1. I want to move out far away from my so-called parents and family and move out on my own but I have ADHD can I do it ?

  2. how old do you have to be to sue your parents for divorce ?

    I looked it up how you can sue your parents for divorce like your father strangling you and your mother threaten to burn the house down and my father he strangled me and my mother she did threaten to burn the house and I was born in 1997 so can I sue my parents for divorce ?

  3. Oh I’m disowning by parents because they abuse me, and they got away with it bc the foster care system where I live is a joke. I don’t want to get emancipated, but I’m putting my physical and emotional safety over my feelings

  4. this is so sad. i can’t believe they would portray children who want to divorce their parents in this horrible light.

  5. I don’t really appreciate the way this video explains teenagers who want to divorce their parents…my parents are abusive and are not handled to take care of a child. It’s not a happy thing and it’s definitely not something I would enjoy doing… most people who want to divorce any family members had a lot more reason than "my life is so unfair" c’mon folks

  6. I just divorced my mom at 42, but I divorced my dad at like 38…should have divorced them both at 14…would have saved a lot of trauma

  7. Doesn’t getting consent from your parents seem counter in hostile situations? Like where children want to emancipate their parents because there a fundamental conflict of interest like Parents who ship their kids off to anti-gay "conversion therapy" camps because their children are gay?

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