American Justice: Cousins Raped and Pushed to their Death off a Bridge (S14, E10) | Full Episode

American Justice: Cousins Raped and Pushed to their Death off a Bridge (S14, E10) | Full Episode

Tom and his two cousins were out for a night of fun. By morning, the two girls had been raped and pushed to their deaths from a bridge. Tom blamed 4 mysterious attackers, but police had a different theory, in Season 14, Episode 10, “The Bridge Murders.”

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  1. I hate how someone commits a disgusting crime and the friends and family are like " they are good kids " like a kid broke into a ladies house she shot him and his family went on the news saying " that lady didn’t have to shoot him" " he ain’t got a job how else is he supposed to get money for clothes and stuff?" … Like for real????

  2. always scary to see old real footage of white men with guns leading around black kids with no parents and no lawyers, reminds me of the central park 5

  3. I used to walk that bridge at least once a week before I moved away from Saint Louis. I think about these poor kids every time I’m there. Absolutely horrible.

  4. There ya go, parents that lie and stick up for their son..well, you did that his whole life probably, so he feels he can get away with anything. Make him be accountable for once!

  5. Thankfully the perps left that flashlight on the bridge and the police found it – otherwise an innocent person would have been railroaded by police as the guilty one.

  6. You get pushed in the water and your hair don’t even look like its wet but neatly done and even walking with the cop hair still looks the same…you were pushed and didn’t drown…we are talking about a river at night and who made the call to the police and where is dna now… bull💩💯

  7. My Dad told me a long time ago, *NEVER* talk to the police without an attorney, *ESPECIALLY* when you’re innocent.

    Mind boggling how many people don’t know this.

  8. I don’t know how people can say these men are innocent when each of them confessed to being at the crime scene and with each other. It doesn’t matter who gave the orders or pushed the girls. They are all guilty.

  9. How coincidental that the two girls died in a fall but he didn’t and did they notice he had no scratches or fractures and then all of a sudden there’s four other guys walking on that same bridge at the same time. Unless the DNA matched up to someone else I would have considered him a prime suspect. Though if he was hurting one girl up on the bridge the other one would have attempted to stop him and or run to get help okay I just put a hole in my theory

  10. I’m having hard hard time deciding who is a bigger piece of 💩
    The 4 defendants or defence attorney Dorothy Hirzy

  11. Black on white crime is never reported. Surprised they posted this story. These crimes are black culture. If they had the numbers they would do this to all of us. Just remember that.

  12. Oh, poor, poor little innocent lambs. At least that is what they want you to believe; but, in a group of four, where one leads all three follow. That was a pure hate crime. There are NO innocent little lambs thee. Only cold hearted, cold blooded, savage, cowardly KILLERS!

  13. This is a case that just screams for execution–and not after decades of back-and-forth nonsense. AND, no "last meal", no family visits, no witnesses to the execution, no public notification of the execution. Do as in Japan: one fine day, you wake up, and it’s your turn. Buh-BYE.

  14. Ya asking how it’s possible that we think they’re innocent.. Have you never heard of the Central Park 5 !

  15. Defense attorneys like her are scumbags…don’t be fooled by how much 💩 they throw on walls to see what sticks. They don’t care about the truth

  16. We love to see justice served especially crimes against the youth. Still waiting for justice for Emmitt Till…smh

  17. Show the sweet parent’s faces of their darling children that murdered these girls. Wasn’t brown meat good enough for these savage animals? Sounds like it wasn’t. Anger is boiling inside me.

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