Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of Marriage

Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of Marriage

Recently, I had the great good pleasure of presiding at the wedding of my niece, Bryna and her now husband, Nelson. While we rejoice in their love for each other, the fact that they have now become living symbols of Christ the Bridegroom’s ecstatic love for his Bride, the Church is reason, in the very deepest sense, to give thanks.


  1. PLEASE change the intro and outro music!! Honestly it gives the whole video feel wierd 😀

  2. The image of the bride and groom standing at the altar in front of the congregation, all of whom look extremely attentive, near the beginning of the video is remarkably powerful and vibrant. Where did this mass take place? Whoever designed this Church has a very keen command of structure, to exult the Altar and the cruciform, and to give the impression the entire room is built up to and around it. It’s beautiful.

  3. Great insight. I give another reason for the place the church gives marriage. We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves, and this love isn’t a feeling, its action. To feed, clothe, house, nurse, care, forgive each other, and that starts with our own family, our own children. And the highest action that we can do to love our children, is to love, honor, cherish, and build a life of mutual aid, joy, and comfort with the person with which we share parenthood. This is where the kingdom begins.

  4. Bishop, could you please make a video about Fr. James Martin. I feel like he’s way out over the line in a lot of his interpretations of scripture and of certain catholic teaching, mostly on homosexuality. I think that Catholics need clarity on his views and how they fit within the magisterium.

  5. Very interesting and deep, I had the pleasure of studying the Gospel of John and in an essay on the role of Mary in the gospel of John, the link between Cana and the cross where the (MOTHER of JESUS) was present, and between the wine and the Eucharist was clear, in fact, the new wine symbolizes Jesus himself hence the reply to Mary…Woman, my hour (hour of the cross)  hasn’t come  yet Jesus was the bridegroom AND the new wine. In Cana he transformed the water into wine, on the cross, he transformed the wine into his blood.

  6. I was one of the sponsors for Nelson’s confirmation class – I just love connections like this… love the universal church! & I love this video – the vocation of marriage & Christ’s intimate love for His church!

  7. Fr. Barron can I ask you some questions please? 1

    Is it an immoral sin to a Catholic to get married to a person who is been divorced by the ex.partner without any reason and by force?
    2 Is it a sin to get married to a person who has been divorced by his/her partner before and who has children from that marriage? If then what are the options can that particular person do rather than getting married again?
    3. Is it a sin to get married to a divorcee ( even without children from the previous marriage)?
    4 What can the divorcee do in general afterwords?

  8. The Sacrament of Matrimony is absolutely beautiful. It’s so deep that sometimes it’s hard attending other wedding ceremonies.

  9. For those young catholics getting married soon when picking a song a mass not too many people know that ‘Here Comes the Bride’ is not allowed at a catholic wedding.
    That particular piece is not allowed at Catholic weddings for several reasons. First, it is from the Wagner opera Lohengrin, which is a pagan themed opera. Secondly, Wagner was a notorious anti-Catholic.
    The music should be Christian in theme or origin, sacred music or classical music without pagan/anti-Catholic overtones.
    Some priests probably allow this music b/c they are ignorant of its origin and meaning.
    Most people don’t know the pagan origin. But if it no longer has a pagan meaning, does it matter? Wedding rings are allowed and they too are pagan in origin, according to John Henry Cardinal Newman. Yet, the Church can sanctify objects that were previously pagan, strip them of their pagan meaning and Christianize them, if the Church chooses to do so (like they did with wedding rings).

  10. My wife and I will begin RCA classes next month, I was baptized as a child but never confirmed.
    I am wondering, will my wife and I receive a formal holy matrimony ceremony, eventually?
    We were married at city hall.

  11. This video offers great commentary on the deeper reality of a sacramental marriage, that the married couple becomes a sacrament, a sign of God’s relationship with His Church–that’s the line that that sums it up so well.
    I also recognize the church in the wedding Mass photos as St. Giles in Oak Park, IL. I live there, and while I have a different home parish, I have attended Mass in St. Giles church from time to time. How wonderful that Bishop Barron celebrated Mass there.

  12. Why get married in the Church? For one, if you’re a baptized Catholic, your marriage wouldn’t be valid otherwise. You cannot actually get married on the beach if one of the betrothed is Catholic.

  13. Beautifully explained! Thank you so much, Your Excellency! God bless from Austria

  14. I could sure use some honest advice and feedback. Long story short, I have been married to someone who has narcissistic traits. About 2 months ago we attended our 19th marriage counseling session together. At that session I told my wife that somehow our marriage needs to drastically get better quickly, or I feel we need pull the plug and end our marriage since we have been going to marriage counseling for far longer than we probably should have been going; and not much, if anything, has improved. Part of me was hopeful that this was going to be the warning shot and my wife would finally hear me; that she would finally understand that I am done with the narcissistic type of behavior, done with the mean comments, the high level of control, and being made out to feel like I am never doing the right thing, never doing it quickly enough, etc. Unfortunately, the few weeks after that counselling sessions things did not improve, they actually seemed worse. For example, one morning I started her car so it was warm for her when she left for work (which I do for her quite often). I wasn’t looking for a pat on the back, but she very rudely said “oh, thank you so much for everything you do”. One day I went and bought a shovel and salt and cleaned the ice from the sidewalk. Instead of getting any type of thanks or appreciation, she told me that it is so interesting that I had time to go to Dollar General (which is about 3 miles from our house) and buy a new shovel and salt. I got criticized for doing laundry and putting in on ‘her side’ of the bed and not having it moved off of the bed so she could lay down at night without having to touch laundry. I got criticized for having the space heater on in the living room. I got criticized for eating all the lasagna; when in fact I put it in a Tupperware container so she could take it in her lunch. I got questioned on going for a walk along the river. It was just relentless verbal attacks. By no means am I a perfect husband, I am far from it, and I have made plenty of mistakes, but I have always tried to be loving and supportive and take care of her and our kids. I have dealt with this type of narcissistic behavior for a very long time. Just another example, I recently learned why I was in severe pain for a couple of days this past summer; I was passing a 6mm kidney stone. While I was in pain, I got in a hot bath to try and alleviate some of the pain. I recall vividly her making a mean comment that I was in the bath while she was doing something for the kids. I have agonized over the decision for many months, and probably years now, but about 5 weeks ago I asked for divorce and have been moved out since that time. She said it wasn’t fair and that I blindsided her, even though we have attended those 19 marriage counseling sessions together; I reluctantly agreed to separation for now. For the last five weeks, I have been buried in loving texts, pictures of our kids and of some fun memories in the past, she sent me the wedding song that we danced too, she has been sending me quotes from the bible, she asked that I listen to various books on making marriages work, etc; she asked that I meet with our Deacon at church and attend a church marriage weekend retreat. She has buried me in a variety of ‘tactics’ to try and get me back home; she has thrown our vows in my face multiple times and said that I am destroying the kids by moving out. I have been holding strong and have not caved by moving back in; recently she has been all over the board with her comments and emotions. Seems silly talking about, but we own a car and a truck. For the last 5 weeks I have drove the truck and she has had the car. A couple of days ago she said she wants the truck, which is no problem, but I asked her why; she said she doesn’t need to answer why, she just wants it. She said she plans on keeping the truck for a few weeks since its not fair that I got to drive it for a few weeks (I don’t know the intentions of this, other than some form of power play, or maybe knowing if she has the truck, I won’t be able to use it to do things I enjoy). She also seems to be getting controlling with the kids; she told me that I am the one who decided to leave them, so its not fair for me to ever get both of our kids overnight while she is alone, since she didn’t decide to leave. I reminded her that I didn’t leave the kids, that I only left her. Shortly after making these types of comments, she follows up with a load of very nice loving texts. This is all extremely hard for me, because she occasionally acts nice and says she is willing to try and change, but seems all over the place with her comments and emotions; I’m afraid I will fall back into the trap. I worry greatly about our kids, I feel she is subjecting them to a ton of sadness and possibly emotional manipulation, with the intentions being of playing the victim card in front of the kids and trying to make them feel bad for her and make me out to look like the bad guy (she told me she is always crying in front of the kids…and even yesterday when I saw her she cried multiple times in front of the kids). Even though I asked for divorce, I still do not wish her unhappiness; I just want everyone to get along and be nice and supportive with everyone. To make matters even more frustrating, yesterday she told me she was offered a job in Michigan (about 5 hours from where we currently live in Ohio). I am settled here in Ohio now, have a good job here, etc. I am happy for her that she was offered the job, I know that is more what she wants to do versus her current job, so that part makes me happy; but come on, wanting to relocate now while we are separated. I feel like she is doing everything she can to try and make things difficult for me, especially with our 2 kids. Random place to insert this comment….but I just thought it was odd; she claims to want the marriage to work, but considering uprooting to Michigan. I manage all of our finances, yesterday she said she wants all of our bank account log in information. Which is fine, no problem, it is both of our money; I just thought it was a little odd. Not sure the intentions behind it. Maybe just wanting to see how much is there, if I have been taking any, what I have spent money on; who knows?! Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

  15. 247 – Jesus Speaks to Valeria of Matrimony, and Divorce

    Books, Sophia ; Valtorta, Maria . The Poem of the Man-God (p. 632). Kindle Edition.

  16. Bishop Baron – thank you so much for your videos. I am a calvinist and enjoy them so much! I wish more pastors/priests did this kind of thing. It is very helpful!

  17. Hey serious question here. Adam and Eve were the first and only humans. They copulated and had children. My question is, what happened after that? Where did everyone else come from? Incest?

  18. You are right robert, this arrogant dude that thinks that all those among us asking for answers regarding the pedo priest problem in his church and under his watch are just having "little tantrums". I agree robert, if the priest marries the altar boy is not rape. or is it? Another tantrum robert. Arrogant and clerical.

  19. Dear Bishop Barron, this is rather late (but than never) : Congratulation on your appointment as Auxiliary Bishop. I also hope you will continue to put out this commentaries and teaching videos about the Faith and others despite your busy schedule. What I like most about the videos is that you remain calm and gentle but firm in tackling difficult and obnoxious situation. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and give you wisdom in your vocation.

  20. The one major thing I do not like about catholic weddings is the church requiring the couples to procreate and even breed as many as possible. You do not have to complete a marriage by having children and that should be the choice between the couple, not the church.

  21. Criminalize "Christian beliefs" on immoral sexual intercourse such as incest, premarital sexual intercourse, prostitution and adultery of/with wives as natural use of sex of/with women too in Romans 1:26-27 at the same time accusing all married and unmarried to the opposite sex in same sex sexual relations of deviations from lawless or deviations from immoral sexual intercourse. In law, there is no accusation that deviated from lawless.

  22. Notwithstanding, I think many would agree that marriage is phenomenologically equivalent to death!!!!!!!

  23. Reconciliation and marriage of Catholics and ptotestants to draw the nations into Gods family!

  24. My husband and I want to have con validation marriage we are only married civilly but want a nuptial mass I’m baptized and have my holy communion sacraments I need my confirmation my husband wants to become Catholic and not yet baptized from any church what are the proper steps to take in our case bishop?

  25. When one 8 min vid helps tackle a major part of your High School Catholic Sacrament Test:
    Edit: i got an A.

  26. A beautiful commentary, as usual, Your Excellency.

    I am curious about the translation of the verse you quoted from Isaiah. I found that multiple (not all) translations translate "your builder" as "your children" or "your sons" ( I’m not in any way an expert at Scripture or translations, so it’s hard for me to see the parallel. I do think, however, that some of the beautiful nuptial imagery becomes lost in this verse with the latter translations (although reading it in the context of the entire chapter makes up for this). Of course, I’m probably being slightly nit-picky over comparing the translations of a single word here; I just found the difference interesting.

  27. beautiful insight! Please send me your blessing. Thank you so much, your Excellency! Greetings from Austria

  28. Also – I recommended you as a speaker for the Right to Life! I really hope they contact you!

  29. Dear Bishop Robert Barron, in Personam Christum, in the Supreme Person: un cuore et anima una. Jesus Christ King of Kings, Lord of Lords; My God, My Builder and My Creator. Spiritum Sanctum mihi Christify. With the power and authority of God Father almighty. Amen.

  30. My fiancé is a Roman Catholic & I am an Anglican, we are engaged to be married & have graduated from the marriage preparation course on 27 May 2018 ☺️

  31. Hi Bishop Barron, wondering if you could do a video at some stage on Blessed Oscar Romero who’s centenary of birth is approaching next week. I love all your videos, and I can probably say I have seen/listened to almost all of them. Have gone on to read the likes of Girard and Pascal because of the work that you do. In a time when the proposal of Christ to the world needs more than tradition, scripture and all of the rich and beautiful tapestry that Catholicism offers, it is refreshing and encouraging to come to a source like this for inspiration and motivation. Keep up the good work and may God bless you abundantly!

  32. As a married woman for five years now and a Christian Living teacher in a Catholic school, i’d say Bp. Barron’s succinct explanation on the Sacrament of Matrimony is extraordinarily enlightening. This short video preached wonderful blessings to me! Blessed be God Almighty!

  33. Bishop Barron, what a beautiful presentation on the Sacrament of Marriage. I look forward more and more of receiving your DVD series on the Seven Sacraments.

  34. Another piece of Catholic teaching that raises human dignity to heights that we can hardly comprehend.

  35. His excellency does have a good and valid point. Saint Paul said, “Love is patient, love is kind.” Most engaged couples miss the point of what the sacrament of marriage. I’ve never been married before but I have attended weddings in the past.

  36. You also get married in a Church because there is a punitive process nobody told me about called Convalidation. I was not a full blown ex-Catholic but I figured it wouldn’t be any problem to get married in my wife’s church. As a millennial I figured everyone should be grateful we were bothering to get married period. Now there is an ocean of red tape that surrounds me in the church and I cannot help but just say sour grapes.

  37. Hi. Bishop Barron. Please pray for my marriage vocation, that God will take us by the hand (that holy, loving, beautiful future wife of mine) and when the day comes, together, we’ll create a holy family, raise saintly children and be saints ourselves (just like the Holy Family and Louis Martin). Pray very hard for me, my marriage vocation is quite in jeopardy. What are the rules for courtship by the way, that’s most pleasing to God and where do you find her? God bless, Proverbs 31

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