Beto moves gun owner to TEARS at rally, he pledges to vote for Beto

Beto moves gun owner to TEARS at rally, he pledges to vote for Beto


NEW: Gun owner moved to TEARS at Beto rally, pledges to vote for Beto.

Suit by JB CLOTHIERS in Los Angeles 👉

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  1. Remember that time Arizona and Georgie went blue in 2020 for the presidential election? Well that’s coming to Texas for 2022.

  2. Love it when Beto face the "cant believe juuu son of a biiitch can durkadurrrrr" .. Fundamentalists are all the same… *PATHETIC*

  3. Here’s an example of the problem in texas: ONE PLACE TO VOTE in BLUE districts. ONE. This is one reason why texas will never go blue. It’s hard purple now and even starting to slightly lean blue, but their cheap tactics of restricting voting access will keep a**holes like abbot/patrick in power.

  4. It’s true that tools of war aren’t needed in civilian hands…but it’s also true that the problem can’t be fixed by anyone ar this point. People who believe in guns, aren’t going to give them up, even if enough politicians tried to pass laws requiring it. The problem goes far beyond the ease of access to guns, including bullying, social media, mental illness, lack of school funding, lack of teachers and more.

  5. When a person’s passion is misaligned and values guns more than the lives and safety of people – children – then something is very, very wrong.

  6. 527 mass sh—-ngs so far this year in America. That’s more than per day. In my country, where guns are illegal, we’ve had four in the last 50 years!

  7. National healthcare would give people the mental health needed in this country. Thank trickle down Reaganomics for the downward spiral of the US. Republikkkans have done nothing good for this country in 50+ years. #VoteBlue

  8. “Weapons of War!” Exactly.

    Muskets, that’s what the forefathers were referring to when they thought of right to bear arms. Not AR 15s, M16s, AK 47s.

    We know something’s gotta give, it is just very sad that it has to be innocent children’s and people’s lives.

  9. Brian, NOT 100% of the time MAGAs would put their kids first – they sure didn’t care to protect their kids from covid.

  10. According to Statista, the vast majority (84%) of US mass shootings have been committed using legally held weapons. This contradicts the disingenuous claim, frequently made by pro-gunners, that the opposite is true.

  11. I always hear the same political projected tone, "I can’t believe you’d be such a sick sunofabeotch and use this for political gain," pffft says the fart in the wind.

  12. Every country practicing democracy now realizes that democracy can bring with it lying politicians and immense corruption jut like Republicans in America

  13. Unfortunately some folks ain’t got the common sense to agree that stricter gun laws is necessary. Tired of this crap. How many kids gotta die, how many mass shootings before it’s important enough to say we’re gonna vet folks much more in depth n ensure guns don’t get in the hands of those that shouldn’t have em. Wise up, this is a human issue, not a right vs left issue. Damn it.

  14. They won’t be able to stop the bullets of tyrannical government either. The problem is a sin problem of which neither BETO or the Democrats have an answer for. They only make matters worse.

  15. AZ GOP candidate for governor says she has a million gun owners will to back her up. What the H-ll does that mean? It this a threat, against democrats? She is an election denier and a Trump worshipper. Vote BLUE

  16. His mom is fantastic to raise a reasonable safety conscience son, I appreciate her efforts to raise a well rounded son. I wish it was contagious.

  17. We are the real America baby.🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  18. Weapons of war are not meant for the public use and shouldn’t be available outside of our military! Our politicians shouldn’t be so polar opposite on such an important issue. Nothing wrong with being a responsible gun owner,but weapons of war no!

  19. How can any AMERICAN watch this video and not feel in their hearts what needs to be done for the sake our of children and our lives. The choice is clear: Your children or the NRA?

  20. Guns don’t shoot people… there’s a reason for the 2nd Amendment. And there’s no reason to allow a mentally unstable person to possess a lethal weapon. Even if they wear a badge.

  21. Beto always makes me cry because he’s so good and people need him
    I wish he was president but they do need him there

  22. Because Texans are also those who oppose better gun safety regulation, simply claiming ‘We’re Texans" means nothing. Because they’re human, simply claiming "We’re human" means nothing. Because they claim to be Christians, simply claiming "We’re Christians" means nothing.
    One can identify a tree by it’s fruit. Understand what that means.

  23. The public education program is broken, and it has nothing to do with gun laws and gun safety laws that are already in place.

  24. 101st here! Never wanted a weapon in my home after I retired. So dangerous, and they are weapons meant for war!!

  25. Ok, be careful rubbing on one governor’s face about those tragedies, because there are enough insane people capable of doing the same no matter who governs. Because Beto elected won’t stop it overnight. And if there are more tragedies (God I hope not) then he should be held just as responsible. Or am I wrong?

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