BLUE THERAPY: EPISODE 1- "My Partner Is Taking Fake It Till You Make It To Another Level"

BLUE THERAPY: EPISODE 1- "My Partner Is Taking Fake It Till You Make It To Another Level"

The highly anticipated couples therapy show is finally here, featuring a familiar face you may have seen previously on Bkchat LDN. Blue Therapy features 2 couples, CHIOMA & PAUL, DEBORAH & JAMEL. On a quest to mend their relationships with Denise the Therapist. Enjoy!


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  1. That girl doesn’t know what’s up, never compare someone especially your partner, you can point out what they’re doing wrong but never compare them to someone….

    You might someone else’s relationship and be like yes I want that…you don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes…that relationship might be all show n deep fuck up

  2. Paul said he was humble (as in the one with the least money in a room full of millionaires), he’s not humble at all, what a joke

  3. If a woman criticises her man in public like Chioma, you will never have a functional and happy home. Unless of course if you choose to be a trophy wife and accept a fact that your husband is rich and has many other women out there. People are mistaken that Chioma handled herself well, but in a long run her attitude towards men is wrong and she is a loser in the end. Not a "loser" for being useless, but she won’t reap the benefit of therapy and it will cost her relationship.
    No matter what, do not belittle your man, that’s a big mistake. You don’t question his judgment, of course, you discuss but don’t undermine him such that you give him that look which says pssst! what are you talking about? Man is quick to see that. Ask the most successful single woman, unfortunately, they won’t tell you.
    I understand that women are sympathetic towards Chioma given the comments, but it is not your sympathy that will fix her relationship. Questions that were directed towards Paul, any man will most likely feel attacked and that his ability to provide is questionable. Hence when he was asked what he does for a living, he said I’m a provider. If given any chance as a woman and you attack or seek to question your man’s perspective towards his capability to provide, your relation is doomed. Unless of course if it’s your intention. The problem is finances. I have experienced the same, when a woman gains an upper hand in the finances, they will disrespect you. I came back hard, and she started being respectful and fearful that I will find someone. Honestly, this relationship is doomed. It rings true that when a woman is broke, they need a rich man, but when she makes more money, they feel like they don’t need a man.

  4. 16:49 – Client was merely diverting attention from the relationship towards the therapist bc he was unable to sit and process the demands of the partner at the time. The therapist acted a little defensive and there was counter-transference arising. Instead of reacting the therapist should have noted the communication pattern of the client and asked if this is the typical communication pattern with the partner etc..or perhaps this is a communication pattern with another female in the life. The client then would have to sit back and contemplate for a moment and I believe this would have deescalated the situation.

  5. What I learnt from relationships is, "don’t give your girl enough of your time, else she’d take you for granted"

  6. Paul is very insecure, no cap
    And it looks like his defense mechanism is being rude and dismissive

    Like, I’d rather hurt you before you can hurt me

  7. Deborah must just date her friend’s boyfriend too. In that case Jamel, you really have nothing to fix, you are just there trying to be a replica of some girl who does not have a backbone. Don’t be surprised to learn that she f*cked her friend’s boyfriend. She’s so obsessed with him.

  8. All i could see here was 2 honest men dealing with 3 girls that are obssesed with text messages, gifts and money.

  9. If you want a housewives that’s what u should of asked for before getting with a female that has no interest in that role

  10. That Paul is a biiiiiiiig red flag, the type who would hit you because you didn’t represent him well infront of friends… And on the flip side the lady who keeps comparing the guy with the friends boyfriend is a typical red flag.. biiiiig red flag, and Jamal needs someone else … My take

  11. to me, the ladies are not the problem…. and the guys are simply over pressured to impress their women by being strong and productive. but then, the ladies are saying, i am okey with you being average. so the ladies simply wants that touch and emotional connections… oh i wish my gf was any of the ladies…..

  12. I think Jamal is becoming deficult. He is actingout because his girl lacks the capability to be private about their life and most of all, tells him what others say about him and compares him. That is degrading and counter productive to her wanting him to do better. She needs experience in relationships.

  13. If Paul knew in the beginning of their relationship that Chioma didn’t want to be a housewife, he should have been honest about what he really thinks about where he wants his woman to be and respectfully ended the relationship before they got to this point. Fellas, once you start the relationship with a lot of gifts and time spent together….you have to keep it up! But it’s interesting that jemel had all those social media accounts and his girlfriend didn’t think to highly of it 🤔

  14. "I don’t wanna be a housewive, it’s my choice"
    Well if someone breaks into the house defend yourself, it’s my choice to not be a protector

  15. Everybody’s talking about Paul.. but can we talk about how Deborah just compared her relationship to her friend’s AND complimented how the dude treats her friend , she’s bagging on her own man but uplifting them. Women need to take accountability too cause that’s toxic fr.

  16. Both of these lovely women need to leave these immature “men” to let them grow and understand what a real relationship is ….. these guys are not worth their time because right now they are truly adolescents… Ladies drop them and move on … they are wasting your time!!!!!🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. I don’t understand why a beautiful, intelligent woman would stay in a relationship with a rude, obnoxious, disrespectful Orangutan aka Paul for 4 fricking years and then come on tv to complain about it. Just leave. I was once married to someone like that for 4 years, 4 longggg years…men like that don’t change. That’s Narcissism at the worst level. Glad I’ve been emancipated from mental slavery.

  18. Paul have got serious pride and entitlement issues… you better calm down, and the reason why your woman just cant give in to housewife idea is because she doesn’t feel safe and comfortable being in that space.

  19. KEEP WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR HOME ,RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE IN YOUR HOME AND SELF PERIODT !!!!!! It is nobody else’s business but you and your union

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