Avoided Divorce And Now Debt Free! (Paid Off $300,000!)

Avoided Divorce And Now Debt Free! (Paid Off $300,000!)

John and Maddi paid off $300,000 in 5 years! Watch as they share their debt free story. Find a Financial Peace University Class in your area!

Did you miss the latest Ramsey Show episode? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Get all the highlights you missed plus some of the best moments from the show. Watch debt-free screams, Dave Rants, guest interviews, and more!

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  1. Can still feel the guy’s pain in his voice 5 years later. Must have been quite a situation and quite a journey to recover from it…

  2. The things I find so great about this is the women actually acknowledged and took responsibility for her actions then they worked together. It’s great to see these stories.

  3. My credit score went down the drain, had so much in debt and mortgage was hitting me. My story changed when I met David. Thanks to him, he settled all my debt and raised all my credit score. Don’t know how he did it but he’s heaven sent. Hit him on :::::+1:::469:::336::::8856:::::

  4. My wife & I were there at the Freeman Coliseum that year as well. Definitely put our marriage in the right direction as well.

  5. The wife and I did our debt free scream march 2014 and I still tear up when I see people do theirs. Congratulations to everyone that is doing the dave Ramsey plan!

  6. Not only she admitted she was wrong to him, she went on air and let the world know. I gotta give her a lot of credits

  7. That debt free scream just moves my soul! 😅😅😅 Im so happy for them! To God be the glory!

  8. I’m crying with joy when this women admit she had to humble herself. They are awesome!
    Everyone please pray for me. I’m hoping to join the debt free club in 2022. 🥰

  9. I give her credit for taking the blame but the fact that her husband goes out of his way to say that she’s been out of control most of her life and she was the problem just makes him a low life, he’s definitely a control freak and I bet she has to bow to his every move or she gets punished like a kid

  10. The wife and I did our debt free scream march 2014 and I still tear up when I see people do theirs. Congratulations to everyone that is doing the dave Ramsey plan!

  11. What an amazing story. So awesome to hear people getting past a divorce and seeing them so happy today. Well done

  12. Their story is very inspiring from the edge of getting divorced to being debt free as a couple.amazing!

  13. Love their story! What an amazing journey they are on. Helping to change other people’s future.

  14. This is awesome! Money problems almost caused my husband and I to divorce almost two years ago. I thought the problem was that he didn’t make enough money but just this lady, I now realize the problem is me! I have spent my whole adult life spending what I don’t have! Thank you Dave Ramsey for opening our eyes and helping to save marriages. God bless you!

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