California Divorce Trial Preparation Service

California Divorce Trial Preparation Service

At the end of your California divorce if you have not entered into an agreement you will eventually go to trial. You will have gone to a series of hearings such as a Trial Setting Conference, Mandatory Settlement Conference and later a trial for your divorce.

When you start heading toward these hearings you are going to have to prepare such things as Trial Briefs, MSC Briefs, Exhibit Lists, Witness Lists and final declarations.

This is a service that we provide and can assist you with preparation for trial.

We are a full service California divorce paralegal firm specializing in California divorce and can assist you with your divorce anywhere in California. We work directly with your court, prepare and file all the divorce forms and complete every step of your divorce for you.

This includes the Marital Settlement Agreement, Child Custody Orders, Child Support Orders, Spousal Support Orders, Property Division Orders and anything else you would like incorporated into your California divorce. We can also help you determine child support and spousal support figures using our dissomaster software which is the same software the courts use.

Call for a free phone consultation at 661-281-0266. Our full service divorce process starts at just $699.

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