parents got a divorce. They were always fighting and they decided to end it. I also started middle school and I was bullied. That all turned into an ED which was the worst thing in the whole world. I hope everyone doesn’t have a hard time like me but I’m glad I had so many people helping me and I’m fine now

  3. today i found out that my mum kicked out my dad and i was heartbroken i hate her i haven’t left my room and i have been crying into my dads shirt all day, idk what to do i rlly needed this advice i miss him and don’t know when i can see him next




  5. when my mum and dad first told me there was 10000 questions in my head but we hugged for a few mins then I asked to go to my room thay seid yes and I was texting my frend for a while until she finally came online and we were talking for like an hour until lunch and my mum and dad acted like nothing happened and that all happened a few weeks ago and I wish that I had one of my other frends number cus she went through the same thing and I needed advice on it and while I was having lunch I realised that my mum and dad just felt like strangers to me but I feel a little better now thanks to my frends that kept on saying that thay,were there for me

  6. Thank you SOOOOO much for the tips. My parents have been working for a divorce for a year so thank you for the tips!

  7. Today my mum told me that she and dad might be breaking up
    Mum says she isnt happy and that she just dosnt want to take everything in
    Dad says that they are happy and that he can just thake things in insted of her. Mum is dads second wife. He was married befor and had 2 other kids. They divorced when my brothers were really young. Both my brothers took the divorce really hard. I think dad just thinks that this marrige is better then the last and that he really dosent want me to become fucked up. I gett it. I really do.
    I really am ok. Or am going to be ok.
    I can take it. I know i can.
    I dont feel as sad as i am ment to be. I feal kind of numb. I think that both if them are wrong with teir arguments. And i dont want to takr sides.
    I dont know what to feal.
    They both say that they dont want to get a divorce now. I know that even if they dont things are going to be diferent.
    The end of my monologue i guess

  8. I know exactly why my parents are divorcing… my mom has been very open about hating my dad and his family. She has a very valid point because that don’t treat her like a part of the family, they treat her like free help with whatever they need but don’t help her when she needs it. I mean this because I have 4 other siblings that are still in diapers. We are in the middle of the move and my dad already bought a house and my mom is literally counting down the days to closing so she can run away. My dad is so special to me! Buts so is my mom 😔 I want her to live healthy and be happy because she isn’t right now. She says that she is done with everything and doesn’t want to be here, I’m just scared for her when she does run away. She’s miserable and I don’t want that for her. But I will mis her so much 😭😭

  9. My parents got a divorce and I’m living with my dad I miss my mom and my other dog 🙁 I miss them so much 😭😭😭 but when I go see my mom in the weekend I miss my dad I don’t know what to do :c I just can’t sleep at night I just wanna sleep with my parents in a bed not separate:(

  10. im 11 and my parents are married 31 years and now my mom told me that we are going to live apart and maybe they are going divorce.

  11. well.. here I am 5 years later after this video, just happened this week and I cried for straight days, still crying it’s all my fault because i make them difficult.

  12. My parents have been yelling well my dad told my mom he has cheated on her 3 times and pointed at me and my siblings and my mom saying we ruined his life so ya I am upset

  13. my parents are divorced but they still havent moved out into separate houses yet. they are waiting for the papers to come out but i am truly terrified. my mom told me to not worry about it but honestly, a divorce can have so much impact on a child and causes a lot of thoughts, which could lead to sadness, or stress. im just saying all of this from my point of view :). im really worried about the consequences that this divorce may cause, and its sad that nobody is really happy w their marriages anymore, alot of people are getting divorced, way more than you think. its shocking. im starting to pick up on my parents bad energy, none of them even look walk talk or even breathe around eachother, they hate mentioning one another and it makes me feel a heavy emotion of anger and rage. although thats just how it is, i really cant do anything about it. i just hope everything ends well. just so yk, anyone else going through their parents divorce, i wish u the best of luck, keep strong 🙂

  14. I’m fifteen, just moved to a new city. We were always the “you have such a beautiful family” people. A marriage of 24 years and five kids… gone.

  15. I’m really sad because my mom thinks my dad is cheating and they have been together for a long time and I’m really sad seeing my dad cry 😭

  16. Huge thank you to everyone in the comments who is replying kind tips and advice to each other’s comments it’s hard for me to reply to everyone and it means a lot that my viewers are helping eachother! Hang in there everyone it will be okay ❤️

  17. I heard my parents talking while getting water. My mom said she didn’t want to stay withy my dad because he was keeping “secret” money from her. I knew that meant a divorce and I cried in my room for awhile, when I asked my mom she said she wasn’t actually going to do it. But I knew it was coming. I didn’t want them to split up because my mother wouldn’t have anywhere to go- this happened not too long ago, and I’m worried.

  18. My parents are getting divorced but I’m going to stay at my moms but I’m not that sad cause they were clearly never happy together

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  20. Thanks, i can’t sleep now that my parents got divorced. Thanks for everything
    Edit: i never seen my dad cry and that broke me into pieces

  21. My mom and dad are fighting constantly and are trying to get a divorce and i heard my mom say she doesn’t want us ( me and my little siblings ) and what makes it worse it that my siblings have special needs and my dad is recovering from surgery

  22. my parents have been fighting for a while now and I don’t know what to do, I’m so glad i already told my best and closest friend what’s happening
    i really hope they "reveal" to us already so i can get rid of this horrible family

  23. **STORY ALERT** so when I was younger I always tried to step in the middle
    of arguments and tell them to stop in hopes they would never get divorced,
    when they told me they were when I was 9 I froze for like 10 minutes straight.
    Now I am at my moms house dealing with this and just bummed out. So yeah.

  24. Thank you for this video I just found out and I am 14 years old and having a little brother its hard to cope with. Thank very much

  25. My parents got divorce early this year of 2021 it hard to be survive when I’m have trouble going to sleep, I’m feel like I’m am negative like I’m never going to be happy again.

  26. My mom and dad divorce because my dad was addicted to drinking and was threatening my mom but when they say they are getting divorce that make 2020 worse for me. I started to pray god to make that not happening but as soon I said that my dad looked at me and said my name saying that he will be in my heart every time and he was crying and that makes me cry so much k didn’t talk to my mom. But I think she made a right decision because he was abusive but changed since he learned what he done and now I’m very fine and I remember my dad speech to me and I will cry every time when I say it to myself.

  27. My parents are divorced and I live in 2 houses. It happened when I was 10 and I am 12 now. I go to my moms on Mondays and Tuesdays and my dads on Wednesday and Thursday and on weekends we go back and forth. I looked up this video tonight because I just had a mental breakdown. My parents are so different and I am way closer to my mom and she treats me more like a teen. My dad treats me like a baby and I can’t even watch my favorite show because it’s inappropriate but I am 12 and I know everything. I have my cat at my moms but at my dads I am all alone . The only thing that makes me happy at my dads is the internet and my phone and chromebook. Thank you for this video

  28. this helped so much. i found out an hour ago that my mom and dad are getting a divorce. And it was over the phone it wasn’t face to face. but yeah i needed this

  29. My parents have been married for 20 years now but they told me they are separating, thank you for the video it helped😊

  30. My parents haven’t told me about their divorce but they never really get along and on my mums computer I saw an email from the uk Gov (I’m british) an email about a divorce settlement and I dont know how to feel about it as I’m not very close to either of my parents for multiple reasons..

  31. My parents have been arguing for years now and my mum said she was kicking my dad out he hasn’t left and I know she is thinking of divorce cuz she always talks about it when they fight so thank you I’m still scared but this helps a lot

  32. My mom and dad are fighting and I’m taking my moms side even though I love my dad so much I’m so scared that they might get divorced I don’t want them to know how said I feel right now how should I deal this I have no idea I feel so alone I don’t know if I should tell my friends especially my bff because I’ve never hid anything from her but what if she stays distant from me and doesn’t want to hear my problems I’m confused I dont know what to do my tears are just pouring out while I’m typing this 🥺

  33. Thankyou this really helped my parents divorced half an hour really hurts,it sucks but I’ll hopefully feel better soon

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