Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!

Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!

Urgent Reform Is Needed Now to Achieve Equal Justice for All Peoples in Our Courts! The Push for Reform Must Begin from the Peoples at the Grassroot, then their Representatives!
This Video is About the Anatomy of Judicial Corruption-an Attorney’s Perspective. Attorney ‘Lanre Amu Was Suspended from the Practice of Law by the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices for Exposing Judicial Corruption!

The Justices are: Chief Justice Rita B. Garman, Justice Charles E. Freeman, Justice Robert R. Thomas, Justice Thomas L. Kilbride, Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, Justice Anne M. Burke, and Justice Mary Jane Theis.

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There is an Urgent Need for Honesty, Transparency and Accountability in Our Courts. Together, We the People Can Reform Our Judicial System and Hold Judges Accountable to the People Who Put them In Office. When Judges Judge Themselves, We Have Judicial Mockery of Justice.

Mr. ‘Lanre Amu is no Less Educated, No Less Ethical, No Less Honest, No Less Moral Than The 7 Justices Sitting in Judgment of Him:

’Lanre O. Amu, B.C.E. (U of MN,’84, Graduated at the top of the Engineering Class with High Distinction); M.S.C.E (U of MN, ‘85); M.B.A. (UIC,’89), J.D. (1995). Beyond Qualifications, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Accountability must Reign Supreme in Our Courts. Those Are the Real Issues Here, Not Educational Qualifications Per Se.

Fundamental Truths:

In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act – George Orwell.

We the People Are the Rightful Masters of the Government: the Executive, Congress, and the Courts, Not to Overthrow the Constitution but to Overthrow the Entrusted Men and Women Who Pervert the Constitution. – Abraham Lincoln.

Every Litigant Must Have the Fundamental Right to the Honest Services of the Judge or Justice. Our Courts Should not Dispense Different Quality of Justice to Different Persons in Our Society. Equal Justice Under Law Must Be a Fundamental Right of All Now!


Judges Are Sworn under Oath of Public Office to Dispense Justice Honestly, and Transparently Without Respect for Persons. The People of Illinois Deserve an Honorable, Honest, Accountable and Transparent Judiciary. Integrity Demands That Lawyers and Judges Act in the Best Interest of the People at All Times. Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Constitutional Rights to Freedom of Speech and Equal Protection of the Laws Must Now Be Respected. Enough of Sham Hearings at the ARDC and the Courts. ARDC and the Courts Must Stop Protecting Corrupt Lawyers and Corrupt Judges While Making Scapegoats of Unconnected Often Solo Attorneys Who Expose Corruption in Our Courts.

The ARDC Proceedings Instituted to Take Mr. Amu’s Law License Were Sham Proceedings. No Human Being Testified That Mr. Amu Made False Statements Concerning the Integrity of the Four Judges He Complained About. No Judge Ever Filed a Complaint Against Mr. Amu That He Made False Statement Against the Integrity of Any Judge. No Witnesses Testified at Mr. Amu’s ARDC Hearing. The Only Testimony at the Trial Was Mr. Amu’s, and Mr. Amu Maintained That He Spoke the Truth about the Judicial Corruption He Complained About. Mr. Amu Subpoenaed the Judges and the Lawyer-eyewitnesses, The Eyewitness Judges and Lawyers Promptly Asked the Illinois Supreme Court to Quash Amu’s Subpoenas, and the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices Quashed all of Amu’s Subpoena over Amu’s Objection. To Suspend a Lawyer’s law License for Three Years When no Human Being Testified Under Oath that He Did Anything Wrong is a Travesty of Justice and an Abuse of Delegated Power!

An Attorney Has a Moral, Ethical and Legal Duty to Report Judicial Corruption When He Observes it Because Judicial Corruption Causes Serious Damage to Everyone in Our Society. It is Wrong to Impose a Code of Silence on Attorneys vis-a-vis Their Duty to Report Judicial Corruption When they Observe it.

The Decision to Suspend or Disbar a Lawyer Who Exposes Judicial Corruption in Illinois Is Not in the Best Interest of All of the People of Illinois Concerning Their Right to Have a Corruption Free Judiciary. An Attorney Who Exposes Judicial Corruption in Illinois is Not Protected from Retaliation. ARDC Will Simply Set up a Sham Hearing to Conclude that the Attorney Made False Statements Concerning the Integrity of the Connected Judge and Suspend or Disbar the Lawyer-this Mockery Unacceptable!.

Quoting a Member of the Public on Viewpoint in Chicago Sun Times, Friday January 3, 2014, Page 18: ”Illinois Has a Reputation of Corrupt Officials . . . and until We Change the System, Whether it Be for Governor or Judges, We Will Get the Same Corrupt Officials We Have Always Had . .” -James M. Mulhearn, Sr., Archer Heights. Enough Said, “the People Must Wake Up from Slumber, and Organize to Change the System Now!”

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  1. Here is how you solve this problem. Write a script based on all of the above, contact Will Smith’s agent, and have a movie done about this case, casting Will Smith in the role of the above Attorney. In this banana republic we now live in, leave it to Hollywood. It is a shame to say that Hollywood will do more to act in the best interest of "We the People" versus the corrupt kangaroo, pea-brained, flower smelling robots that are actually referred to as "judges" (bite down on your tongue real hard when you call them this).

  2. Evil has won in america. The only people who think there is justice are the ones who haven’t tested the justice system yet.

  3. I can help you trust me and you don’t need the licence to practice law there are not citizens and now so are you and now you can practice law and look for my email soon

  4. If a attorney is to be suspended , how long of a grace period before they officially received suspension notice? Shady Judicial System?

  5. Those who suspended him sound like they work for or affiliated with Columbia University. His treatment sounds very familiar, it’s almost like a joke until their joke becomes serious. They want to corrupt a smart man who would not stand for it. If he would of played ball he would be a star. I bet those people were great friends of Rahm Emmanuel and claim best buddies of former President Obama. Because his complaint was against specific people, that’s why the corruption began to level itself against him.

  6. I live in San Diego, CA am a whistle blower. In Nov 2000 and Mar of 2001 I met with 9 City Admin to discuss my knowledge of the withdraws of earned income from employee paychecks. My payroll clerk added written documents I had no idea of the extend of damages to employees or the city. It turned out at the time these city admin were withdrawing nearly $200M from employee paychecks to funs whatever. It was later spun in the news as the SDCERS retirement scam. In the last 10 years the city attorney has spent over $1.5 Million harassing me.  I can prove it. It falls around the compliance of 6 judges, 4 superior court 2 DWC law judges. They ignored City Attorney fraud corruption abuse of power allowed the city attorney to ignore ruling and as the judges ignore proven fraudulent documents, so clearly fraud several were post dated 2 years into the future. I have  just begun to receive calls from the FBI. Not to ask questions about the city fraud but about some green card scam I have been reported to be part of. The City Attorney created a fraudulent DV claim against me 4 years ago attempting to tarnish my character. Report to whoever became involved in the case or reports I am a bully etc.  I can prove the DV claim is false I didn’t live in San Diego at the time of the alleged misconduct nor during any of the ports of service.  I was denied a trail in this case. after 5 months of being ordered to repair dozens of time a week I finally was forced under duress to take a misdemeanor plea of one count violation of an OR I could prove I didn’t live in SD at the time.   To make matters worse the plea that was arranged was illegal.  On record, when I attempted a Marzdon hearing they again denied me until the deadline to file passed, The City Attorney used this fraudulent plea to falsely arrest me each time I refused to withdraw my workcomp complaint.I have 16 years of proof the city has not only denied me repair they have harassed any Dr who refused to forge documents and reports.  Out of 146 register Drs on the claim only 6 committed out right medical insurance or mal practice fraud for the City of San Diego Attorney’s office. The City is Self Insured & Self Regulated.  With no oversite they do as they please. I know the City has some really amazing attorney’s and employees. Because of the degree of corruption, fraud and harassment they have to walk a fine line to avoid these bullies. No one is willing to risk their job to review the fraud in my case, much less know what to do with 1.5 Million in proof of harassment. Any ideas?

  7. im a living witness to the corruption and im documenting it now and his name is peter a felice and you can google his name and I keep the proof with me all the time and you don’t need a licence to practice law

  8. These people believe they the own democracy. They start with black people to get everyone ok with it. Then they become some confident they believe cause the conspiracy levels are, law enforcement, District attorney, media, administrative, appeals.

  9. I also have proof of the Superior Court of Washington State In and For Yakima County practicing judicial corruption. They have the court reporters delete portions of transcripts of trials, allow prosecutors to present hearsay evidence, violate defendants constitutional rights to a fair and impartial trial, withholding of exculpatory evidence and a slug of corrupt acts. Then the corrupt appellate court systems protect these corrupt judicial outlaws. I fully relate to this lawyer’s experience. Only a few lawyers have the integrity and courage to expose these corrupt judges. If one will compare these judges’s Oath o Office to the proper official Constitutional Oath of Office one will see that their Oath is repugnant to our Constitution’s oath, which is to be sworn under oath to be verbatim. If you compare you will see that the oaths of these judges to the official oath you will witness their oath has been changed. Thus, making their office null and void from the moment they swore to an invalid Oath of Office.

  10. Its important to know that an attorney is not the same thing as a lawyer. An attorney is a wealth transfer agent and a lawyer is one well studied at law. The same thing goes with police, a constable is a tax collector, a peace officer keeps the peace. The constables are not responsible for answering complaints. If you make a criminal complaint against an attorney, even if you have witnesses, they laugh at you up here in Canada. The crime I reported was extortion. These attorneys in Canada are way beyond corrupt, they are little devils playing in satans playground.

  11. LAW, LAW, LAW, when will people learn and realize that the law is just corrupt. An attorney can see something going on that is not right and in fact against the law. And if that attorney is not careful he will find that license snatched up quicker than a cat can lick its rear end. An attorney catches the butt end of everything. Should the attorney not get the results that a Client desires. Bam, a complaint is filed to the State Bar. They usually are a bunch of fellow lawyers who are scared of their shadow. And will snatch the license from their fellow attorney. Even though they may have no evidence for the sole purpose showing the Public and fellow colleages that they are tough. If the attorney is Court Appointed to a Criminal case and if the attorney shows to much interest in helping his client then the attorney is subject to be sanctioned. And if retained by the Client They definitely better bend over backwards and pray every (i) is dotted and that every (t) is crossed. Who needs all this headache? In short I am sorry for all of you attorneys that have faced the all powerful State Bar. I tell so many of the Male and Female Attorneys to get out while the getting is good. You got Your Law Degree and Experience. You can be a Paralegal and make Just as much doing Free Lance work. And not having to go through all the crap just to practice law.

  12. At a perjury trial, a cross-eyed attorney attacked the witness. “Isn’t it true,” he bellowed, “that you accepted $15,000 to compromise this case?” The witness said nothing. The attorney yelled the question again. The witness was silent. The judge said sternly to the witness, “Sir, answer the question.” the startled witness said, “Oh, sorry Judge, I thought he was talking to you.”

  13. Canada is one of the most corrupt country in the world, Justin TRUDEAU
    is no exception, this criminal practice frauds, torture and corruption
    with the complicity of the corrupt RCMP police and the ”Sûreté du
    Québec” also highly corrupt. Policemen Eric ROBERGE protect the
    organize crime of Quebec government that torture me and made me disable
    for life. In fact Robert BOULERICE a civil servant of the government
    falsified my medical diagnosis and forced me to go back to work with
    weights ranging from 100 to 125 pounds while I had ruptured lumbar disk
    (a MEDICAL EMERGENCY for a surgery) this crime leave me disable for

    Justice, democracy and Human Rights are only an illusion in the kingdom
    of frauds, torture and corruption of both Quebec and Canadian

    Please see more Canadian corruption and prostitution here :

  14. Access on youtube "Kill All The Lawyers And Judges". Then, learn about the corruption and pedophilia of our judges here in Minnesota.

  15. Match Against corruption must continue until the evil can be eradicated from the face of the earth in all democratic Society.

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  17. thats sad they are doing this. they are doing the same thing to me with my 11 year old daughter who is type 1 diabetic UIC gave her to much insulin and she called me crying and they held her against our will after we went to administration’s and requested a transfer to another hospital because we was afraid of my daughter life. to cover their hospital the social worker had security to band me from the hospital away from my daughter for six days unlawfully without a court order until they called DCFS and told them i gave my daughter too much insulin. they funny part is i wasn’t there she was in their care i was at the doctor while she was in the hospital i showed them my doctor papers. but i still got indicated for medical neglect even after the doctor testified that she recall when the hospital gave her too much insulin they gave her 3 units when they should’ve gave her 2 units under oath she said this i have the audio recording of the whole hearing. every attorney i spoke with say my case to complex for them hell one attorney emailed me the pro se manual and told me to litigate the case myself. and the DCFS attorney with held exploratory evidence and stated she didn’t get them but her assistant gave me a receipt showing that i gave her the evidence. the DCFS attorney testified under oath that i have a criminal background but the investigative file they entered into evidence show that i do not have a criminal background and i submitted additional information showing that i do not have a criminal background. this is a fraudulent case dates don’t match and i have the actual medical file showing they violated every right we are entitled to. i am still in court on march 23 defending my character and my career because now i cant work with children and i will be graduating this year with my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Human Services. this so sad that they do things like this. before i let them hey away with this i will litigate this matter myself. it will be a blessing when i win!any tips this is time sensitive??

  18. Americans allow corruption to exist.  Period.  So the person to blame is in the mirror.  Illinois is just one of fifty states, and each of those fifty states sanction corruption as the due that each judge and attorney who is part of the system are to receive.We vote, but that vote does not count as the most recent presidential has shown.  We are at the mercy of the ‘elites’.

  19. All judges are corrupt, it is a requirement. As a lawyer I would have thought you would know that. That it took you so long to realize it, is amazing to me. You should have talked to Atty. Fine who was put in jail, solitary confinement for 18 months without being charged. He was also trying to expose the corruption.
    There is no JUSTICE in the courts for the people, THE DEVIL rules the courts they are on the side of EVIL. Judges must be held accountable for the harm they cause, only then will there be justice.If they don’t uphold the law, put them in jail.

  20. im going to email and you today I can be your lawyer I don’t mind fighting them I can show there lie to the people

  21. it is RICO violations and court case information can be used to verify RACKETERING, after all the Department of human services children division takes children before allegations are determined as substantiated or unsubstantiated, they the state workers  use the courts to violate civil rights, if investigated one would find and can verify these workers have obtained financial gain through their involvement in these cases by not only the state workers involvement to obtain job security though their position as state worker,  but a majority of these workers provide class, counseling , therapy or services as they moonlight through their  other career or ownership in businesses that provide such services those services they recommend through court action in these cases those same workers are involved in . Thus intent to defraud Medicaid, Medicare or state and federal programs services  involved in these cases  court appointed attorneys are paid with misappropriated funds from the state department of human services children division . review closed cases to verify, clear proof of conflict of interest, this is no different than if a party were to sue someone and that party say hey let me pay for your legal representation that way I can add the legal fees to my settlement to pad the billing and cost in legal fees in my expense statement for the application for federal funding for the children placed in state custody so even attorneys are involved in Rico and Racketeering violations especially if they lose the case when a case can be won due to this can be determined as a bribe techniques used for stalling on case so attorneys may obtain additional funding.

  22. I’m a judge at the environmental court of the Brussels Capital Region. This case needs your support. Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon, it needs to be stopped whenever wherever because it takes huge proportions. Every year $1 trillion is paid in bribes while an estimated $2.6 trillion are stolen annually through corruption – a sum equivalent to more than 5 per cent of the global GDP. In developing countries, according to the United Nations Development Programme, funds lost to corruption are estimated at 10 times the amount of official development assistance.

    Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies. No country, region or community is immune. This year UNODC and UNDP have developed a joint global campaign, focusing on how corruption affects education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development.

    The 2016 joint international campaign focuses on corruption as one of the biggest impediments to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    For these reasons, is taken up as one of the 17 #GlobalGoals and has a UN Observance Day:

    9 December International Anti-Corruption Day

    Don’t you have a wistle blower protection program like the ?

    Bring this to the attention of your senator!
    Sincerely, from Brussels

  23. I have posted a video about my case at I am asking you to share this story wherever you can to raise awareness. In addition, if you time permits, I hope your will listen to audio from a discovery hearing I had last fall and you will see how this judge shows distain for me as a Pro Per litigant.

    This is a serious issue and Pro Per litigants play a critical role in reform because we are not beholden to any of the various "Bar Cartel’s" that hold attorneys silent in the face of corruption.

    I need all the support I can get to stop this systemic conspiracy to maintain power and control, instead of maintaining justice.

    Audio of Hearing on Motions to Compel (9/11/2015)

  24. Greetings I know this is almost two years ago. However, is there a contact number or address to reach out? Also, what happened with this case, did you receive Justice and the return of your Law license?

  25. I’m not a lawyer, no law degree, but I’ve already learned what that man having gone thru the process to become a lawyer and only to find out the hard way. The system has it’s own built in force field. Legal kidnapping is worse then you could imagine.

  26. IOWA is CORRUPT. go to:, click Docket Search, see STATE v Greg Tennant, click FILINGS. Judge after judge violated due process. Dalton admitted that the State violated Due Process, but instead of the REQUIRED (Title V, USC sec 556, 557 & 706) Dismissal, Dalton ordered a do-over! Iowa S. Ct, Gov Terry Branstad, Senator Chuck Grassley etc all remain depravidly INDIFFERENT. You Tube: Judge Anna von Reitz: Of Dogs and Masters. I filed a claim with the STATE APPEALS BOARD (Mary Mosiman, Auditor, David Roederer, Director, Michael Fitzpatrick) who denied my claim that was supported with over 100 legal instruments/documents…IOWA AG TOM MILLER, in a letter dated March 7, 2016, sent via US Cert Mail no. 9214 8926 1830 0100 0928 12, said denied per STATUTE. This is evidence that these BAR associate gangsters place their statutes Above the law! They ignored all pro se pleadings, deprived my minor son of his rights, defrauded taxpayers of honest gov’t. – Dr. Kenneth Tennant, (563) 343-5565

  27. Am actually surprised to hear of corruption in the United State Judicial system. This video is indeed an eye opener.

  28. Police are policy enforcers. Corporations use policies and nations use laws. The United States is a federal corporation defined under US code 3002 section 15. States are subsidiaries of the United States and municipalities are subsidiaries of the states. The 14 Amendment infers that citizens are subject to the United States. Birth Certificates and Social Security are forms of incorporating a person into the United States. Social Security is a pension and employee identification number. America is a land mass owned by the United States which is headquartered in Washington DC which was established as a sovereign municipal corporation through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act. The royal chartered Virginia Company is the basis for the United States.

  29. There is rampant corruption in corruption in government and investigators themselves are often lazy workers with no backbone of else just help cover up corruption by deliberately failing to conduct a true investigation. The U.S. Is much like China or some third world country nowadays. Full of sneaky people and lazy people.

  30. This is a serious matter that the citizen and constitutional defenders need to wake up from slumbering position and defend the liberty of this great country especially in the Land of Lincoln. This is a great, honest, and trustworthy Chicago lawyer who never compromise cases. For a decade, I know this Lawyer. He is a man of integrity. How many innocent citizen will be unlawful detained and jailed because our judiciary corrupt system?

  31. Let me answer that question about your Suspension 1-first & foremost you’re black 2-you’re concerned with truth 3-You caused the court to have to hear a truth about itself 4-we live in a socioty that claims to be one of the most christian & moral God fearing people in the world..They even invoke the bible & the name of God while swearing a person in office & even in a court case…yet if you tell the truth or expose a wrong concerning them,you are the labeled a "whistleblower" crime is crime & evil is evil as long as it’s not recognized about them…
    Our system is one of the most hypocritical & corrupt system in the world..

  32. I am still preaching the same thing a year later.Brothers and Sisters.Please get out while the getting is good. There is no win. You do your best, and you are kicked in the rear. I know what the law is, but in all honesty what Judge will go against the all powerful State Bar. So many People I know have been plainly trampled on, and only tried to do their best best and if they do not shake the right hand, pay to the local or state bar. Out you go.A has been. Man the law is not at all worth the crap that is projected.

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