AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA – Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina

AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA – Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina can be amazing but you might want to avoid moving to North Carolina unless you can deal with these 10 or so facts.
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Some people will find these as a major attraction for moving to North Carolina, while others see them as a reason to stay far away. Either way, each one should be seriously considered deciding to relocate to North Carolina.

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  1. Is north Carolina good for children with Autism and special needs does Carolina provide good services for those children? Are the schools good? What is a area for Biracial family within 30-45mins from the beach?

  2. The great president Ronald Reagan told us that communism would come in the form of liberalism! “liberalism find a cure“

  3. The rude drivers are the ones from out of state. That’s a fact! Drivers used to be courteous before all the transplants.

  4. I could not stop laughing! I’m still laughing as I type this! As for that spider on top of that house….the only thing to do is burn it down 🤣. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, you’re awesome!

  5. I was stationed in Camp Lejeune, place was the armpit of the world. The entire county is all about taking advantage of the “young kids first time away from home” Semper Fi 😂😂😂 most the people fucking these new Marines are former Marines…stay away from Jacksonville. Now that I got that off my chest, NC is awesome, great weather, better fishing. You can go to the beach and drive west a few hours to the mountains! Great state!

  6. Im going to move to NC from Britain, guns don’t scare me as long as they’re in citiizens hands. GBA

  7. Hi Sir Ashley!!! I love how you present. Very informative and entertaining listening to you. I live in California and No Carolina has peaked my interest. Snakes are my only concern. In fact I’ll have a heart attack if I see one or know it’s remotely near by. Please tell me this is rare because snakes are a deal breaker : (. Are there any areas not likely to see snakes? I was mentally packing my bags and researching
    IT jobs in hopes of making connections. Jobs and property values is the biggest draw for me. So please let me know that will be a high likelihood that I would practically be living amongst snakes.

  8. "Problems" are only problems when YOU make them problems. NC was great, it was the people moving in from other states trying to subvert the culture that sucked.

  9. I love my home state and definitely pollen is a negative aspect and he isn’t lying about everything being yellow for about 2 month out of the year.

  10. May I call you tomorrow? I’m a DC boy, 19 years, but came back to So PA where I own a 10 acre estate with 2 sisters but I’m forcing a buyout in court
    So I’m looking to purchase land around Lumberton. I prefer to be a minority in a minority majority county, the land is cheap and I LOVE the history of the place, a place I want to spend the rest of my life raising beef cattle etc.
    Thanks great content!

  11. I lived in North Carolina for 22 years and I have never seen a snake. As far as bugs, we don’t get bugs either. We use pesticides inside and outside our house a few times a year.

  12. I’m from ny and honestly I wished I never moved here…most boring state ever but yea look where I’m from…lol…

  13. Sir Ashley, On the positive side, it is beautiful state with a lot to do, both indoors and out, a great climate at least here in the mountains, and some world class cultural and medical facilities, not to mention great food, great weather, good air water and climate, and friendly happy people. Of course that is in Asheville; unfortunately we are an island of blue in a sea of red. But we’re building this wall, see! Seriously, however, your comments are spot on. This is the first place I’ve lived where I chose to live, and I plan one dying here, if possible.

  14. North Carolina is boring as hell. Majority of it Rural and country with Cities here and there. The state shuts down at 10 am and people can’t drive in any type of precipitation down there

  15. Hello Commenters… if you live in North Carolina…have you encountered snakes and do you always expect to see them?

  16. I just moved to Charlotte from north jersey 3 days ago and god knows i ain’t ready to see no wildlife 😂😂

  17. Yeah, all reasons don’t bother me except, snakes. Even the skin as you mentioned gives me the Willy’s. I appreciate you humor about them and other critters.

  18. They can’t drive at all. I moved to Charlotte in March… my car was totaled in April! PISSED!!!! I’m from Philly we can drive. Flew to Philly to buy a new car… 1st day back with said car a truck damn near hit me running the light. I am now officially scared to drive in Charlotte.

  19. If your black and democrat NC is probably your home.. Cause it damn sure what is happening, The whole state with exception of most mountain areas are being over run by black folk moving in everywhere.. Every city is run by democrats along with schools, NC use to be a Red state and had decent cities, Not no more.. The reality is if your christian and conservative NC is not mayberry!!! Its a complete joke to what it use to be !!

  20. I have lived in North Carolina since I was 5 years old and this place sucks. I wish I had the money to move to another state.

  21. Hun preach!!! I live in North Carolina and next door people love posting about snakes and insects. Those flying roaches that they love to call water bugs to freaking disgusting I hate it I am afraid of bugs. I hate how they make it seem as though there are no big deal. Dude they are giant roaches that fly. They definitely cannot drive at all. They stay in the left lane blocking traffic while feeling indignant. Never drive if you ever hear that there’s going to be a chance of a half inch of snow. Be prepared for the shelves to be empty if there is a half inch of snow forecasted. North Carolinians stock up as if they are going to be locked in with no power for a minimum of a week.

  22. Avoid Zebulon!! This place is named for a confederate slave owning general and they will not consider changing the name. Also look up the crime rates in Zebulon, 3 times that of adjacent homes. We have lost 2 of our biggest non-corp retailers and downtown is becoming a ghost town.

  23. Great video. It was very informative, as you touched on all of the points that I needed to make up my mind. Thank you.

  24. Thank You❣️🙏🏼 You’re video was ཞཛศʆ‼️ I wish you had made a video about Oregon before I moved here😁😄 I loved living in California, Georgia, and Florida, and Vegas the most 🥰😍

  25. 6:06 holy sh*t! I skipped to that video and trust me. Alligators? Wtf? Hell no! I’m completely avoiding North Carolina on trips!

  26. Everything in this video is true! It is horrible here! If you are from the North or West Coast, PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! It is hell. Your life will be miserable. I just care so much about yall, and want you to live your best life.

  27. I moved here 7 years ago with 300 bux and a car full of kids and clothes. Started over COMPLETELY. Things were extremely difficult the first year. After getting a great job our family has prospered immensely. We love NC. People, cost of living, opportunities, views. Absolutely beautiful. Never leaving.

  28. He didn’t tell one lie. I use to complain about the traffic until I went to DC, Atlanta, and oh my God Miami, FL. Give me my NC traffic any day of the week.

    Also NC has more city than any other state on the deadliest city list. When it comes to guns. You have open carry, Conceal carry, and illegal carry.

  29. If you are moving here from up North and have children, be prepared to pay for private school. The education system here is horrendous and you get a lot of backwards thinking being passed down to the children at school. They are very religious and very racist so unless you want your child to learn in that environment, pay for private schools

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