Can't Afford a Divorce Attorney? – Filing for Divorce without an Attorney

Can't Afford a Divorce Attorney? – Filing for Divorce without an Attorney

Hello, my name is Paul Knudsen, I’m the Managing Attorney for the Family Law Division at Denmon Pearlman. We’re a St. Petersburg, Florida based family law firm. We operate all throughout the Tampa Bay area. I wanna take this opportunity to go through and help some of you that may not be able to afford an attorney right now and help you with the situation of filing for your dissolution of marriage. A dissolution of marriage is just the technical and legal term for divorce in Florida. If you go ahead and head to Google, you can type in Florida Supreme Court family law forms. This will bring up family law firms for the courts and that is the overall form bank for family law from the Florida Supreme Court forms that they have for everyone. In this video, I will break down these forms and how to file for your own divorce in Florida if you can’t afford an attorney.

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  2. Do you guys have a video for those of us who are divorcing a foreign spouse and they are hiding assets and money overseas? Moreover, their Financial Afidavit does not reflect this information.

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