Can One Spouse Refuse To Sell The Matrimonial Home If Getting Divorced?

Can One Spouse Refuse To Sell The Matrimonial Home If Getting Divorced?

If one spouse wants (or needs) to sell the matrimonial home but the other spouse disagrees, can the spouse who disagrees refuse to let the marital home be sold? This video provides answers on this topic.

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Michael (a.k.a. The Divorce Guy ™ ) is Ontario‘s First “Real Estate Divorce Specialist” and Ontario’s First Certified Divorce Specialist ™. When it comes to selling the matrimonial home (a couple’s largest asset) often Michael must work closely with Toronto’s leading divorce professionals, including Lawyers, Mediators, Social Workers, Therapists, Insurance Brokers, Divorce Coaches, and Financial Specialists to guide clients through the entire process (both selling their home and divorce), providing specialized expert knowledge & advice, while combined with integrity, empathy … always keeping your best interests first and foremost!

** This video is meant to assist you or someone you know through the divorce process. This video is provided for information purposes only. This video and its contents are not intended to replace, supplement, or be provided in lieu of you obtaining proper advise from professionals who are licensed in their specific field of practice, and who are familiar with the specific details & circumstances of your personal situation. Although the divorced guy and/or any other professionals featured and/or referred to on this channel are licensed professionals, NO PROFESSIONAL can give you personal professional advise via video unless they speak with you directly.

*** The content in this video is based on Divorce in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

**** All content was accurate at the date & time of filming this video.


  1. Do you have to show the house during COVID allowing strangers in your living space who are potentially COVID carriers ? It makes since to me that the one living in the house should be able to be protected from contracting the virus until the country is declared clear of covid and it’s vairents. this is an unusual situation.

  2. People getting married should watch these types of videos….but don’t. Anyone can get the marriage experience without saying "I do" by buying a random strange a house. That’s actually cheaper. In an actual marriage you have to throw in a car and monthly payment for years as your ex shacks up with her new squeeze. I dated a woman in LA who was very clear marriage was out because that would terminate her alimony. The house she got in the divorce had appreciated more than $600k while the guy paid mortgage payments and rented a crap apartment. I can see why the suicide rate for men is so high during divorce.

  3. Excellent video, really appreciate the free legal advice. Going to contact my current lawyer with some questions.
    Thank you

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