1. his build is like this. his height, his body structure. the bat in his hand looks like a sword in the hands of a great warrior. one who knows the power of his weapon inside out. Never seen anyone else donning a cricket bat like this. hats off!

  2. Everything is good , but you just can’t disagree the fact that you will never get bored when Australian commentators are in the box !!!!!

  3. 5blion dollars for each a category cricket team players of west indeez teem. 3blion dollars for each b category players 2 blion dollars for c category players. 10blion dollars for west indeez cricket board. 5blion dollars for each coch of west indeez cricket team. 5blion dollars for each offical of west indeez cricket board.
    10blion dollars for criss gale. 10blion dollars for u cortny wash 10blion dollars for ambroz former bolwers. 💐〽️🌸

  4. I love Australia cricket more than Indian cricket
    Because in Australia cricket feels like a American sports what commentators and what crowded what a stedium what atmosphere of people everything is so perfect all the cricket event should be in Australia I love you Australia hope in India we could see this kind of thing

  5. Indian broadcasters should immediately fire Indian commentators & hire Australian & Englishmen. Treat to watch and listen.

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