Andrew Yang Talks Policies and Free Marriage Counseling | The View

Andrew Yang Talks Policies and Free Marriage Counseling | The View

The presidential candidate shares his stances on universal healthcare, racial wealth gap, immigration and more.

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  1. Hmmm. I didn’t know alcohol solves problem. Wtf. On top of that when hammered pull out the "gun" and start shooting. Is this lady 4real. I’ll take the marriage counseling ty verymuch.

  2. $1000 a month will help the normal working class citizens of American. Of course those Heffas at the table don’t need the money because they don’t live paycheck to paycheck. They forgot there are people that aren’t well off.

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  4. I was in a beauty pageant to pay for college and the general knowledge question was; "If you had a the money in the world what would you do with it?"

    My answer; It is the scarcity of money that gives it value. If I had all the money then I’d most likely use it as insulation because it would have no value otherwise.

    This man doesn’t understand banking. He made some money but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about it.

  5. Remember.. you have to opt-in to the Freedom Dividend. So.. if ur as rich as Whoopie, Joy & Megan you could just choose not to get that extra 12K a year.

  6. “Why should rich white people get 1,000$ a month?”

    So rich people can’t be black or what? Sounds a bit racist to me .

  7. so Meghan (and the rest of republicans) are against divorce but are also against free marriage counseling? So they just want couples to be in an unhappy marriage FOREVER unless they can afford good counseling? Ridiculous.

    Plus MegHam sounds ridiculous when she mentions her freaky obsession with shooting guns. She is so unbearable.

  8. i hate all of the women on this show 😂 they’re just making fun of everything he says because they don’t understand it and aren’t even trying. especially the blonde girl in the white blazer :/

  9. The comment "No one at this table needs an extra $1000 a month" is a perfect example from the "Have all" and their ignorance for not thinking about the mass of the population of the "Have not". Just because the people at the table don’t need it, it doesn’t mean they speaks for the rest of America. If you don’t need it, donate! There are a large amount of citizens that are living paycheck to paycheck… And increasing "minimum wage" doesn’t do a darn thing when they see only a few bucks increased on their paycheck! Andrew Yang was very composed talking to them… I would have got irritated…

  10. Meghan cmon honey not everyone is a acholic and stupid those 1000 can be useful for rent food supplies college family or savings for an emergency #Yang2020 #securethebag

  11. Of course all anchors want is an answer that’s stipulation instead of factual. Just to talk controversy. Don’t be first! Take responsibility and deliver the news with facts and unbiased (Denzel Washington).

  12. So, did Mccain get this job because she has a vast knowledge and interesting perspective of the world and politics, or did she literally get this job by her name? From this interview alone, she looks to be in no shape to be involved in discussions like this. And if she’s the representative of the conservative perspective, I would say she just makes her people look bad. I hope she will drink some Jack Daniels and shoot some guns to get over this comment.

  13. Meghan McCain reminds those of us outside America that they breed & raise a special kinda stupid in that country. It must be in the feed down there cause there are a lot more like her.

  14. the producers on the view knew McCains far right views when they hired her…like everything else , including the main stream medias, it is all about revenue and ratings , and she is their cash cow… the poster girl for having everything handed to her since birth… just like trump was…he is medias cash cow… if trump loses… the medias might have to resort to telling the news ….god forbid…..

  15. “My version of marriage counseling is drinking jack daniels, shooting some guns, and hanging out”

    I don’t need to go to counseling, I just drink away my feelings and shoot my guns when I’m angry, I’m so healthy and cool 😎

  16. Freedom Dividend and the marriage counseling would be optional.
    No one is shoving stuff in your face, no one is forcing it on you.
    It would be freely available to you and it is your choice whether to take it or not.
    That’s the beauty of it. it’s your decision.
    and if youre like meghan who doesn’t need an extra $1000 and just
    needs liquor and a gun to vent her problems that’s cool too

  17. "My version of marriage counseling is drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns, and hanging out."

    Y i k e s.

  18. Sharp mind and laser focused to become the next US president. Hope Americans vote for Andrew Yang to unite the country and bring sanity back to the world.

  19. Yes, we need to destigmatize mental health issues. I am very impressed with his perspective. Many people are struggling in life and need help. They should not feel ashamed of facing their problems and seeking help.

  20. If his debate skills were as good as his ideas he would be polling at the very top he could bring us into the 25th century ahead of schedule

  21. At this point, every media outlet feels the need to bring up the fact that he once answered to someone’s question about circumcision over Twitter. It’s not a part of his platform – stop asking him about it. It’s such a cheap ploy for a sound bite…he addressed the question multiple times and frankly it was never a question your viewers were hoping you’d cover.

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