Baltimore Marriage Counseling- Looking for marriage help in Maryland?

Baltimore Marriage Counseling- Looking for marriage help in Maryland?

Looking for the best of marriage help in Baltimore? Visit our office in Pikesville, MD and attend one of our Getting the Love You Want Marriage Workshops in Hunt Valley, MD.

Sign up to read The 60 Second Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage and become Soulmates again!

I’m excited to have you in my Soulmates not Roommates tribe! Set aside some time to really read through this PDF. I know you’ll get a ton of value out of it.

It’s the process that Rivka and I went through to fall back in love again after 1 marriage counseling session without going through months of counseling!

If you are curious about how to apply our plan to becoming Soulmates not Roommates once again and want to see us follow the plan “in-person” in our own marriage, you’ll want to watch the FULL video training here at

If you love the 60 second plan, you’ll love the advanced work that we do with couples to help them achieve long-lasting connection and better communication.

Here are the 3 main ways we can help you achieve a happy marriage that supports you in every way.

1. Read Our book, The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage. It
is available on It details what the process is that we went through to fall back in love again. If you like our approach, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Step #2, The 5 Step Action Plan Total Marriage Transformation Video Training.

2. Watch The No Blame, No Shame Communication in Marriage Video Training you can do with or without your (unwilling!) spouse. It’s a video training that you can watch and don’t have to go anywhere or see anyone! If you read the testimonials from all the people whose marriages have been transformed, you’ll see that simply put, what I teach you will transform your marriage. To watch the training visit:

3. If you can’t wait and you want restoration IMMEDIATELY, get out of the house and schedule a 2 day private Marriage Restoration Retreat with us.


If you’re experiencing difficulties in your marriage, you NEED to have an intensive experience in order to create a breakthrough for your relationship.

The 2 day private experience is a solid solution that breaks through stagnant, stale relationships and/or couples on the verge of divorce. You can fall in love again, embark on an unburdened journey together of growth, support, healing, and reliability and chart a course to a glorious future together.

We are grateful that you’re here and are here for you in your relationship journey!

With best wishes for your relationship success,

Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka “Excited to start you on your journey!” Slatkin

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