1. Thank you for this video. I’m about to enroll into the program ….
    Please answer the fallowing questions for me.
    1- class schedules
    2- homework types and is it always essays
    3- class formatting
    3- how are readings done since everything is online
    4- can one finish faster then the time frame
    5- severity hard – easy

    Thank you

  2. Wow super interesting and insightful. First time here and I will be back! I especially appreciated the way the conversation cut across a handful of relevant topics in an organic kind of way.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience !! I am thinking about enrolling in Capella’s Master program for Clinical Mental Health. How are you liking the guided path versus the flex path in regards to your masters studies ? Do you feel like you made the best choice doing the guided path for your masters ? Best of luck to you 🖤

  4. Thank you, so much for posting this! I am just getting started at Cappella. My goal is to become a counselor as well. How was the structure of the classes on the flex path? I’m in my first course on the guided path and the pace is too slow for me.

  5. Were you able to get a job with your bachelors from capella? Also how did you like the bachelors program I’m transferring to them

  6. Thank you so much for posting this info! I am also in California, just in the beginning steps of applying to Capella. I wanted to ask after watching the video how you were able to connect with other students/ foster support or sense of community while doing a fully online program? Is there built in ways to connect or did you and classmates connect in another way?

  7. Will they help you find a local practicum placement? There’s no way a week long residency is going to get you enough hours.

  8. Hey Jill, thank you for making these videos! I am interested in the pysch program (BS & LMHC track). My only concern is that Capella is a "for-profit" school and from my research, people seem to look down upon that. Is there any concern that this will hurt future job prospects or damage the credibility of the education? I know it’s accredited, but still curious what you think?

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