Anwar(2007){HD} – Siddharth Koirala | Nauheed Cyrusi – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Anwar(2007) – Siddharth Koirala | Nauheed Cyrusi – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Movie Starts at 00:56

An artist Anwar is mistaken for a terrorist and what follows is a mirror image of the present Indian condition. The main characters a rabble rousing minister two journalists trying to redeem their careers and in the process their lives a priest who wants to preserve the status quo and a senior police officer who wants desperately to leave this place but cannot unless he closes this case each try to engineer the situation to their benefit playing out their hopes and desires on Anwar. Through them and the stories involving them Anwar finds a pulsating love a love plastered against the throbbing canvas that is India.


  1. Truly a masterpiece Showing reality of politicians We all know the truth but don’t have enough courage to speak up

  2. What a stupid movie, about a man who just cannot allow a woman to prosper thus causing her demise for his own selfish desires. He does not love her. He loves himself

  3. This movie is a hit and miss for me!!! Boht kuch bayaan karna chahati thi, sab baatein adhuri se hai, kuch bhi saaf nahi!!!

  4. Still I can’t understand why anwar shows as krishna and mehru as meera in that song I can’t solve this puzzle. Please help me.

    I think the assense of movie in that scene.

    all over its movie is good in reperesnt what the love is. But this movie not represented reality bcz as we know every terrorist is come from which religion and this movie show very opposite side of it. The muslim character of this movie we can imagine only we can’t even expected in reality. if every muslim is like anwer so why india devide and terrorism exist in world? why not love we take from peacefull community? So that all are big questions.

    so that part is not acceptable as reality.

  5. The American Soft Power has literally destroyed the love story of Anwar and Mehru. America ne to bechara seedha saadha Anwar ko bhi bina bomb giraaye maar diya. 😢

  6. Among spread hatred between hindu and muslim by political leaders ruin harmony in our beautiful nation…. Those everyone who truly love his own mehru…is ANWAR… I m also a anwar A hindu…. I proudly say krishan is ANWAR and anwar is ashish for her radha…

  7. This movie is totally today’s Reality of India, how ministers manipulate one religion against another, narrow minded thinking and what not !!

  8. I still dont understand one thing. Why did Anwar disclose his friend Udit’s location to the girl’s relative? Did he do it in jealousy?

  9. Many people praising this movie but the truth is you can make this movie because you can question your Sanatan dharma but if you question other religion you will get beheaded. And because Bharat is Sanatan dharma majority you can make this type of film.
    By the way I loved the movie and ofcourse Maula Mere song .

  10. Mohabbat jaha hai waha zindagi hai

    Mohabbat Na Ho to kaha zindagi hai

    Tose Naina Lage Mili zindagi.❤️❤️❤️

  11. Anwar was little selfish
    Love never thinks evil.
    Pyaar kabhi bura nahi soch ta per Anwar ne bahut gelet kiya .

  12. How and what to understand or define in words. Difficult to define and make a understanding of the story. Was it law of karma ?

  13. Here is my quick review…

    The movie could have been shorter. The item song along with Rajpal Yadav and that director’s love angle was pointless but apart from that it was a brilliant. The story was deep and had a lot of layers. The two soundtracks were awesome.

  14. One day a beautiful song named "Maula mera maula" came by auto suggestion in youtube. Then after hearing that song I landed here to watch the cinema finally…

  15. Me too bro. Mehru was very materialistic but practical. I wrote her words in the first page of my Bio book when she said that ‘ They are loosers and impractical ‘ for not doing anything in their life from career point of view. So, I started studying fiercely and aggressively to crack neet so that I may also not have to loose any potential beloved in the future just because of my career. Anwar should have atleast started doing business instead of doing boring stuffs and should have purchased a nice bike and gifted mehru apple phone and atleast he should be making her believe thay someday they will certainly settle in the USA.
    Moral of the movie : Always value the perception, priorities and dreams of your beloved, I mean there should be maximum matching between you and her, and focus on career ( professional education ) and keep improving yourselves.

  16. Starting k 35 min aj ki hakikat bayan krte hai… Kese kisi ek musalman k marne pr kuch logo ko khushi milti hai sukoon milta hai ek musalman ke marne pr wo log jashn mnate hai apni preshani ko bhul jate hai… Sach me ye movie 2007 ki nhi 2022 ki haqikat hai…

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