Bob and Eliza have marriage counselling and another baby! // Sims 4 Queer eye makeover

Bob and Eliza have marriage counselling and another baby! // Sims 4 Queer eye makeover

Are you sick and tired of seeing Bob and Eliza in a loveless marriage? If the answer is yes, you’ll probably like this video!
We are going to be giving bob and Eliza pancakes a complete life makeover, from their looks, their home and even their behaviour!
I used the popular TV show ‘Queer eye’ as a basis for this video, so expect to see makeovers, home renovations, therapy sessions and some homemade cooking!
If you enjoyed this bob and Eliza pancakes life makeover video please do let me know in the comments because I may start this as a series, offering makeovers to many well known townies.
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Thanks again for watching my ‘Bob and Eliza have marriage counselling and another baby! // Sims 4 Queer eye makeover’ and I’ll see you in the next video!
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  1. My friend hates Bob. Why you may ask "He gets too much attention" whenever I play the pancakes with him he keeps yelling "KILL BOB! KILL BOB! AND MAKE ELIZA MARRY SUMMER!" its annoying

  2. I so love this YouTube channel person she very funny love the words she says amazing keep up the good video there 💕🥰

  3. I adore this concept!! this really inspires me to do a whole personal gameplay save of playing townies & improving their lives!! I love how you “queer eyed” their lives & interpreted how you see them living happily ever after! absolutely can’t wait for more of this series!!

  4. I think this is my favorite episode of your queer eye series. Who would’ve thought I’d love a video with Eliza Pancakes? 🖤🖤

  5. Liked this! Kept thinking it was going to turn south and you were going to burn the house down or something. 🤣

  6. This was amazing from start to finish. I absolutely loved your commentary, talk all the shit!

    I liked the Queer Eye approach, it would be a fun series to watch with other characters.

  7. I LOVED this! This is so cool. The Pancakes get so much flack but this made me look at them all fuzzy.

  8. Omg how do you get those two reward traits listed on their personality panels??

  9. god i live for these makeovers, eliza is GORGEOUS. and so is the house, your building style is to die for. 😩✨

  10. It would be so cool if there was an aspiration like develop emotionaly, and you have to do things like go on walks and meditate and talk with people and ones completed you get to change one of your personality traits. So you could for example change gloomy for cheerful

  11. I’m in love with the queer eye references as a gay and a fan of your channel and the show I’m honoured 😂😂😂😂🥰

  12. Another small annoying thing about the sim 4 is that even with the townie families there is a welcome wagon! Aren’t they established in the neighborhood by now lol

  13. Everyone: Watches till end
    Me: pauses it at the start and finishes watching it 4 hours later

  14. PLS HOUSE TT PLS I KNOW THE VIDEO IS OLD BUT LIKE PLSSS I LUV THE HOUSEE (btw u should totally make this a ongoing series with different townies that need help) luv ur videos btw just started binge watching you 3 weeks ago im HOOKED

  15. I loved the new house! Are you gonna put it on your gallery? If yes, can you tell me your ID? 🙂

    Also, the next household could be Johnny Zest!!

  16. The only time I’ve ever been near the pancakes in one of my games I kicked them out of their house…..I don’t do that now but when I first started playing sims 4 I did I think instead of kicking them out of there house imma gonna renovate it I should kinda feel bad for kicking them out of their house buuuuuttttttt no apparently I don’t

  17. The Fengs would be a good makeover giving them kids would make or break them, everytime i play my game they break up in the background and victor has kids with someone else

  18. Did any one else see in the beginning when bob and Eliza hugged from two roomes away 😅

  19. Next you should redo the goth household if you haven’t already. That would be awesome

  20. Omg yes I love the queer eye episode! I’d definitely watch more if you made it a series 😁😁😁

  21. Everytime i see bob and eliza, i just think about the moment that they stabbed onlyabidoang

  22. This was a fun video 🙂 I’d love to see you do this to the Villareal’s in Windenburg.

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