Annulment: Catholic Divorce?

Annulment: Catholic Divorce?

Annulment: Catholic Divorce?

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  1. I can’t even make it through the first 15 minutes. Generally love your work Tim but this is extremely insensitive and judgemental. When I went to “pre-Cana” I knew another couple there that was then *currently* using contraception. Yes. They weren’t yet married. They continued to use contraception throughout their “marriage” (not a marriage). The Church will remedy this by preparing souls for the vocation of marriage. I hope you’ll reconsider and make some kind of response. God Bless.

  2. Not surprised to hear that Catherine of Aragon was such a woman! She was the daughter of La Catholica, Queen Isabel I of Castille and King Ferdinand II of Aragon.

  3. My sister-in-law had been married for years in the Church, with two children. There was no cheating and no abuse. When she and my brother wanted to marry, their friend a monsignor granted her an annulment. That is a divorce by any other name.

  4. Get married young?? some of us can’t even find a chaste practicing Catholic lady who will date us and before you know it you’re in your 40s still yearning for Holy Matrimony. sigh. great episode though.

  5. + Origen of Alexandria, Commentary on Matthew, Bk. 14, Ch. 24 (240 C.E., ANF Vol. 9 p. 511) +
    But as a woman is an adulteress, even though she seem to be married to a man, while the former husband is still living, so also the man who seems to marry her who has been put away, does not so much marry her as commit adultery with her according to the declaration of our Saviour.

  6. Agree with you about Catholic divorce/ annulment! A friend fought her husband’ annulment decree from one Diocese to the Arch diocese. She and he had had 12 children. The husband met a mexican woman and left his family. Then he applies for an annulment!!!! Why would he care about receiving Holy Communion anyway? She could not understand it. My protestant parents taught that marriage is for better, for worse until death parts. I was shocked when I became Catholic to discover this laxity. Agree with you about quitting the NO!!! Let’s go for TLM! By the way, My ‘Fundamenatlist parents taught that marriage is til death does part and my mother essentially taught that the husband is the head and the wife needs to obey.

  7. Less than a year ago I unfortunately have a Reverend placed in our church that was married for many years, has children and grandchildren. He got an annulment from his wife who wasn’t Catholic and became a priest. I felt uncomfortable going to church there and am now going to a different Catholic Church. How can this be allowed that in the Bible it states that whoever is joined in marriage let no men put asunder?

  8. As Catholics striving to practice our faith, we are very vulnerable to being overwhelmed by the conflict and confusion that surrounds us. I offer this insight to help Catholics understand what is going on.

    The key to understanding our present situation is found in Matthew 4:1-11. It is important to understand that the confrontation described in these few verses was between Jesus, missioned by His Father, the Living God, to re-establish God’s dominion over the world and satan, intent on maintaining his grip on the world he falsely claimed as his own. It was full-time war and the price was death or life. This is how this battle is playing out before our eyes.

    As a function of the mission given to Him by His Father, the Living God, Jesus came "that the human race might have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) He explained his way of sharing His life by using the image of the vine, "I am the vine and you are the branches." (John 15: 1-6) Satan is now responding to that invitation by a frontal attack on the image of God. This is the image he is attacking. "God created man in his image; in the divine image He created him; male and female He created them." (Genesis 1:27) Satan’s attack is taking the form of pornography, a desecration of God’s image, homosexuality and abortion. Abortion and the campaign to cancel human sexuality are fruit of the same tree. Abortion is the rejection of the gift of god given life. That is why procreation and fertility are being presented as a disease and a curse. "By the envy of the devil, death entered the world and they who are in his possession experience it." (Wisdom 2:24) Jesus says of satan, "He was a murderer from the beginning . . . " (John 8:44) Embracing contraception and all it implies opened the door to this whole program.

    Christian marriage is based on the god given gift of human sexuality. Satan’s response is to cancel marriage and consequently the family. That is why the glories of homosexual marriage are presently being vigorously promoted.

    We are indeed in full spiritual warfare. The stakes are life and death. There can be no bystanders in the ensuing conflict. Either people will choose life united to Jesus or will reject Jesus in favor of casting their lot with the kingdom of satan which rejects the gift of human sexuality and the responsibilities that gift demands.

    Sister Lucia of Fatima fame captured the conflict in a nutshell when she proclaimed that the destiny of the humanity will be fought over the future of marriage and the family.

  9. This is absolutely the best explanation of what has been going on in American tribunals that has been on YouTube. If an older man wants to dump his wife of several decades, he only has to force no-fault divorce upon her, then petition the local tribunal for nullity.

    There isn’t a tribunal in the U.S. who will command him to backtrack, and return to her as the Saints in the past commanded Catholics to do.

    No, there will be "reasons" found in the answers to the Petitioner’s questionnaire found on diocesan web sites that show lack of due discretion and/or psychological incapacities.

    He’ll be free if he’s a little bit patient to pursue his sexual fantasy. And that’s what it’s about. All tribunals cooperate because all of them accept the VII definition of marriage as a partnership of the whole of life.

  10. What a lovely couple you are. a nuclear unity and a community broadcast the truth so courageously inspiring many to truly dig deep of what Catholic Dogma teaches about divorce, what it really means, how God’s sees marriage , a full truth. I like your show. you two together have dynamic power that will convert many. your honest and sincere way of sharing truth really is convincing and life changing. Your show is great and quite entertaining and your wife’s laugh exhibits much joy and happiness. Good job. God bless your family

  11. Tim, you speak the truth about the marriage/remarriage and annulment issue. However, your remarks reduces celibacy to mediocrity (Murder She Wrote)
    There are other ways to bring glory to God, besides being married and having a family.
    Our Lord was celibate. Our Lady was celibate. St. Joseph was celibate. And most of the saints were celibate.

  12. My husband told me there are also four legitimate reasons for living apart. One of them is that threat of abuse. Does anyone know what the other three are?

  13. Annulment simply means the marriage never happened. Divorce means a marriage happened and they are no longer legally married. Divorce is not annulment. Henry VIII tried to get an annulment and it was denied. That was before Vatican 2.

  14. I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to see this and you may have answered it and I just not realized it but what do you do if you have had an annulment and you’re worried that it’s not the exception. What if you just want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing and we’ll do whatever it takes. What’s someone’s next move? I hope that question makes some sense.

  15. Tim, I hope you will interview Ralph Martin on these issues from Vatican II. I would dearly love to hear that discussion to help come to the truth.

  16. I’d like to add if you’re in the failed 2nd marriage after annulment..Whyyy…Cos now you’re too holy ! Stay on the front line fight for Holy Matrimony for our kids …
    Chastity is a great virtue to be tossed into midlife…not a crisis to bypass Purgatory.

  17. I am in the middle of an annulment. Please be careful about your judgment. My impression and experience is the exact opposite. The high number of annulments is because of the atrocious formation and preparation of Catholics for marriage. They aren’t sacramental marriages entered into by Catholics using contraception or who believe that divorce is an option. Divorce and contraception are just as high among Catholics as the general population. What does that tell you? The Church is forced to declare so many unions null because it failed to ensure holy, sacramental unions to begin with. There are actually far more null unions than are being declared.

  18. Excellent presentation. No one said getting to heaven is easy. Eternity is a long time and doesn’t just seem like an eternity. Praying to die in a state of grace.

  19. I read a declaration of nullity from the Diocese of Orlando. 1 page.
    It said they were happy to announce that they found the case to be legit and thus null. (The discovery that a presumed marriage was a farce all along is NOT happy news, assholes.)
    It said something about understanding that this has been a long and difficult process, blah, blah.. (If you’re just going to approve the case 98% of the time anyways, WHY make people go through that painstaking, long, and expensive process?? Just give ‘em the totally-not-divorce, assholes.)
    Then in the next breath it said excitedly that they’d be happy to assist with any new marriage prep and availing the diocesan parishes as available for the ceremony. (Man. If that didn’t just want me to reach through that email and strangle that chancellery pen pusher. Worse than a vet who just put your dog down saying “I’d love to help take care of your next puppy!” Absolutely inappropriate to offer their “services” in the context of such a letter. But moreso: how the F*CK can they presume to offer to marry people who thanks to them found out their marriage from 35 years ago was never actually real??!! How could they ever offer any guarantee or even reassurance that any ceremony they gladly take the tithe for is even legit? Dungeon masters of larping. Such a duplicitous and dishonest and hypocritical letter.

  20. This is not news to anyone who has any knowledge of recent history and the scourge of Modernism. You are late to the game, Gordon. Annulments increased EXPONETIALLY with Vatican II; the rot did not start with Francis, it started with John XXIII. It’s a shame that you and your former friend Marshall, mocked the late Frs. Nicholas Gruner and Malachi Martin for decrying Vatican II decades ago. It’s difficult to keep track of your varying positions, at one point you claimed that the laity MUST accept Vatican II. Pick one.

  21. Why would you choose to live in a place so far from the TLM?
    I live in a very blue state and I have easy access to the TLM. The TLM is more important than politics.

  22. While I am accepting of the church’s teaching on transubstantiation, it’s something I’ve never really understood. I understand that the blessed sacrament is truly our lord, but he did say he is “the bread of life”. My natural inclination is toward consubstantiation, I guess. Therefore I am not offended by that songs lyrics (though the style is not the best).

  23. great video!! loving your content! excited to read Ask your Husband. Could you make another video explaining when a separation is typically allowed & when an annulment is typically allowed? As a new convert its all quite confusing

  24. Yes, at the end of the day it is all about sex. And so it was for Martin Luther, too. And today, unmarried priests and a perpeptual virgin are just too much for most protestants.

  25. Not every state has legal separation though. And where there is no legal separation, the cads will just abandon their wives and children financially. They will also remain vulnerable if he was an abuser (most don’t change or rehabilitate). Divorce is the only option in that case.

  26. All very well for those who marry someone who honours their vows. In all my marriage I stayed and hoped and prayed and sustained emotional physical , psychological abuse for years and years. My children begging me to leave their father who used to lock them out of the house during the day and night and then me if I challenged his abuse. That’s just the softer side of his abuse. I got told by my catholic priest in confession I just had to put up with it. Well that led us all to a worse hell life but after my near break down and my two brother’s intervention we escaped. They sheltered us. For years I ached with guilt but then of course the church left me. After all I was worthless to my church. I should have stayed and been abused with my children. For decades I wanted to return but knew I was nothing in the eyes of the church. But my older sister a devout Catholic never stopped praying that I would return .
    This took years. Yes. I married again this time to a man that loves respects and honours me. We have been married for 23 years. Not in the church of course!
    I never went to confession nor mass for decades . When I finally returned I went to reconciliation. When I knelt before the priest and told him my story I couldn’t stop crying.
    He spoke to me like I was actually listening to Jesus. I was healed.
    It takes two people to make a happy marriage. Why should the victim remain a victim with Catholicism? I hear Taylor Marshall also with his judgements on this but I won’t be deterred from my church again. I’m healed. I’m forgiven and without some annulment which are apparently fake anyway.

  27. Great show. I’m sure hard to listen to for many. I was laughing so hard when Stephanie mentioned getting a veggie chopper 🤣

  28. Bless you and your wife. Keep up the good work. Pray the truth be known and our church be rescued from the errors. St. Michael hear your our prayers.

  29. Thank you for speaking to your personal life people, the truth! I can relate completely so many have shunned me and stopped talking to me. But we have to love the faith and that includes speaking the truth!

  30. My husband had been in a civil marriage for 5 years before his first divorce. We married in a civil union circa 1999. I went to mass regularly, and had our children baptized, though obviously not going to communion because I was keenly aware of living in sin. In May 2010 we received a Sanatio in Radice. Today we have 5 children and are separated, he had gotten into illicit drugs and threatened one of our children last year. He subsequently was in and out of jail and homeless. Now he is clean but there is a 5 year order against him. Please pray for us for God’s will to prevail. Youngest are 7 and 5 and really miss their dad!

  31. I have NEVER heard that there are 15 aspects to validly contracting a Sacramental Marriage in the Church. If there are, I’d love for those to be posted everywhere. That would be vital information to know. Why isn’t such direly important information widely disseminated? Why is it only mentioned in passing from the annulment factory floor decades after the fact?
    But we do need a more clear and concise definition and enumerated list of what it does take to validly contract marriage. Whether that’s 15 or 3 or whatever conditions, it needs to be made well known.

  32. I’ve always wanted to get an Annulment, but my understanding is that under Catholic doctrine you have to be married first. Is that still the case under Francis?

  33. Dear Tim and Steph, As a person who has studied and experienced this subject, I have two requests / recommendations. 1) Considered never saying "an annulment." Instead, say "declaration of nullity." (Make this change always.) 2) Look up resources on the movement to *stand for your marriage*. I can help with this if you contact me.

  34. why do people always talk about the man being the one who is allegedly abusive? why don’t you say "the man or the woman"?!?! there are women who are physically, verbally and/ or emotionally abusive to the husband and/or the kids/stepkids. please don’t say because of statistics —it happens more often — another example of feminism

  35. Dear Timothy, please give your friend this name.. “kyani – is a Natural food supplement”.. it may save his son’s life. 🙏🙏🙏

  36. + Tertullian of Carthage, Against Marcion, Bk. 4, Ch. 34 (C.E. 207; ANF Vol. 3 p. 405) +
    His words are: “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband, also committeth adultery,”¹—“put away,” that is, for the reason wherefore a woman ought not to be dismissed, that another wife may be obtained. For he who marries a woman who is unlawfully put away is as much of an adulterer as the man who marries one who is un-divorced. Permanent is the marriage which is not rightly dissolved;² to marry, therefore, whilst matrimony is undissolved, is to commit adultery. Since, therefore, His prohibition of divorce was a conditional one, He did not prohibit absolutely; and what He did not absolutely forbid, that He permitted on some occasions, when there is an absence of the cause why He gave His prohibition. In very deed His teaching is not contrary to Moses, whose precept He partially defends, I will not say confirms. If, however, you deny that divorce is in any way permitted by Christ, how is it that you on your side destroy marriage, not uniting man and woman, nor admitting to the sacrament of baptism and of the eucharist those who have been united in marriage anywhere else,³ unless they should agree together to repudiate the fruit of their marriage, and so the very Creator Himself?⁴ Well, then, what is a husband to do in your sect, if his wife commit adultery? Shall he keep her? But your own apostle, you know, does not permit “the members of Christ to be joined to a harlot.”⁵ Divorce, therefore, when justly deserved, has even in Christ a defender. So that Moses for the future must be considered as being confirmed by Him, since he prohibits divorce in the same sense as Christ does, if any unchastity should occur in the wife. For in the Gospel of Matthew he says, “Whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery.”⁶ He also is deemed equally guilty of adultery, who marries a woman put away by her husband. The Creator, however, except on account of adultery, does not put asunder what He Himself joined together,⁷ the same Moses in another passage enacting that he who had married after violence to a damsel, should thenceforth not have it in his power to put away his wife.⁸ Now, if a compulsory marriage contracted after violence shall be permanent, how much rather shall a voluntary one, the result of agreement! This has the sanction of the prophet: “Thou shalt not forsake the wife of thy youth.”⁹ Thus you have Christ following spontaneously the tracks of the Creator everywhere, both in permitting divorce and in forbidding it. You find Him also protecting marriage, in whatever direction you try to escape. He prohibits divorce when He will have the marriage inviolable; He permits divorce when the marriage is spotted with unfaithfulness.

    1. Luke 16:18
    2. I.e. dissolved by death (Romans 7:2-3) or in a case of fornication (Matthew 19:9)
    3. I.e. unless married within the Marcionite sect.
    4. I.e. abstain from sexual intercourse and thus procreation of children.
    5. 1 Corinthians 6:15
    6. Matthew 5:32
    7. Cf. Matthew 19:6 & Mark 10:9
    8. Deuteronomy 22:28-29
    9. Malachi 2:15

    + Tertullian of Carthage, On Monogamy , Ch. 9 (C.E. 214; ANF Vol. 4 p. 66) +
    A divorced woman cannot even marry legitimately; and if she commit any such act without the name of marriage, does it not fall under the category of adultery, in that adultery is crime in the way of marriage? Such is God’s verdict, within straiter limits than men’s, that universally, whether through marriage or promiscuously, the admission of a second man (to intercourse) is pronounced adultery by Him. For let us see what marriage is in the eye of God; and thus we shall learn what adultery equally is. Marriage is (this): when God joins “two into one flesh;” or else, finding (them already) joined in the same flesh, has given His seal to the conjunction. Adultery is (this): when, the two having been—in whatsoever way—disjoined, other—nay, rather alien—flesh is mingled (with either): flesh concerning which it cannot be affirmed, “This is flesh out of my flesh, and this bone out of my bones.”¹ For this, once for all done and pronounced, as from the beginning,² so now too, cannot apply to “other” flesh.

    1. Genesis 2:23 (inverted).
    2. Cf. Matthew 19:5-6 & Mark 10:8

  37. Ok whilst this seems all out of control a product of the evil times..I think also wise to consider the Victor’s who’ve clung to Christ & the Holy Faith whilst marriages were defeated by Satan !
    To the levy of " Let them Go ! "
    However keep the fight praying The Apostles Creed.
    Surely we are mostly the living witnesses strike by the Rat Face !
    Amidst the " Do not put asunder. "
    After the Spirirt of Charity has been extended by the Church.
    Continue to pray for in the past 40 years…keep going strong
    Faith & Hope.

  38. I am a Tribunal Advocate for a parish in the Seattle Archdiocese. I have encountered some people who expect an easy Annulment.. I explain the process and give them the paperwork. Tell them it could take up to 15 months or more . Majority of people who take the questionnaire do not return because they don’t want to deal with the issues or they realize they don’t have a valid case. It is not easy here. But the low refusal rate is questionable.

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