Are Annulments just Catholic divorce? (Catholic annulment questions)

Are Annulments just Catholic divorce? (Catholic annulment questions)

Are Annulments just Catholic divorce? Catholic annulment questions
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  1. If you are a baptized spouse in a divorce, what authority should determine who is custodial parent – ecclesiastical or civil judge?

  2. One comment right at the beginning could lead to misunderstandings. A Catholic who has been married outside the Catholic Church, without the proper dispensation from their bishop, is not validly married.

    Disclaimer: I’ve not watched the entire video yet, so hopefully, this is clarified later on.

    Edit: this is addressed beginning at 18 min. Thank you!

  3. With 70%+ of granted annulments across multiple countries (US, UK even Poland) it is a Catholic divorce in disguise period close the book. If there were around 50% annulments granted many people in rocky marriages would try just because there’d be a 50/50 chance let alone when you have 70%+ chance! Plus, nowadays catholic priests and even curia employees will often times offer to a spouse a sympathetic advice by saying something like: "perhaps your marriage can be declared null", he/she is going to meet two three priests like that and the marriage is gone. That’s exactly what happened with my wife. She met a few priests like that (none of them to my knowledge had anything to do with canon law) and before she left, I heard from her that she would be in our marriage fighting for it if it were not so easy to get an annulment from the Church’s tribunal. Now she lives with her new partner giving scandal to our daughter and multiple Catholics around her.

  4. My Husband not Baptized with any denomination when we were Married in the Catholic Church and I am Catholic, so I am Married Legally but not Sacra mentally, is that correct.

  5. Excellent! As one who has been through this and has tried to help others through it, I will be copying this link for others in the future!

    With this source of information, I believe we can bring many “estranged” Catholics back to the Church!

    Had I known about the fact that a Catholic must be married in the church (see another comment I made here), I might have been back to the church much earlier than I was. My former spouse died, but I still didn’t have my “new” marriage convalidated in the Church because my husband (we thought) would need to go through the whole annulment process for his previous marriage. However, all he needed was a “Declaration of Freedom” because his ex wife was Catholic, but they were married by a Baptist church without a dispensation. It took 6 weeks and was $50. Ten years of lost sacraments! I thank God he was willing to do what was necessary for me to return to the sacraments (I never considered myself anything but Catholic). In the process, he ended up realizing the Catholic Church had the answers he was missing all of his life!

    Win-win! God bless you for doing this much-needed video!

  6. I’m in RCIA but I am seriously considering stopping because of this topic. Christ does not want us to put up with abuse or allow our children to witness domestic abuse wether that’s emotional/physical etc. if the spouse is abusive they are not upholding their vows and therefore you don’t have a marriage anymore! to guilt people into staying in a soul destroying marriage is atrocious for the whole family! I love the catholic faith but I just cannot accept this concept

  7. Would you please speak on civil marriages for those of us who left the church in their teens and divorced. And for those who have been divorced for many years and now have come back to Holy Mother Church.

  8. I’m definitely learning from this video. I’m new to a lot of the Catholic Church teachings. People these days need to take marriage seriously. The truth can hurt but it’s still truth. God didn’t promise that this life would be easy and fun.

  9. I had a friend who went through an extreme abuse case I’m assuming that the person she was with at the time did not consent and that’s why the annulment did not go through but now that I am back in the church and I am learning these things I’m hoping you guys can pray for and for all families that are In despair I also believe that because there might of been some problems with decisions many people have left the church I honestly am learning that our formations are not really very good and that could be part of the problem if you don’t know about the people in history before you that have prayed during suffering especially in families and marriageYou are going to fall again please pray for all the families that are suffering and I have left the church because of it thank you

  10. Our Church is unpopular and misunderstood because we cannot have divorce. Here in the Philippines the only country without divorce, everybody’s laughing. Annulment here is expensive. Thank you for this very enlightening discussion.

  11. When the tribunals insist that Petitioners get civilly divorced before they will consider a case, we know that they are operating from an evil premise.

    It should be the other way around. Investigate the marriage first. If it is valid, a civil divorce surely makes it more difficult for reconciliation to happen.

    And, why, in God’s name isn’t cause for invalidity discovered during marriage prep? I know the answer. Do your listeners?

    If it’s found not to be valid, which most if not all tribunals will decide in 90-99% of cases, and if there are children, the parties should be encouraged to validate.


    Because stepparents are bad for children. There is a murder case going on right now where I Iive in which the stepmother is accused of killing her stepson. Terrible.

    Even when children are not murdered, it’s diabolical for the church to force them to live witb Dad’s new woman and Mom’s new man. It’s sickening.

    As Felix starts out, it’s all about sex. It’s certainly not about the procreation and education of children.

  12. As someone who was raised Protestant I never quite understood the whole divorce/annulment according to catholic doctrine or the issue of remarriage. Like when the current King of Spain Felipe IV married his wife back in 2004 eyebrows were raised because she was married once before (not in the catholic church) but when she married the 2nd time it was in the Catholic Church. Also there was Caroline of Monaco who tried for years after her 2nd husband died to get her first marriage annulled so her children could be declared legitimate in order to inherit the throne.

    और मैं तेरे और इस स्त्री के बीच में, और तेरे वंश और इसके वंश के बीच में बैर उत्पन्न करुंगा, वह तेरे सिर को कुचल डालेगा, और तू उसकी एड़ी को डसेगा। Genesis 3′ 15 : 3 : 15
    She Crush the head Of serpent
    Genesis 3′ 15

  14. Love this video and it explains a lot, but even God divorced Israel. So perhaps this is a much harder thing to understand and appreciate.

  15. Dear Bryan, MUCHAS GRACIAS! I am very thankful for the opportunity to share with you and put out there some basic and traditional teachings of the Church about marriage and its nullity. I feel embarrassed for my thick Spanish accent, but I am confident that your viewers and listeners will be kind and forgiving! Thanks to you, Bryan, for your ministry and for having chosen the narrow path of trusting God and put your life in his hands and at his service. The narrow path is the path that leads to salvation. Un fuerte abrazo, my friend.

  16. This is a much needed conversation! So many Catholics have left because of misunderstandings on this issue! We need to invite divorced and/or divorced and remarried Catholics to come back to the church and get “right” with God and the Church. Many think that just because they are divorced, they are excommunicated from the church – not true, of course – but this a common notion because it’s not made clear or talked about.

  17. Divorce is what kept me from the Catholic Church for most of my life or I should say my dad’s explanation of mom’s divorce. He told me he was excommunicated because Mom had a divorce. This was right after I was baptized Catholic at 3, I may have been 6 or 7, I’m almost 66 now. In my child mind, I didn’t see this as very loving. We became Presbyterian until we converted in 2019. After high school, I met a girl at the bowling alley where I bowled. I knew she was the ONE. I went over to her and was going to talk to her but saw her wedding ring. I could not believe it! I saw her walk in with a guy but I thought he was her brother. They split up when they walk in. Not long, we bowl in a league together and begin a platonic friendship. Never do I see any love from him towards her. I see constant yelling and she getting away. This went on for years as I stayed friends with them. He didn’t want children and right before they broke up, she got pregnant. He kept saying if it was a girl, it was going back or that she and I could raise it as he didn’t want any girl. After the birth, things got worse. The abuse got physical. She could not live with him anymore and he refused counseling. She was afraid of him so I helped her get out. She files for divorce and she and I get married by our Presbyterian minister. We were happy together, we went to church, I served as an elder, and other roles at the church. When I felt called to the Catholic Church, I didn’t think I could from what I heard from my dad. But reading a book on Abby Johnson changed that. I found out about annulments and we got the ball rolling. Had we had her ex’s baptism certificate, their marriage could have been annulled for lack of canonical form. But it was annulled last year based on several issues, they got married because they thought she was pregnant but it was a tumor that gave false results on pregnancy tests. They were too young and immature. He wasn’t open to children.

    It’s wonderful to be members of His Church.

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