Canada's poverty problem

Canada's poverty problem

Canada has a poverty problem. The numbers are staggering. 3.2 million Canadians live in poverty. And one in five children are living below the poverty line. But Canadians are fighting back. In the past 5 years, the poverty rate has started to decline. And one million Canadians have climbed out of poverty over the last 3 years.
This week on Context, methods to combat chronic poverty and a challenge for Canadians to do more.

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  1. It is very good to invite immigrant but if you don’t address house problems in many cities. It is very danger ahead

  2. Greedy rich people driving up prices and charging astronomical amounts for rent for one, for two, more people than you’d think and realize have blew and squandered their opportunities by having lots of money and wasting it on drugs and alcohol cigarettes, "toys" and expensive lifestyles, and pure irreaponsibiliy and laziness…theres poverty by circumstance and poverty of poor choices and judgment, which can be changed. People need to stop looking at themselves as perpetual victims, and these social services are most guilty of conditioning brainwashing people into hopelessness and learned helplessness, and not just relying on handouts. many people did dope BEFORE THEY lost it all, it was while they were working. Theres different motives…not just one way…different reasons. People either get beaten down and stay there, or struggle to rise back up. Who will be the easier person to help? Poverty pimps want repeat customers to so they like to hand out and enable vs actual help to progress…

  3. No one cares about the poor lets be honest here, poverty is increasing huge and many people are turning to drugs to escape. Even here in saskatoon things are looking very bad and it shouldn’t be ignored. Dont buy into news saying things are getting better when it isn’t.

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  5. Teenagers have no homes ,I’m from Edmonton Millwoods kids sleep at the McDonald’s ,groups on groups of kids have no homes ,some prostitute themselves just for a night to sleep are economy only shows the eye candy it’s sad,im not ashamed of are government,I’m ashamed of are citizens for not giving two fucks

  6. Supply and demand for housing is the issue. Canada has done far more for foreigners than those whose families have been living there for generations.

  7. Refreshing perspective on ‘ be fruitful and multiply’, It was a nice surprise to hear a discussion on those who have for onr reason or other having left the employment arena, children are grown etc having an empty space nolinger being fulfilled.

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  9. The end of the day as a whole poverty pays. That’s why we have this conundrum. Being part of the solution or have subsidized housing doesn’t make a profit. Greed. Corporate greed. Comes to mind.

    It’s not homelessness. As that would involve having a home. It’s houselessness.
    -George Carlin.

  10. I live in Canada the biggest problem is how much housing has gone up. The problem is there is no limits on how many units and properties one person can buy. Which has artificially increased the price and there has been no legislation to combat this. For example housing prices in Toronto have gone up 164 percent since 2010.

  11. Prosperous Nation loooool . Get a reality check clowns . There is almost no middle class in Canada . You need two incomes at least to even afford a one bedroom apt rent . Most single men or women live in basements like cave men . I was born in north Africa and never seen so many homeless people in one place in my entire life .

  12. Read the book "Half the Sky", even in 3rd world dirt poor countries, many are poor cuz of what the MEN do to choose what they spend money on addictions and prostitutes instead of directing it to the family and doing things like starting a business that makes money etc . Not just one thing…

  13. Food banks are a joke, the volunteers and their family/friends eat very well. Nothing is left for the families who go to them for help. Greed, Greed, Greed

  14. Look to the politicians, corruption is the norm.. By the time anyone comes to power they owe business’s, etc. We get in another Trudeau who comes from wealth. He is so removed from the everyday struggles of the ordinary Canadian. I just hope that the uprisings around the world will come here.

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