Can I give up my rights to avoid child support? | Austin Divorce FAQ

Can I give up my rights to avoid child support? | Austin Divorce FAQ

Typically you can’t give up your rights to avoid paying child support. The court is going to want to have child support in place for a child and usually will not allow even a voluntary termination unless there is a step parent willing to come in and adopt that child so that they know that the child has support. There are, of course, exceptions to that, but for the most part, you can’t just relinquish your rights in order to avoid support.

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  1. what if the mother of the child agrees to allow the father to do this? I know my husbands biological father terminated his rights because he did not want the child. in their case, the mothers new partner did end up adopting the baby (my husband)…but is this something the court will allow if the mother is single? I know someone who just had a baby and the father stated he did not want the baby. since he does not want to be in the picture and the mother is OK with this, can they file to terminate his rights even though there isn’t a step parent or anyone wanting to take the fathers place? if she is OK with being a single mom and the sole parent and the father doesn’t want to be part of the child’s life, it makes sense that this would be something they could do

  2. Child support is NOT about the "rights of the child". If it was then the amount of money would be independent of the father’s income.

  3. Unless you a woman who wants to dump your child off to a police or fire station within the first year of the child’s life.

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