Atheist lawyer Nico Tarquinio converts because of the evidence for Christianity

Atheist lawyer Nico Tarquinio converts because of the evidence for Christianity

Lawyer Nico Tarquinio went from atheist skeptic to Catholic convert via the Unbelievable? show. He also tells Justin what Christmas means to him now.

Nico Tarquinio:

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  1. Evidence for Christianity? I thought you folks relied upon faith? So you are a Catholic now? You believe in a holy ghost, virgin birth, transsubstantiation, ressurection, Noah’s Ark, the parting of the Red Sea and the Jordan River to appease Joshua, people’s strength comes from long hair, etc.?

  2. Read "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell, and Reason for the hope Within (brilliant book, multiple Christian philosophers), Scaling the Secular City, The Fingerprint of God, by Ross,, and books/debates by William Lane Craig, it is a wonderful intellectual journey, and it takes you to God!!! pretty much a win win, eternal life in heaven

  3. Thankful for these kinds of videos to help us. Seeking prayer partners or prayer groups on whatsapp.

  4. This is a good example of why appeal to authority is fallacious. I was expecting that because Nico is a lawyer he would understand evidence and burden and standard of proof.
    Most evidence is circumstantial, however it has to meet certain standards. The claim is not the evidence. For example the claim that the disciples did not recant in the face of torture and death, is the claim. The person making the claim will have to show that the disciples were asked to recant of specific claims and refused to do so.
    Yes, some of the disciples died horrific deaths but there is little evidence to support the claim it’s because they refused to recant. We do not know the circumstances of many of the disciples death.
    As a lawyer Nico would also understand the limitations of hearsay evidence. Most of the stories in the bible are hearsay upon hearsay upon hearsay and would not be admissible in most courts anywhere in the world.
    Nico’s conversion had little to do with him being a lawyer assessing evidence.

  5. And just what is your conception of the deity you refer to as the god? The very idea that one can prove the existence of your deity undermines the role of "faith" in the religious formulation.

  6. So he went from an ashiest to a pagan religion? He is no better off now, than when he was an atheist. Very sad for him and I will pray that he finds Jesus Christ.

  7. Heartwarming 😊 as well as a fascinating glimpse of modern life intersecting with ancient faith through Millennial eyes. God is so amazing.

  8. If you were in heaven, prior to God’s decision to flood the entire earth, and God gave you a choice, the choice being to either flood the earth and drown everyone bar Noah and his family.
    Or, God could just click his fingers and "poof" instantaneously. Everyone who had upset him in such a heinous way simply ceases to exist.
    ..which would you choose?
    Poof? Or. Drown?

  9. Everytime I watch these kind of testimonies about atheists converting BECAUSE OF EVIDENCE for Christianity, I feel disappointed. Bad evidence and bad reasoning.

  10. The description of being an east coast American Catholic is bang on. I was raised the same way, and I’m from about 45 minutes’ drive south of Boston. My mom tried, but i think that for American Catholics there is a generation who had the Roman church rammed down their throats and they rebelled against it. My dad was that way. It took me from college until my mid 40s to return to Christianity. That was after living for about 12 years as a Muslim.

  11. Retired Cold Case Homicide Detective, J. Warner Wallace, is an amazing "case maker" for the truth…the fact of…the life, death and genuine resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  12. This man would love John Warwick Montgomery; very erudite lawyer who presents Christianity as if the listener was in a court room.

  13. I am concerned. Great interview, and it seems this man is saved, but Catholics believe in a works salvation, which is not scriptural. Salvation is by grace through faith alone, not of works lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

  14. The argument at 23:15 is pretty weak. I’m surprised he frames it as powerful. You can’t determine truth by motive baiting the person making the claim. Sure people make stuff up for personal gain, and sure they may be less likely to make it up if there is no gain but you have to consider a situation where someone says something that would be to their benefit doesn’t entail that what they are saying is false. The person’s motive alone isn’t the thing you rely on to adjudicate the claim.

  15. Wonderful story – the slightest crack in our resistance to God’s Word and it will trickle through then gush until the dam finally breaks and we are swimming in His Love and Mercy!

  16. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Invite the people to Islam in the best manner and give the glad tidings and do not cause others to hate you. Make things easy and not difficult and be accomodating and don’t be quarrelsome.”💌💌💌💌

  17. Wow, Nico, I am from Boston too, and an Italian Catholic family! No great coincidence because there are lots of us, but I left Boston in 1986, to live first in California, and then in 1988 in Australia. Your description of sitting through mass so you could go home and have Nonna’s meatballs really took me back! God bless you and keep you.😊

  18. Nice guy for sure, but his reasoning is really flawed and made his decisions at a significant /emotional moment in his life. There were cute anecdotes about the pregnancy but thats simply correlation, not causation yes?  
    As far as disciple motives well do you not think that rural fishermen claiming to be have been intimate companions to the Son of God be enough for some to believe their own hype?
    He’s also not provided any evidence as promised in the header! Re baukmann v Ehrman well I guess we must have been listening to different debates as Baukmann admits his beliefs are based on faith and not backed up by history.

  19. I watch that red line that measures the progress of these messages and I get sad as it gets near the end! I don’t want it to end…

  20. Just as perplexing as the notion of something out of nothing is the idea that an all-perfect God could have any unfulfilled desires. This concept of desire in an all-perfect, self-contained godhead has always puzzled me. On the one hand, you have God enjoying his blissful perfection, in need of nothing and, on the other hand, that same blissfully perfect God suddenly gets a creative urge, knowing that if he acts on that urge he will be opening Pandora’s Box, a box filled with so much horror and suffering any sane entity would recoil at the thought. And yet, we are asked to believe this omniscient, all-loving godhead opens Pandora’s Box anyway when nothing is compelling him to do so. When absolutely nothing is forcing him to abandon his state of bliss, in which there is no evil, no suffering, and no eternal torment, nothing compelling him to end that blissful state to create a nightmare. Is it possible for a godhead to become bored with his perfection? That is a question easily overlooked in the stampede of drama that pours out of the bible from the very first chapter. Again, I ask, what could compel a blissfully perfect, loving god to disturb his eternal bliss to create a place of eternal torment for creatures who never needed to exist? This idea is a hole in the creation story big enough to drive a Mack truck through, and yet Christian drama addicts pretend they don’t see it. Any thoughts on this, Justin?

  21. A lawyer just said circumstantial evidence is the strongest form of evidence. Even the Gospel accounts would be considered hearsay at best. Now I understand why he likes WLC, because he can just lower his epistemic standard.

  22. A person that spends all his time, everyday lying to make the law work in his favor for money, says he found Jesus………… ok

  23. Fantastic testimony, thank you.
    I can relate. I was a lukewarm churchgoer when I was introduced to a brilliant man, a Bible believing medical doctor who was an atheist before. He spent the last 20 years studying Scripture and guided me along a path which led me to the true Christ. God sends people on our path, through His grace and mercy.

  24. Thank you for sharing your testimony – an amazing process of transformation for you and your wife.

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