Alimony in Georgia in Family Law Cases with our Top Divorce Lawyer – Know how Adultery plays a role!

Alimony in Georgia in Family Law Cases with our Top Divorce Lawyer – Know how Adultery plays a role!

The purpose of alimony is to provide economic fairness in your divorce, which is why an order is based on both need and ability to pay. A judge has wide discretion to consider several factors in whether alimony will be awarded.

Things to Consider:

Adultery can bar alimony in family law cases.

Child support and alimony are not the same.

It’s best to hire a Divorce lawyer when seeking alimony.


  1. I was denied alimony and half of my spouse settlement money won from workers comp. My spouse was the breadwinner and the judge treated my spouse like the victim and me like a criminal. A corrupt justice system Bailey vs Major Tommy Wheeler.

  2. What happens if the wife intentionally quits her job (90k year) in the middle of a divorce in hopes that her soon to be ex husband has to Pay her alimony?

  3. I have been married to my husband for thirty five years. I’m disabled and get 21k per year in SS he makes $75-100k a year. Am I able to get permanent alimony? He began an affair and texted me that he wanted a divorce

  4. I’ve been on disability because I’m bipolar and I never made over 7000 a year at my profession. I tried 22 times. I did stay a job for like 4 years, 3 years , 2 years and finally I had a break down from all the drama women the cut hair with me and lost my mind because my husband was mentally abusing me for years. He hated every single person I worked with and never even met them. It affected so bad I finally broke down and had to get 9n disability. He is 64 years old now im 53 and he has no retirement. I paid a lawyer on line and he said because i was on disability I would receive 30 % of his income for the rest of my life if we divorced. Is this true or not???? I have been miserably married and phycologicially abuse for 10 years. He’s had multiple women he was emotionally evolved with and I’m just finding out like 7 months ago. I’m humiliated ,hurt, disgusted and the he’ll He’s put me through the past year has affected me so badly and he has 0 no respect for me. He’s a pathological liar, boarderline narrsitic personality disorder and I’m sitting here now devasted because idk what on earth is going to happen next with him. He has put us in a tight financial situation and I’m lost don’t know how I’m going to support myself if I leave. Hell I can’t leave I can’t support myself!!!! Miserable me

  5. That’s true. I divorced in Georgia years ago, and my ex was drawing alimony, but she moved with her boyfriend and able to cut alimony to zero.

  6. I want contest divorce but my husband dont. He have two kids outside marriage. Why we still married. I want alimony .

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